Touching Clarity

Touching Clarity

by Polly Wirum

I am blessed with a very rewarding and busy life. This includes being a parent, wife, and business owner. My intuitive work and channeling have given me the experience of connecting to other realities. My world has changed because of this. Sometimes it feels like I can reach out and touch another place that is filled with so much love and compassion it makes me cry. In fact, I can reach there in my mind. So how do these two worlds merge?

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Is it possible to move from a place with so much uncertainty to a place of absolute compassion and awareness using only your consciousness of self? Is it possible to be aware of the endless peace of one world and exist in another world of conflict? Can I dance between these worlds?

Compassion, love, and awareness are our birthright. These are what we as individuals come here to understand. Can we each learn of love, compassion, and awareness while living such vastly different lives? I know we can. I believe we are here to gain insight from all our potential experiences. Fear is the only thing that can derail us from our purpose of love and creativity.

We have mistakenly placed confidence in a world outside of our own thoughts and our personal connection to the Universe. We have created a world that believes there is something greater than the power of our mind and the universe. You see, everything really does start and end in its complete form in this thought, right now. We each have infinite possibilities or thoughts to choose from. They are all available in this very instant. This mystical journey begins with each of us realizing that we design our lives with our mind and thoughts.

The thought process is built with your mind serving as a switchboard, or receiver of possibilities. You are connected to the Universe and Eternity by your thoughts. But there is more to the thought process then people realize – it holds your greatest gifts for connection to creative energy and potential for love. Imagine that each thought we allow ourselves to dive into has the imprint of our individual soul. Our thoughts carry the eternal messages of love from our soul. This is part of our creative intelligence. This is our message of love.

It is possible to be aware of the power of our mind and thrive in this earthbound world – yes! Your mind can take you to amazing places of endless love and compassion. Your thoughts can open a line of communication with others that will change your perspective of this world.

How do you want to view and experience the world? If you could paint all the details of the world and your life experiences what would the picture look like? If you had the power to take away or add to your life what would it look like? The trick here is keep an open mind. Don’t allow yourself to think about why it won’t work. Instead, design your unique life with an open heart and mind. What are you truly longing for? It could be simply the connection to eternal love and compassion.

We are learning to share what is the most important feature of all – love. Love has always been the guiding force and always will be. The strongest currents of love are found where compassion and creativity are shared, where minds come together and share the vision of peace and unity. Expansion takes place here. This expansion is not just in our mind. It allows your soul to expand and shift and share the complete awareness and connection to all. It allows the beauty of all life forms, all energetic exchanges to take place at once. It allows the breath to settle into each cell of the physical body and allows transformation to take place. A complete awareness of self and how you fit so perfectly into this world that was created by you.

Our souls are working together to create the perfect blend of energies that will capture our awareness and bring us into the new paradigm shift. Rest assured that all souls are taking part in this shift. You need do nothing more than be aware of the kindness and compassion that is a part of your very being. Allow your genuine strength and compassion to flow into all your thoughts and actions. Imagine your unique thought patterns joining all the other beautiful examples of creative compassion. Imagine this new discovery guiding you toward your perfect world where you are supported by love and compassion always. Enjoy this moment of living in a time of two worlds merging.

About the author:

Polly Wirum lives in Alaska with husband and children.  She works as an intuitive and Inspired Life Coach.  To learn more about her visit 



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