The Ultimate Brain

The Ultimate Brain

The Ultimate Brain

by Tom Kenyon, MA
9 CD set, $99.00
Sounds True, 2006

I’ve been giving my brain quite a work-out since discovering the concept of “psychoacoustic immersion” with Tom Kenyon’s The Ultimate Brain, a 9 CD series that — at $99 — isn’t an inexpensive purchase, but is a whole lot cheaper than a gym membership.

“The underlying foundation of The Ultimate Brain,” according to my materials, “is Tom Kenyon’s “BioPulseâ„¢” technology — a subtle frequency that leads the brain naturally into different states to promote learning, creative visualization, and cognitive growth.” Eight programs are provided to help transport the listener from the everyday beta state to the relaxed and focused alpha, the rejuvenating delta, or the dream state of theta. One CD is dedicated to being the User’s Guide, to help explain concepts such as brain states and what structures inside the brain such as the corpus callosum does (integrates both right and left sides of the brain).

My favorite CDs include the one for “Ambient Support — For Learning, Working, and Creating.” This recording provides one hour of “uninterrupted psychoacoustic support and ambient nature sounds” in the mid-alpha range, which apparently is associated with improved learning. This CD is meant to be played in the background while you are working on projects, and does have some subliminal messages. I am all for subliminal messages, just as long as I know what they are! The insert in this CD explains that the messages simply are “I learn easily and without effort. I retain information without stress. I am motivated to learn and succeed. I find joy in learning new things.” I admit I used this background music for housecleaning — a task I am loathe to undertake — and I did find it was not only less stressful, but I felt like I was able to pick up on things like dust on the top of picture frames that would normally elude my field of vision! Go figure…

Another favorite is the “Freedom to Change” CD. This is described as a “theta brainwave program for breaking free from psychological limitations, including overcoming substance abuse, boosting self-esteem, and finding inner grounding.” The listener undertakes guided visualizations aimed at self-discovery and growth, while the subliminal messages raise self-worth with sentences such as “Every day I take care of myself and nurture myself in healthy ways,” and “My life works. I co-create my life.” I love this kind of stuff!

To up your IQ, there is the “Mind Gymnastiks” CD, and I also enjoyed “Enhance Creative Problem Solving.” There is “Deep Relaxation and Healing,” as well as “Opening the Heart,” which is based on an ancient mantra believed to be the “sound of the inner heart.” The only CD I haven’t gotten around to testing yet is “Deep Rest” which includes “The 24-Minute Nap,” possibly because I can take naps with great ease and, in fact, alarming frequency.

I recommend this The Ultimate Brain highly, and assure you that it is a prudent, and even entertaining, investment. I know I will be listening to the CDs for some time to come, and am recommending them to friends as well.

Review by Diane Saarinen

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