The Magic of Manifesting

The Magic of Manifesting

by Carrie Bailey

I grew up with a strong interest in Spirituality and you could often find me in the Self-Help and Spirituality section at a bookstore. When “The Secret” came out in 2006 I was instantly hooked. After learning the incredible transformations that took place from following a few certain steps, my life became forever changed. I began to journal a lot more about my goals and dreams than the usual teenage gossip or heartbreak that I was going through. In November 2009 I was watching an Oprah episode which was based around the Law of Attraction. One of her guests described how she manifested her husband and the resemblances were astonishing. I was inspired and went straight to work on designing my “Dream Man”. I began to describe him first by appearance, in precise detail like the woman did on T.V. “Actor, Blonde wavy hair, green eyes, sexy voice, rides a motorcycle and owns a boat” were just a few surface layer attributes that I chose amongst many others of both physical and non-physical nature.

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A few years later in 2012 I was at a place called The Blarney Stone in the Gastown area of Vancouver, BC with my girlfriend. She bumped into a guy she was newly seeing and he was with a friend who’s voice sounded eerily familiar the second he introduced himself to me. As the evening went on, this mysterious man invited us back to his place on Water Street just a few blocks away and the pieces started to come together for me. When we got to his beautiful two story penthouse overlooking the North Shore mountains and ocean, he showed us a clip from a movie him and this friend starred in; he was an Actor!

I was overwhelmed with excitement and as much as I was enjoying my time getting to know this intriguing man, I couldn’t wait to get home to review the note I wrote myself years prior. The evening was coming to an end so we all planned to meet up again that following weekend to spend a day out on his boat. I remember us kissing goodnight at the door as we were leaving and it just felt different. It felt more like electricity than butterflies and as soon as I got into the elevator I gushed to my girlfriend how I knew this was the man that I wrote about on my list. When I got home that night I was blown away by all the similarities; Actor, Blonde wavy hair, owned a boat and he had the sexiest voice I had ever heard in my life! I developed the biggest girl crush from discovering this information and was convinced we were destined to be together. We started hanging out every once in a while but at the time ‘liquid courage’ was needed when I’d be around anyone from the opposite sex that I was attracted to, so booze was always involved and this was most always the case with Andrew. He also seemed to be quite the party boy so our encounters became more of an occasional hookup and overtime this ‘crush’ eventually faded and we went our separate ways.

I struggled with alcohol for years after and became quite the party girl myself. As I drifted through life trying to make ends meet, I was working in the cosmetic industry as a Jr Account Executive and felt completely lost and just totally empty inside. I always had this nagging feeling that I wasn’t living out my life’s purpose. Then I remembered a psychic from when I was 16 and another one in 2012 both saying I would own my own business one day. The one in 2012 specifically said she saw it being in Gastown. I liked the sounds of it so I decided to write a list of my “Dream Business”. I didn’t know exactly at the time what it would entail but I knew I wanted it to be in the metaphysical realm since these interests came naturally to me. I felt it was a great start but I was still struggling as I didn’t make any solid moves in that direction. As I became further detached from life as I continued my drinking problem, I quickly found myself spiraling downwards. On August 7th 2015 I woke up hearing a voice telling me “Its all over”. The night before I had far too many drinks and I’d had enough. I remember the feeling of wanting to take my own life and praying to God to save me from this state of despair I was currently in. I couldn’t live my life this way any longer. That morning I felt a higher power speaking to me, more like through me. I was filled with this overwhelming reassurance that I would never pick up another drink again. This wasn’t the first time I had tried to give up alcohol though, 10 months prior I was seeing an energy healer that helped me see things more clearly.

The veil was lifted and I was eager to get back to that safe place I was briefly once at. Building upon this newfound intuition I was drawn to enroll in the Reiki level 1 healing course. I knew this time I had to heal myself. As my sobriety turned from days, to weeks to months, I was breaking down major barriers that I couldn’t have done before I acquired all of this incredible newfound knowledge and strength. I finally found my life’s purpose! Finally with this new revelation, every ounce of me felt complete. I started adding to my business plan that I had originally made and held strong faith that I will one day open this healing centre. This centre would be focused around helping people, using the skills I had acquired, I would tie in Energy healing and Health and Wellness.

I finally had no doubt in my mind what my purpose was now. I was meant to help others overcome their struggles and addictions, just like I had done so myself. This past January 1st 2017 I decided to go back to the drawing board and rewrite in detail of what I wanted to manifest one last time. I sealed it into an envelope and dated it for that following January 1st 2018. At the top of the list included manifesting a husband as well as my dream business and this time I incorporated visualization as I wrote all my wishes down. A few days later on January 3rd, I was reacquainted with the man I had originally manifested back in 2012, “The Green eyed, blonde wavy hair Actor”; Andrew Francis.

With now being a year and a half sober, living my true authentic self. I finally had the confidence to be around this man I once felt intimidated by. I found myself falling in love faster than I had thought and everything moved quite quickly for us. We were living together before we even made it official! For the months leading up to the summer he was preparing himself physically and mentally for his leave to the island, where he would go to film the second season of a Television series he had a lead role on called Chesapeake Shores. By this point I worked my way up to an Account Executive for the number one cosmetic line on the market. As the days went on I felt progressively worse, like I was really losing myself. Being around Andrew, who had this intense passion and excitement for his career, gave me this empty feeling inside and I knew I needed to start living my true self. Only downfall was, where do I begin? It felt completely out of reach and I became overwhelmed with the feeling that I may never get there.

I started praying to my angels and God to help align me with my dream business, I couldn’t stand working in this industry anymore. I gave it all up to the Universe and completely let all my worries go. I finally had full faith in the Universe for delivering my desires and that it would one day happen in divine timing. The wheels started turning faster than I anticipated and only a few days later Andrew received an email from his landlord stating his old place on Water street that he was subletting was becoming available again. The only issue was that the building was turning into more of a business complex which meant he would have to either give the place up or open a business. He then paused for a brief moment upon finishing the email and all of a sudden as if a light bulb went on above him says, “Why don’t we start your business?” I remember the feeling of complete shock by how quickly this intention manifested but I didn’t want to get too excited as I thought maybe he was a bit out of his mind, so I gave it about a week to find out if he was in fact serious. And he was. I not only manifested my dream man but now my dream business was unraveling in ways I could have never imagined!

ZENDEN opened its doors on November 18th, 2017 in the heart of Gastown, British Columbia. We offer everything from daily meditation, yoga, sound healing to events, workshops and monthly full moon ceremonies. We will also be offering private energy healing sessions and a place for the sober community to enjoy on a weekend night out that doesn’t involve booze and the occasional wild crowd it can often come with. With Vancouver once being named the “Unhappiest City in Canada” and most find it difficult to make friends, our intention for ZENDEN is to not only be a studio that offers classes for the conscious community but also to act as a platform for those who may be experiencing hardships and are struggling to overcome them. With that being said, Creating a community throughout Vancouver of love, togetherness and acceptance. We want to provide the knowledge we’ve acquired with others, so they too can experience a life of their dreams!

About the author:

Carrie Bailey is the Co-Founder of the newest meditation studio to open in Vancouver called ZENDEN. She is a Reiki level 1 practitioner, an Intuitive Guidance Coach and is also currently training for her Emotion Code certification.

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