To Know Myself

To Know Myself

by Gina Charles

The age old quest of knowing oneself feels necessary and essential. Some think it a process or a journey worth taking, regardless of what it may entail. Well, of course we would. The self loves self. It loves the idea of itself. It loves the description and labels. It loves the perpetual possibility of being special, better than yesterday or the next guy. The good news is, this is all okay, because we are not the self we speak of. We are not the identity we strive to enhance.

Knowing myself does not include an occupation or a title. It does not entail discovering how hard I can push myself in the name of resolve or how often I self-sacrifice in the name of selflessness. It does not mean that I am a “people-person” a “pleaser” a “free spirit” or any other label I could assign. Knowing the self-made identity of the thinking mind in this way is not necessary. The identity is merely a story. This is unconsciousness speaking of itself. This ever-changing story does not define that which I really am.

To know myself means to learn what makes me feel good inside. It means to become familiar with what “feel good” feels like to me. It means I learn to discern my feelings and emotions which are all sign posts pointing toward my highest good. Yes, all of them. It means to discover what it feels like when my heart smiles, or when my gut is aflame with passion for life.

Knowing myself means to familiarize my thinking mind with the peace and well-being of what silence and my true Self feels like. It means to remember my happiness is always in the palm of my hand and I’ve only forgotten this in my occasional unconsciousness (or submersion into the thoughts of my thinking mind.) To know myself means to be here now and to be aware of who I really am, my Higher Self. It means to remember that I am already whole and complete.

Knowing myself is to realize everything really does serve to further, even if my thinking mind can’t make heads or tails of it. Knowing me is to know unconditional acceptance to life, and all that I experience here. It is to come to know that I am truly loved and all is as it should be. The process entails one wonderful Ah-Ha moment at a time, realizations that pave the way to spiritual awakening. Knowing me is to know that I came here for fun and to bring Consciousness (or that which I Am) into this world. Knowing myself means to awaken into the realization of my true Self where I see through to the Truth and am no longer susceptible to pain and suffering.

I now understand that this human experience is not about building an identity. I am not the artist or the writer. I am not the mother or daughter or friendly or frightened woman. I am the Awareness behind these experiences. It’s really all about the journey, the dance itself, and not reaching a destination or a desired result. It’s about being awake and present in my life so to savor what is designed to be an easy, effortless and enjoyable ride. It’s being, coupled with inspired doing, which feels like happiness, and by default produces the life of our dreams. To know myself means to know Joy in its pure independent isness. To know myself is to know Life, as this is what we are, Life itself. Welcome home.

Gina Charles is the author of Shift Happens, A Laypersons Guide To Awakening. Born and raised in New York. As a child Gina experienced lucid dreaming and subsequently, as an adolescent, developed an early interest in metaphysics.  She recently wrote and illustrated her first book, Shift Happens, A Laypersons Guide To Awakening. The book is a product of three decades of metaphysical practice and inquiry. In it, Gina points to the inner shifts that result in the spiritual awakening or Conscious expansion, that is the next step in human evolution.

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