The Lord of Love

The Lord of Love

by Julian Middleton

Even as the world endures its present crisis, manifest on so many levels, Divine Help stands ready to rejoin us and show us the way forward into a new time of Justice and Peace. Indeed, the times we are living through represent the birth pangs of the New Age, and behind this great transformation stands none other than the Lord of Love Himself, bringing matters to a head. He is forcing humanity to choose which path it prefers: the old ways of greed and selfishness leading inevitably to destruction, or the Aquarian way of selflessness, altruism, sharing and brotherhood, leading to world peace. World peace need not be an ideal. It can be a reality if we accept the Wise Ones’ help.

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Most organisations have their leader: businesses have a managing director; the Cabinet has its Prime Minister; the United States has its President. The Hierarchy of Masters (see previous article) has at its head the Master of all the Masters, whose name is Maitreya which means ‘the happy one’, ‘the bringer of joy’. Who is this extraordinary being? Much as Maitreya stands as a divine colossus, extraordinarily evolved from our standpoint, He is also truly one of us, ‘merely a man’ and yet astonishingly advanced. He was one of the first, perhaps actually the very first member of humanity to achieve spiritual mastery, millions of years ago during the long Atlantean era.

For millennia, Maitreya lived in the high Himalaya, where there is a great spiritual centre. However, the terrible suffering endured by humanity during the World Wars reached His ear and in 1945, He announced that He would come back to the everyday world at the earliest opportunity. In actual fact, owing to humanity’s ongoing selfishness and disorder, it was 1977 before He was finally able to do so. He descended from the Himalaya and came to London where He has lived incognito ever since, working ceaselessly on behalf of all of us. He is the great World Teacher for the entire 2,500 years of the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer bringing forth knowledge and wisdom. And, of course, He brings love, Divine Love, in limitless measure.

Maitreya’s unseen, extraordinary influence helped bring about the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of apartheid and many other sweeping, progressive changes. He has appeared before numerous gatherings and individuals, religious and non-religious alike, famous and nondescript, and visited many, this author included, in prophetic and stunning dreams. The many signs and miracles now flooding the globe (weeping statues of religious icons, crosses of light, signs in the sky and so forth) all herald His imminent Appearance. For the age of miracles has not ended – it is just beginning! These wondrous events presage the return of Maitreya and His Masters into open view for the first time in almost 100,000 years. Every day, every moment, Maitreya draws closer to the heart of humanity, and we draw nearer to Him in answer.

Omniscient, omnipresent, fantastically ancient, wise and powerful, it is He Who shall show us in our folly and greed how to save the world and draw back from the brink in the nick of time, principally by sharing the world’s ample resources in order to create Justice and Peace. At the last, He knows that we will choose wisely and the new civilisation shall begin. Just as all seems lost perhaps, all will truly be saved. That time is not far off: indeed, to all intents and purposes, it is now. But humanity really needs Maitreya’s and the Masters’ overt, visible help, in order to move onwards and upwards: we need Them to be able to work openly. At present we are not quite ready, and so They remain present but behind the scenes, unwilling and unable by law to force our hand.

Maitreya stands waiting at the door. If you believe in Him, as He believes in you, help spread the glad tidings – that Divine Help is here, that an end to violence, suffering, want and war is offered, that a brilliant New Time lies just ahead and that the Lord of Love Himself stretches out His hand right now, showing the way. Share – and save the world.

About the author:

Julian Middleton is a White Eagle Astrologer and author who has been writing fiction for many years, actually mostly children’s books, and studying spirituality, in particular the works of Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme. His works can be found on Amazon at:

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