The New Zodiac

The New Zodiac

by Cinnamon Crow

When the media announced a new Zodiac system there was a huge uproar and much debate.  The new system changed all the traditional Zodiac dates and even added another sign making thirteen signs in all.  Many refuse to acknowledge the new system feeling that they fit perfectly within the traditional signs.  Others seem to embrace the new sign arrangement.  This split has caused much controversy and confusion.  What was wrong with the old Zodiac?  Why has it suddenly changed?  The answer is that it hasn’t changed.  Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign is not newly discovered and the rearrangement of the Zodiac has been in place for almost two thousand years in the Eastern part of the world.   This information is only new to the West.

There are two major systems of astrology in use, the Tropical and the Sidereal.  Most western astrologists use the Tropical system which is seasonal and based on the equinox.  It begins with Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac on the Vernal or Spring Equinox and then divides itself into twelve equal portions of thirty degrees each.  This gives the twelve signs of the Zodiac with which most are familiar.  The Sidereal, also known as Vedic or Indian astrology is the Hindu system.  The Sidereal system has been in place since around 130 BC.  It is based on fixed stars and how the Sun moves through the constellations as viewed from earth.  Between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is Ophiuchus

There is a lot of speculation as to why the Sidereal system has now been introduced to the West.  There are two commonly agreed upon theories circulating.  The first is that the new sign arrangement is strictly a media ploy and should be disregarded entirely.  The second is that the New Zodiac system only affects those born on or after 2009.  If either of these theories is correct then why are many adults embracing the new Zodiac?  Although the majority feels they fit best in the old system, many are thrilled to find that they are no longer the passive Pisces as classified in the old Zodiac, but instead are the rebellious Aquarius that better fits with their personality.  Others find that the description of Ophiuchus is a better fit than Sagittarius or Scorpio.  With so many identifying with the new system, there has to be a better explanation.

Which system is correct?  I propose a new idea in which the answer is both.

I believe that the ‘New Zodiac’ only applies to those people labeled Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, called so after the color of their auras.  These new children, many of which are now adults, are here to accelerate the evolution of our planet by shaking up and tearing down the old systems, thought patterns and ways.  They will replace them with new and higher methods.  They clearly see the flaws in the old ways and question why these outdated systems are still in place.  They are here specifically to change the world as we know it!

The Indigos began incarnating on earth in the 1970’s and continue to incarnate today.  The Indigo’s main purpose is to do away with the old and replace with new and better ways, opening the doors for the Crystal and Rainbow to achieve their life missions.    The Crystals began appearing in the 1990’s with a message of oneness, forgiveness and love.  They are to bring telepathy to the world.   The Rainbows just began appearing in the new millennium and are here to teach us of instant manifestation.

So if the Indigos are to do away with the old world systems, then why not the Zodiac System?  That would explain why the majority fit with the old Zodiac system, yet others with the new.   I have interview many Indigos and Crystals and so far the consensus is that they all fit into the new system.  I had one Indigo tell me,”I always related to Sagittarius, but once I read Ophiuchus, I felt like I was at home.”  Another said “I never felt like a Leo.  I always thought I was a Cancer and I would read the horoscope for Cancer even though my birthday is August 2nd.  Now I have the confirmation that I was correct all along.”

So did your sign change?  Does the new system apply to you?  Although there were a few scouts before the 1970’s, as a general rule, if you were born before 1970, you will likely fall into the traditional Western Zodiac.  If you are one of the New Children, your sign has probably changed, although some of the signs overlap and are the same in both systems.  If you were born between 1970 and 1990, you may be one of the New Children.  I would suggest researching the New Children to see if you share their characteristics.  Those born after 1990 are definitely a New Child and will fit with the Sidereal Zodiac.

Eventually, as the older generation passes on, all that will be left on earth will be the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children (and whatever comes after the Rainbow.)  The new system will be the only one that works.  For now, both systems are correct

Cinnamon Crow is a Reiki Master psychic in Houston, TX.  She is the author of Teen Oracle now available on and Barnes and Noble.  Her new deck The Chakra Zodiac oracle is to be released summer 2011.

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