The Transformative Power of Synchronicity

The Transformative Power of Synchronicity

by Marcus T. Anthony, PhD

Synchronicity weaves together your vision, your mind, and the world. The messages are often profound. When many spiritually minded folk think of synchronicity they tend to think of fun and playful discovery. But sometimes a synchronicity can be blunt, pointing out something dark, hidden within ourselves. The implicit meaning of the coincidence may be something that we’d prefer not to know! The following story illustrates my point.

One day more than a decade ago I had a dream that the police were on the lookout for Jack the Ripper. He was lurking about, but he was being rather stealthy in his ways. The mood of the dream was dark and somber. I awoke with the feeling of it fresh in my mind.

It wasn’t the kind of storyline that makes for a good start to your day. Still, it seemed to fit in with some of the introspective spiritual work I’d been doing on myself, related to my relationships with women. As a child I had been raised around deeply damaged women who had marked issues with their own sexuality. I had come to see that they had projected much of their sexual shame, and their anger towards men onto me. In turn, I had reacted to their projections. Was there a part of my psyche that contained the rapacious rage of Jack the Ripper? It wasn’t something I cared to dwell on. I shuddered and pushed the dream aside.

After eating breakfast I jumped into my car and drove towards the international boys’ school where I was working. As I was on the road I pulled up behind another vehicle. My eyes were suddenly drawn to a sticker on the back of the car in front of me. It read “Jack’s Back!” (an advertisement for whisky). A shiver went down my spine.

At school I entered my first class, a vibrant lot of rambunctious fourteen year olds. The previous night I had asked them to write the opening line of a mystery story. The first thing I was going to do was get some students to read that sentence aloud to the class. The boys shuffled in and I readied myself for the first task of the day. For me, this was very intuitive. I stood before the boys, looked around the class and sensed where the ‘energy’ was coming from. This was a process I had learned from my spiritual teachers during some exhaustive spiritual training I had done. It had been excruciatingly demanding work, but the result was that I had learned to read psychic energy at a deep level almost anywhere and anytime. When my eyes came to rest on James, a jovial, freckle-faced fellow, I got the deep knowing that I was looking for.

“James, can you read us what you have written?”

James stood up happily and began to read. However he had done much more than what I had asked. He had not only written the opening sentence, but had also gone on and written the entire story. And he continued reading beyond the first sentence. I decided to go with the flow and let him continue.

James began to tell the story of a woman who had been brutally murdered and raped. My ears picked up. This was a bit too much of a coincidence to ignore. The story continued. The police went on a hunt for the man responsible. They found him and tried to arrest him, but he fought back.

“The man turned and faced them like a wild animal,” James spoke out. “The policeman fired, and the man fell to the ground screaming. As he fell silent and death overtook him, a dark and horrible shadow rose out of the dead man’s body. It was the spirit of Jack the Ripper!”

I gulped. “OK, thanks for that James,” I said. “That was great.” But I could not help myself. “James, where did you get the idea for that story?”

“I dunno”, he chirped back with typical teenage nonchalance.

Now skeptical readers might think I am not telling the truth in what I just wrote. Maybe I collapsed some things which happened at different times into one anecdote. But I have not. Those synchronous events—the Jack the Ripper Dream, the “Jack’s Back” sticker, and James’ Jack the Ripper story—all happened within the space of about two to three hours.

Note though, that the final part emerged from my allowing the process to unfold in a way I had not expected, by releasing control and permitting intuitive intelligence to take over. If I had told James to stop reading after the first sentence, the synchronicity would not have reached its crescendo.

That synchronicity invited me to face something within myself, the part that had been deeply hurt by certain female figures from my childhood. It was related to sexual energy and what it means to be male. I came to see that at a very profound level I had been psychically emasculated by the women who had raised me, and that the experience had left me with a deep seated lust for revenge that I had not been fully acknowledging. The anger was then preventing me from forming intimate relationships with women in my adulthood.

The universe spoke. It had something unpleasant to tell me, but I put aside my ego, my fear of my own shadow. I listened and took the necessary action I was being ‘asked’ to take. This included connecting with the pain and the hurt that my inner child had retained, and re-parenting that wounded child in such a way that healing then became possible. This proved to be difficult and at times terrifying work which required all my personal courage. So demanding was it, that I required plenty of help from the universe to make me acknowledge the full extent of the problem. My ‘Jack-the-Ripper’ synchronicity was a catalyst towards that acknowledgment and the healing that only became possible afterwards.

All this was very much part of my calling. At the beginning of my spiritual journey years before, I had asked Spirit that I might learn to love. This was a very simple request, but one which I felt was the essence of my life’s journey. At the time I put out that message I did not realise that this would require years of inner work. Years later Spirit was continuing to answer my prayer through the medium of a freckle-faced schoolboy. James did not say it, but his words contained the energy of a hidden meaning; love requires that we allow the light to penetrate our darkness, right to the core.

If I had of known what was required for a guy like me to learn about love, I would have changed the order and put in a request for pizza instead! Spirit is a bit sneaky at times. It only gives us as much knowledge as we can handle at any given time.

Once you begin to work with Spirit, Spirit begins to work with you. The world is not a giant machine, as Western science would have us believe. In a sense the universe is more like a giant story, with you as a player in the story. Synchronicity, both playful and dark, is the universe playing its part in the unfolding of that story.


Author bio: Marcus T. Anthony, PhD, is an author and a practicing spiritual counselor who teaches people how to develop intuitive abilities. His goal is to help individuals and societies create Deep Futures where the spiritual, rational, economic and technological are balanced. He is a member of the World Futures Studies federation, and is the author of four books, including Discover Your Soul Template (Inner Traditions, 2011). He currently lives in Hong Kong.

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