The Song of the Blue Star

The Song of the Blue Star

Author B A Boland outlines why the blue star energy is fundamental for us to understand at present, and how it might be relevant in our daily lives.

We are now in a time of rapid change – the ‘time of the Blue Star’ – heralded by some as a point in time when a ‘quickening’ of energy would affect Earth consciousness (and Earth inhabitants), and bring an opportunity for us to increase our self awareness. The Traditional Hopi in Arizona shared their beliefs with the world on this subject during recent decades, and have held steadfastly to the instructions imparted to them at a time in the past – a guidance which was designed to help everyone (without exception) to prepare for this change. These instructions are understood as the ‘bluestar’ prophecies and reflect the emergent energy of the ‘Blue Star’.

I believe that ‘blue star’ energy is best described as that which brings the various aspects of the element of Aether and aligns this with the force that we call the Will of Heaven. This ‘marriage’ (or covenant) brings us the idea that when two things are ‘knotted’ together they will not be broken apart, because they will endure through all change. This sacred ‘bond’ carries an invincibility that provides ultimate protection because it contains the guiding ‘laws of creation’ – a foundation that builds confidence and faith and dispels fear.

Blue star energy is related to ‘light’ and ‘fire’. Light promotes life and fire brings renewal, and ‘rules’ the transition into the opening of conscious awareness, connecting our dreaming and waking states. It brings the strength to realize that we are inheritors of a sacred dream, and that we can gain the strength to assert and realize our right to this dream – in the current experience of our lives.

The need to heal the human will is at the heart of this journey. A weak or ‘broken’ will leads to actions of a destructive and self-defeating nature. Blue star energy strengthens the human Will because it cleanses the patterns and imprints that disturb the true gift of human ‘determination’. Will is an absolute and indestructible force that forms part of our universe of existence, and the power of determination underlines the Aetheric realms in which we live. With these in balance, we can find the notes of our own song and create the consonant space in consensus reality that reveals to us our purpose for being. The imbalance between Aether with Will remains the core source of both global and personal problems. Their union however requires a clear and consistent intent on our part – one which is contained within the following song:

Within the Dream of Time,
With the Will of Heaven
In the Cradleboard of the Sun
I will remember who I Am.

With the fire-energy of the blue star clearing the way for balance, we can see many personal and global changes. We can lay bare the calcifications in thought, the attitudes, ideologies and intransigent beliefs that create and sustain our harmful behaviors – to ourselves and to others. In this sense, the blue star energy brings forth the full relevance of healing the human will, as we can access a force through which we can deal with these strong energies we are buffeted by – and feel unable to resist.

The ‘song’ of the blue star (as described in the book Song of the Blue Star) is essentially a sacred observance. Song describes this sacred journey because it connects to everything and is able to create and keep its own integrity. A Song is made in many ways – all forms that resound with the universal and celestial harmonies. The energies and messages carried in Song can declare that we intend to reach beyond the ordinary boundaries of who we think we are, and extend into a more expansive relationship with life and creation. A song can carry us along the folds of Time, to the balance of all the aspects of creation – including the elements and the Aetheric realm. It links us into the world of spirit, and as it echoes and re-echoes across the lines of Time, it creates a link with our past, present and all our potential futures.

Each song-sound is unique, and we can recognize ourselves and be recognized by others as we reconnect our memory into the un-awakened spaces of the mind. Ignited by this light and the sacred song of who we are, we resonate with everything, in the discovery of our own Dream. In this moment of choice we can set the course of our destiny as humans – and a distinction between choice and destiny is central to the energy of the blue star. We can stop to enter the stillness, gathering the energy we need to safely awaken within our sacred dream.

The search for self knowledge is part of many cultures; wise ones have always understood that the purpose of the human is to come to know and understand our place and our origin. It is viewed as a core ‘task’ to free ourselves from our suffering. The wise elders have taught that each individual and every collective needs to attain a unity of ‘Heaven and Earth’ – the treasure that will help us to expand our awareness and realize the fulfillment of our ‘destiny’. Many elders have held the questions that would provoke the recovery of our ‘lost’ knowledge – who or what we are, why we are here, where we have come from, and where we are going.

All paths are journeys of self reflection and self discovery, and each seeker decides and chooses their way. Everything that takes place in our individual journey is relevant to this. Each event and previous experience of our lives is precious, including the atmospheres of our background and our daily lives – the little and large happenings we encounter all the time. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to unearth these jewels of life experience, and we can use them to create the gate of freedom that takes us into our future. It is important not to disregard these – we can use it all and embrace it – not bury it or run away in fear or shame. This is the opportunity of the song of the Blue Star – to expand into the mirrors of self reflection – on all sides and in all directions, so we may know the multi-layered, multi–coloured and diamond-clear transparency of the self. Instead of averting our gaze and turning to hide away in the crevices of non-awareness, we can face the light of the Sun and the light of the Moon. Here and Now, we can experience our light-essence and respond to the ancient songs that are calling us from within the stars. Our universe contains many worlds of mystery, of appearance and reflection, which we can learn to use and transcend, since our search at all times is for the reflection of our own being.

This reflection of self is NOW, in the time of the Blue Star.

We know that we are in the midst of great change, which brings opportunity and challenge – to be open to what is possible and to reach for what might seem impossible – the gathering and recollection of the light of our memory of self. Within this, whatever does not resonate with our sacred dream will be relinquished – or transformed. The changes that are upon us are swift, and the impact is felt on an individual and collective level. Our understanding can be enhanced as we perceive with our Will, as we ‘bridge’ Heaven and Earth inside ourselves. The more we understand, the more we are aware of our connectedness together through the interface of starlight as the vehicle of memory.

As points of fire that burn with the light of awareness, the stars in our universe are home to our sacredness. They create strands of visible and invisible light that connect our memory in Time and Space. The blue star summons this awareness into immediate and simultaneous experience, through the vehicle that is light.

©Bridget Ann Boland 2014
Author of SONG OF THE BLUE STAR, published by Shannon Pot Books, July 2014 (formerly Blue Star Books)
B A Boland has worked in Community Development and Peace-building for many years, in both Ireland and the UK. Song of the Blue Star is her first book. She has undertaken many years of training in the ceremonial path. Her forthcoming second title is Song of The Red Star.

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