Traditional Chinese Medicine and Teeth

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Teeth

by Kevin Boehm, DDS

Most dentists would not think that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture meridians and modern dentistry have much in common. Is there truly a link between other areas of the body and teeth?  The answer is surprising. Here are some interesting facts about Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Meridian Tooth Chart and how it can be used to diagnose connections between the teeth and larger issues in the body.

· Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on having a balanced qi (pronounced “chee”), or energy that flows throughout the body.

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· Qi regulates a person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance and is influenced by opposing forces of yin, negative energy, and yang, positive energy.

· TCM is based on energy flows, or channels, coursing throughout the body, with energy ascending from the feet, and others starting in the fingers and descending to the toes.

· In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these energy channels must remain in balance.  If the yin-yang connection, is thrown out of balance by anger or grief, it can set off a chain reaction that stimulates health problems.

· Each energy channel, or meridian, has a specific pathway by which it travels through the body zigzagging to seemingly unrelated places.

Meridian Tooth Chart: See below for a sample Meridian Tooth Chart

· What it is: The Meridian Tooth Chart shows the relationship between teeth and various organs, tissues and glands in the body.

· What it Does: Each tooth is related to an acupuncture meridian and a dentist can review overall health and wellness by assessing the teeth’s current condition. If there is a problem with an internal organ, the associated meridian tooth could be causing the problem.

· How it Can Help: The Meridian Tooth Chart can help in diagnosing and eliminating further organ problems. Using this chart can help find the underlying source of a medical problem without invasive medical treatment like surgery.   


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