The Mystery of Consciousness

The Mystery of Consciousness

by Richard Gordon

We all see only that which we are trained to see.
Robert Anton Wilson

Do your thoughts affect the outer world? Most people believe that our thoughts have absolutely no effect or influence on matter; and anyone believing otherwise is often accused of using “magical thinking”. Children seem to believe innately in magic, whereas adults are taught to be practical and realistic. Adults who still believe in such things are widely considered to be out of touch, or idealistic new-age dreamers. What actually happens when we project our thoughts, feelings and energy? Is it all in our head, or is there something more going on?

This begs the bigger question: What is consciousness? The mystery of consciousness has baffled and intrigued philosophers, mystics, and scientists for centuries. Consciousness is a most puzzling thing. Is it simply a byproduct of highly complex brain activity, or is it something more? How can we explore consciousness with our own consciousness? Perhaps this question is a bit like the proverbial snake eating it’s own tail.

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Without telescopes, we would never know about galaxies. Without microscopes, we would never know about microbes. Without the double slit experiment, we would never know about quantum physics, and that light acts like both a particle and a wave. These tools have allowed us to make the invisible visible.

I’ve recently found a most surprising way to make the invisible visible in order to examine the secret and hidden nature of matter and of mind. This is not mere philosophical speculation or frivolous self-deception. I’ve discovered a direct way to reveal a tangible, and profound interaction between our minds and the material world around us. As I’ll explain later, it is now possible to visibly demonstrate that ordinary objects can actually hold enough information to have an obvious and easily measured physical effect on the body.

A couple of professional magicians who observed me demonstrate this, have confided to me in astonished tones, “Richard, this is real magic.” From their point of view, it certainly would appear like real magic since I showed them something that by all standards is “impossible” with no setup, trickery, deception, or misdirection. However, from my vantage point, we are looking at real human abilities that can easily blow the mind of skeptics and materialistic scientists.

For the past three hundred years, the overwhelming majority of scientists have been thoroughly convinced that the mind is confined to the brain, that psychic abilities don’t exist, and that there is no such thing as energy healing. It’s the standard world view, upon which our societies, technologies, and economies are based. From that perspective, it makes sense to ignore the subject that I am bringing up. After all, if you are sure of your view, why study something that can’t possibly exist?

In this book, I’ll outline a series of real experiments with visible and empirically undeniable results. These experiments clearly demonstrate that our consciousness can profoundly influence matter, and that an object charged with energy and intent can dramatically affect us physiologically in seconds. What’s more, I’ll teach you how to do this and test everything in this book for yourself! You be the judge.

I believe that I’ve opened a most unlikely door and entered a new world of extraordinary discoveries. However, from my perspective, I’ve just begun a journey, and have only made it outside as far as the mailbox. There are countless epiphanies yet to encounter, and I fully expect that other people will be there, with me and after me, flashlights and notebooks in hand, to carefully map out more of this territory.

 Come with me if you dare, and be prepared to be astounded. Please leave your assumptions at the door, and be willing to see what is there. The implications of this are vast. That which has been invisible shall be made visible.

About the author:

Richard Gordon is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of energy healing. He has been developing new healing techniques that are powerful yet simple and easy to learn, teaching them in workshops worldwide, and making them accessible to everyone in books since the mid-1970s. Today, as the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard is an internationally acclaimed speaker at conferences, medical centers, chiropractic colleges, and holistic health institutes. He has been on faculty at Heartwood Institute and The Holistic Health Institute. His worldwide Quantum-Touch workshops sell out quickly, and his original Quantum-Touch video workshop is now available online at He actively posts videos of amazing Quantum-Touch healing stories and demonstrations on the YouTube/QuantumTouch channel.

The Secret Nature of Matter

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