The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift

by Adriano Bulla

The path to the Light starts with a candle; once it’s lit, darkness has gone forever.

We are at the cusp of a new Renaissance which will take us to dimensions that we cannot even imagine. We are in the Age of Aquarius. Yet, for many of us, our daily lives present us with what Alan Bullock calls “the double image”: on the one hand we know that the Paradigm Shift is taking place, we know it in the real meaning of the word, which is that we are part of it and it is part of us, we are at one with the Paradigm Shift; on the other hand, we are constantly presented with the loud image of the old paradigm, the image of division and fear.

This is why I think it is worthwhile assessing ‘the state of the art’; I think it is time to look at what progress has been made. To do this, we need to distinguish between the steps (or weaves, if you wish) of the Paradigm Shift and what I would like to call the ‘noise’ of the fear propaganda, which is in place, and in many ways is getting louder, just to distract us from the reality: that the Paradigm Shift has not just started, but is irreversible.

A clear example of how this noise works is given by a date, the 24th October 2015, when the fourth of the Blood Moons signalled Humankind’s and Planet Earth’s reaching critical mass in consciousness. For those who are not familiar with the concept of critical mass, it has nothing negative in it; it simply means that our collective consciousness reached, on that day, a point where its own inner energy is sufficient to keep it growing; the point of no return to an old world view. Yet, who has not seen videos or read blogs predicting doom which once again simply did not happen? All these blogs and videos were obviously there to spread fear, in the hope that such fear would lower our vibrations and prevent or delay consciousness from reaching this very important level. That’s how the fear propaganda works, by making noise at low vibrations, hoping (who knows for what reasons?) that these vibrations will slow down our growth in consciousness. Look at how the Blood Moon (I prefer its other name, Hunter’s Moon, as I see ‘hunter’ as meaning ‘hunter for inner truth’) was given negative connotations, as if blood was negative (it is in Hollywood propaganda, but it is not in our daily lives: it means life, love, passion and even unity, when you think about your blood relations). Whenever the propaganda acts upon its agenda, one of its hallmarks is a semantic shift, like the one that was played on the word ‘blood’.

Even before we go any further, as we are likely to hear more noise in the future, let us look at how we can exorcise such low vibrations… We are fallible, thus we should not dwell too much on beating ourselves up for having given credit to it at any stage in our lives; we are learning. Yet, should one happen to do so, the best response to it is gratitude; it does not even matter if, for example, you were taken in by the stories the propaganda spread about that Hunter’s Moon; on the day, whether we had believed it or not, many of us took the time to express gratitude to the cosmos. That alone raised the vibrations of our consciousness far more than the fear propaganda had lowered them. If more of us do this on a regular basis, we will see our consciousness grow even faster.

Now, what are the steps that have been achieved in the Paradigm Shift, and what are the steps we need to take to complete the process?

In my view, the major step has been the abandonment of materialism. Materialism, of course, means apparently different things in different fields, but it is in reality one concept applied to different disciplines or areas of reality. It is the belief that all that exists is matter. This translates into historical materialism (the big ‘mistake’ of Karl Marx, whose political views are now rejected almost everywhere, but through whose eyes and words we still read our history); the concept that ideas do not influence the course of history, but only material situations and events do. In science, materialism is simply the tenet that there is nothing beyond the material world. In philosophy, it is the denial of metaphysics. In sociology is the belief that people can be defined according to what they possess, not who they are, which has its strong consequences on psychology. In economics and politics, well, materialism is the status quo; whether it translates into Communism or Capitalism, the concept is the same.

Now, did I say that materialism has been abandoned? But surely, you may say, we still see it all around us. And in fact we do. Yet, as Plato teaches us, abandoning an idea happens before (in terms a causality as well as in terms of time) our sensory perception of it disappears. We may in fact go as far as to define time itself as the difference between ideas and their perception. What starts with the Mind will be followed by the senses; it is just a matter of time. As Max Planck stated, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because the opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that us familiar with it.” There are volumes of wisdom in the Father of Quantum Physic’s words; the ‘new’ idea, the Paradigm Shift is here for all of us, and it is just a matter of seeing it. But there is more to his statement; I strongly believe that we are at a place in our growth where we do not need to wait for a new generation to see the shift. I say this because this is what has happened to me; I am part of the old generation; I grew up believing, supporting, promoting materialism; yet I, and many people of my generation, have been blessed (and this blessing has come in waves in our lives which we can trace back to our very first memories, each wave bringing us closer to the spiritual truth of the cosmos, even if at the time we did not appreciate them…) As has happened to me and many in my generation, there is no reason why it cannot happen to all of us. For those of us who have made this journey and want to help others along, the best way, in my view, is to help them, with ?????????, the great Art of Learning that Socrates gave us, to make sense of these waves in their lives; Source has been blessing all of us with these waves, preparing us for the Paradigm Shift; it is our job to just help others open their eyes.

So how does this ‘delay’ from idea to perception occur, and how can we help speed it up? It is just a matter of recognising the noise… Yes, that’s why we all need to be aware of how this noise works. Once you hear the noise and recognise its voice, you can leave it where it belongs, in the past. Now, let us look at some important steps and how the noise is trying to hide them.

Physics abandoned materialism decades ago (if it ever embraced it); in fact, physics has been beyond materialism through all its existence. If there was a ‘counter wave’ in the non-materialist progress of physics it was when atomic energy was discovered; yet, at the very same time, Quantum Physics was putting materialism on the shelf of mistaken ideas. The application of physics is still heavily reliant on atomic energy; this is where the noise comes in. Nuclear power stations are noise; the widespread lie that the Sun is an atomic powerhouse is part of the glamorisation of atonic energy (it is magnetic, and it could not possibly be atomic); the textbook fairy tale that atomic energy is the most powerful source of energy at our disposal is part of the noise (it’s free energy, and this is why free energy is hidden from us, while atomic energy makes the cover of magazines). The principle of free energy is simple, and even I can understand it. If we move electrons away from a heavy metal, it will take electrons from the air; nothing gets destroyed, nothing gets consumed, and an infinite source of electricity (and magnetism) is triggered. Can we believe that it is so hard to put into practice? The idea is here, and as Plato tells us, ideas are beyond time and space; they cannot be ‘deleted’.

Similarly, evolution has drawn its last breath (it never breathed to be correct); while scientists at the highest levels (including Oxford Professor of Mathematics and of Philosophy of Science, John Lennox, who knows this without the shadow of a doubt) yet the textbooks will still try to deny it, with what amounts to excuses, but no evidence. Evolution is the philosophical cornerstone of materialism, and that is why the noise is trying to prop it up at all costs. Why is it the cornerstone? Put simply, it is an easy hypothesis (it never reached the status of scientific theory, simply because it never managed to find evidence for its possibility, let alone probability) to teach to young children, unlike String Theory or Quantum Mechanics, both of which declare from the hilltops that the cosmos has a non-material consciousness. So much so that it is taught to very young children. Yet, scientifically, it has ‘gone’. The impression on our senses does not match the rational reality. Evolution, moreover, is the moral (amoral, one would say) foundation of society: if the social system is unfair, there is always the excuse that nature is unfair, that some are ‘less developed’ (replace biologically with financially, or socially, if you wish, and the discourse does not change) than others. Evolution justifies inequality and promotes competition and division, thence fear. But we know we are part of creation. We know it philosophically, we know it personally, we know it scientifically.

Yet more signs that the Paradigm Shift is well on its way is the blossoming of spirituality in the young generations. This is a dream come true (even if I fought against it in my youth) for someone like me, who grew up in the bleak 70s and in the glitzy 80s, where materialism reached its peak; those were the times of Yuppies, of extreme competition – interestingly the ‘age of the look’ (not of the reality or ideas, note, but of perception). Yet even within the 80s, the seeds of the Paradigm Shift were being sown. Only now do we understand that the song which, in my opinion, most represents the 80s, ‘Material Girl’ was ironic; it was a dig at materialism. How could we not see it? The noise was far too loud for individual voices to be heard; we were walking in a cacophonous forest and could not hear the sound of the blades of grass growing beneath our feet, to paraphrase Dante.

So, what steps are left to take? Well, put simply, we can all now see through the veil; all is in place. The noise will try to make this veil darker, and we can see it in the geopolitical landscape; but we can also see that whilst years ago so many went along with the agenda of the noise (I am here, for example, referring to 9/11 and the wars that followed), now the vast majority is just not buying it. The vast majority can see through the veil; the vast majority has seen the light, and, as we know through experience, a single candle can make the whole of darkness disappear. There is no going back. The noise is the veil.

What can we do, though, to help the Paradigm Shift, and should we help it? I think we should. We have not been given Free Will to do nothing with it, but to choose and act according to what we know is right. We are all Lightworkers.

But what can we do in practical terms? First of all, learn to recognise the voice of the noise: its timbre is always the same; it is the timbre of fear. Once you recognise it, you will know how to ignore it. Next, if, as we are fallible, we give, even for an instant, credit to the noise, do not let it turn you into its sounding chamber; if you feel the low vibration, do not reproduce it; this is what makes us creators, our own ability to choose; our own ability to select and ignore. If you see, for example a video on Youtube that promotes fear, do not share it. That protects others as well as yourself. Laugh, do laugh, and laugh with Source! Have you ever experienced the laughter of Source? It’s a tidal wave of light! It washes away all low vibrations in an instant. It is an experience you will never forget. Be grateful, always, grateful that you exist, grateful that you are experiencing, grateful for the water you drink, grateful simply to be. Gratitude is a torus of energy that, in the very act of sharing, creates high vibrations; there is no materialist give and take in gratitude; the giving is the taking, just like the principle of free energy; gratitude is, in fact, spiritual free energy. Bless, bless, and bless. Blessing is like gratitude, a sharing, not a sectioning, of energy.

We are the Paradigm Shift, let us now share, and in sharing become one.

About the author:

Adriano Bulla, a ‘servant of Calliope’ is a poet, novelist, non-fiction writer, philosopher and journalist. A voice for the alternative, both in themes and style, Adriano Bulla’s style has been described as “hallucinogenic” and “profoundly original”.  Working to aid the consciousness shift through his writing, he has been publishing books since 2005, including Lucid Dreaming, New Age Spirit, The Road to London and Queer Poems.

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