There Are No Accidents

There Are No Accidents

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last time: We listed and discussed the cornerstones of the Re-Creating Your Self philosophy. Namely:

1. Your beliefs create your life.

2. You are who you believe you are.

3. The world is what you believe it to be.

4. In all areas of your life, your beliefs coalesce to create your personal reality.

5. You can re-create your self and change your life by changing your beliefs.

These are powerful ideas, affirming your free will, as well as your hand in forming the life that you know as your own. These ideas are empowering, but they also imply great personal responsibility.

The Re-Creating Your Self process does not ask you to accept beliefs without first proving their validity for your self, and that includes the beliefs reflected by the philosophy of Re-Creating Your Self. That’s why, as you progress in my process, Re-Creating Your Self will enable you to confirm the truth of these ideas for your self.

Exactly how do beliefs create personal reality? There are many theories as to how beliefs become physically real. Here is one: The emotions generated by our beliefs exist as units of electromagnetic energy. Concentrated electromagnetic energy constitutes the building blocks of physical matter. Therefore, the electromagnetic units generated by the strong emotions of our beliefs, eventually coalesce to manifest physically in the material world.

Knowing how directly beliefs create reality, I fear for the planet, and its inhabitants, when I hear or read about world leaders who believe strongly in the advent of imminent cataclysms and End Days. These are self-fulfilling, not God-ordained, prophesies.

Students commonly ask, “If personal beliefs cause my experiences does that mean I create illnesses and accidents, too?”

My answer is an emphatic, “Yes!”

Illnesses are outer manifestations of inner needs, “dis-ease,” or beliefs. I’m not saying that you consciously decide, “Tomorrow morning I’m going to awaken with a cold that will prevent me from going to work (or school). I’m saying that no illness comes to you unbidden, arbitrarily; some purpose is served.

As for “so-called” accidents, they aren’t unpreventable occurrences. They, too, are created in line with your personal beliefs. For example, imagine that you and your neighbor both work the night shift. On your way to work, you are mugged twice in one year; your neighbor is unharmed. You may ask your self, “Why was I mugged? What did I do to deserve harm while my neighbor’s safety was maintained?”

Look to your beliefs for the answer. Upon examining them, you may discover that you believe people are basically evil, or, maybe, you’re convinced the world is a dangerous place. Your muggings, then, were no accident. They were the physical manifestations of your beliefs in man’s evil nature and/or a dangerous world. Your negative beliefs attracted your experiences as if you were a magnet for muggers.

On the other hand, your neighbor may believe that people are inherently good and God protects him in all instances. He gets home safely every night, and that’s not just dumb luck. His positive experience is the materialization of his beliefs in man’s inherent goodness and Divine protection.

Using the same example, perhaps you don’t believe man is inherently evil, but maybe you’re feeling guilty about doing something dishonest at work. You may then have created the muggings in line with the belief that you deserve to be punished for your dishonesty. Your belief in the need to be punished attracts people with the need to punish.

Appearances to the contrary, life is a cooperative venture. We are in league with one another, and not in conflict. A self-described “victim” will eventually attract a victimizer; a person who is ready to receive love will always manifest someone with love to give. An old proverb puts it this way, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The laws of attraction and cooperation are inevitable and automatic.

You are a student enrolled in a “schoolhouse” called Earth. The curriculum includes creativity, self-understanding and personal development. In Schoolhouse Earth, understanding comes through the physical experiences you create in line with your beliefs. The experiences you create are similar to report cards; they reflect how well you are progressing in your personal development.

A Re-Creating Your Self thought: If the electromagnetic energy created by your strongest emotions, and filtered through your beliefs, coalesce to eventually manifest as physical matter, then it is in your best interest to produce healthy emotions.  If this philosophy is untrue, then holding healthy emotion is still the best thing you can do.  Either way, you win by having a healthy emotional life.

Next Time: My Personal Beliefs, Part II.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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