The Therapeutic Energy of Gemstones

The Therapeutic Energy of Gemstones

by Marlie Parsons

The healing power of stones may be a concept we know intuitively but are reluctant to accept in our rational minds. People in more traditional cultures, perhaps more in tune with all of their senses of perception, understood that certain stones had special powers that could, for example, be used for healing.

Even modern science acknowledges that stones can store and release energy. I am speaking of the quartz crystals that are used in computer memory chips. And don’t forget that rubies are used in laser technology. Therefore, it should not come as any surprise that other gemstones are being used because of their powerful healing energies.

Today’s modern society may be the only culture that does not accept the existence of life force energy, but it is a concept that has been realized in other cultures for thousands of years. Known as plenum in ancient Greece, this energy is called chi in Chinese, baraka by Sufis and prana in Hindi. No matter what its name, many traditional healing modalities work by stimulating this energy and helping it circulate more freely through the body.

Just as qi gong and Reiki have a positive effect the energy in our body, so can certain gemstones. However, different gemstones have different energy properties and therefore have different effects on the people that use them.

Aquamarine, for example, opens a person’s awareness, on all levels. It assists in the gaining of insights into who we are and what is our true potential. People who are following a path of spiritual awakening may find that aquamarine is helpful in reaching higher plateaus of understanding. This pale blue gemstone also is useful in helping people recover from traumas and grief, as it seems to assist the release and letting go of painful memories.

Do not, however, expect to be able to walk into your local lapidary shop and pick up a therapeutic gemstone. It has been determined that the two most important ways to unlock the therapeutic energies of gemstones involve their quality and their shape.

The quality of a gemstone is measured by the purity of its color and clarity. The fewer contaminants are in a stone, the more its therapeutic energy will radiate out. Regarding the shape of a gemstone, it has been found that spherical is best.

This is how a therapeutic gemstone necklace is created. The purest stones are selected, shaped into perfectly round spheres, and strung together into a necklace to be worn around the neck, where its energy can radiate its positive force into the person’s aura. Truly the healing power of gemstones is an ancient idea made even more effective by the application of today’s high technology.

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Marlie Parsons is a freelance writer and consultant for Wind Spirit Jewelry.

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