The Masters Of Wisdom – Who They Are And Why They’re Here

The Masters Of Wisdom – Who They Are And Why They’re Here

by Julian Middleton

To understand who the Masters are and why they’re here, it’s worth pausing to consider who we are and why we’re here. Many in the Mind, Body and Spirit field are familiar with terms such as ascension, grace, enlightenment and so forth. I also suspect that many of us have only somewhat vague notions as to what these phrases really mean – ideals only, perhaps, to strive for and hopefully attain in a far-flung future. Indeed, the Masters are those Great Ones who though countless incarnations and much struggle and suffering (as well as great achievement) have attained such lofty states and thus achieved the prize of release from the Great Wheel of death and rebirth. They have matriculated from the university of life, where many of us remain in truth strictly first years, having undergone every conceivable experience life on earth has to offer, learned every lesson and passed every test. In so doing they have, in effect, attained a humility that we dare only dream of. They have mastered themselves on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and as a result have no further need to incarnate on Earth. All power, wisdom, knowledge and love are theirs.

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For millions of years, the Masters worked openly among us, and humanity was evolving steadily under Their wise guidance and tuition. Following the destruction of Atlantis around 98,000 years ago, however, the Masters of the time were forced to retreat to the remote areas of the planet – the deserts and especially the mountains, from where they have continued to guide us. They have in particular operated through their initiates – great men and women throughout history who have themselves been evolving under the Masters’ tutelage, albeit not necessary consciously: Churchill, Shakespeare, Darwin, Einstein and many others. For, as we grow and evolve on the long road toward perfection, we embark on a final series of lifetimes where we become initiated into the Mysteries and must demonstrate our own growing mastery over the various planes of mortal existence: physical, emotional, mental and so forth. Each step brings us closer to the final breakthrough that unites us with our very highest self, enabling us to graduate from the academy as a Master. We may then choose to move on to higher work, or remain on earth to help suffering humanity, as many do. So it is that the Masters of Wisdom have walked the same paths that we walk, made the same mistakes and learned accordingly, and for this reason they are known too as the Lords of Compassion.

Now, as we enter the 21st century, the Masters are returning to live among us: a relatively small number have been living in some of the great cities of the world since the 1970s, incognito for now, in preparation for Their Emergence into full visibility. They do so because it is part of Their development as a group consciousness, but also to guide us out of the present morass and world crisis into a new and far greater civilisation that will reflect man’s true inherent divinity, obscured for so long. The Masters are themselves guided by Their own Master, Maitreya, who has also been living among us for some forty years, waiting for the right time to step forward. Humanity must renounce selfishness, greed and acquisition and inaugurate the ways of the Aquarian Age: altruism, selflessness and above the principle of sharing in order to bring about justice and peace. Currently we live in a world where millions starve when there is more than enough food for all, where a tiny wealthy minority possess as much wealth as the poorest three billion, and where the environment deteriorates daily under humanity’s rape and pillage, to the peril of all.

Those who study esotericism know that this dark hour is truly the moment before the dawn, before we emerge from the edge of the abyss and climb into the brilliant sunshine of a new and far better world. But humanity must be ready in sufficient numbers to accept the new world, to renounce selfishness, greed and war. Until it is ready, Maitreya and His Masters cannot come forward, because to do so would infringe our free will, and that They cannot do.

There have been three principle exponents of Ageless Wisdom and writers about the Masters in modern times. The first, Helena Blavatsky, wrote The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled in the late 19th century, and founded the Theosophist movement. Alice Bailey wrote many volumes in the earlier 20th Century (many dictated telepathically by her Master). Finally, Scottish artist Benjamin Creme founded Share International and wrote and lectured for over forty years, before passing away late last year. He enjoyed similar telepathic rapport with his Master, who wrote many articles and answered thousands of questions through Creme. These may be found in Benjamin Creme’s books and Share International magazine.

Which side are you on? Which path will you choose?

About the author:

Julian Middleton is a White Eagle Astrologer and author who has been writing fiction for many years, actually mostly children’s books, and studying spirituality, in particular the works of Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme. His works can be found on Amazon at:

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