The Legitimacy Of Healing – Doctors Need Only Apply?

The Legitimacy Of Healing – Doctors Need Only Apply?

by Dr. Eric Pearl

Think about a world where healthcare has no adverse side effects. Where you experience no pain during or after your healthcare procedures. Picture a world where our children look at us and ask incredulously, “Really!? Did people really used to swallow poisons to try to get well?” We have become so desensitized by our no-pain-no-gain attitudes that the onslaught of elective surgeries and pharmaceutical commercials letting us know that their newest pill may cause “severe stomach aches” or result in “sudden death” don’t even cause us to bat an eye.

But mention the word healer to someone and it can induce responses anywhere from eye-rolling to images of flowing robes, crystals, incense and wands to inappropriate and reactive displays of anger and self-righteous indignation resembling road rage during rush hour traffic on a hot summer’s day – even to feigned nausea and near-vomiting. We understand that the body heals itself. A cast on a broken ankle allows it to be protected while the bone heals itself! Yet mention the word “healing” outside of a mainstream medical context and it’s as if the sky is falling. This is truly a shame as there is much more for us to discover in relation to our health that has so far eluded the grasp of mainstream conservative Western medicine… although Western medicine is beginning to open their eyes to this as newer generations take over and as more and more discoveries are made in quantum physics as to how the body really heals.

Of course, the world has been filled with people using the word “healing” for their own personal gain, as something magical or mystical or belonging to the realm of religion or to only a special few. Who can forget the TV screen visuals of the infamous slaps on foreheads, people falling over backwards and then a collection plate being distributed? These groups of people have taken the word “healing” as far away from its true essence as possible, presenting an image problem to be overcome by those who are legitimately involved in raising public awareness to the true credibility of non-allopathic healthcare approaches. And this has been used as fodder in an attempt by medicine to position itself as the purported authority over all other systems of healthcare, mostly those systems of which medicine actually knows very little – a dangerous position for us to find medicine in and for medicine to find itself in. Healthcare approaches such as acupuncture and chiropractic have done a stellar job of marrying science with more holistic eastern and western philosophies of healthcare. These are now accepted healthcare delivery systems and most health insurance programs cover them. But medicine would still like to refer to them as alternative, complementary or integrative medicine… when, in fact, they are more properly recognized as alternative, complementary or integrative healthcare, a group to which medicine is an equal card-carrying member. This, of course, places medicine on only equal – instead of superior – footing with other healthcare approaches, which may be more appropriate, more fortunate and, simply put, more in the public’s interest.

Leading expert in the healing world, Dr. Eric Pearl, is helping to legitimize new forms of health practices and reestablish the word healing as a true health term, returning it to its rightful place in today’s healthcare lexicon. As founder of Reconnective Healing®, an advanced level of energy healthcare, and author of international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself [HAY HOUSE], now in 39 languages, he travels worldwide educating healing practitioners of all fields in the art, science and philosophy of Reconnective Healing. He teaches them that there is no longer the need to add superstition and complex technique, fear-based ritual or protections or healing gadgets to their work. He points out that healing has nothing to do with faith, hope or belief and, in his tongue-in-cheek manner, admonishes about the ridiculousness of using “healing toys” in your practice. Healing crystals, candles, protective rituals and the like are being used as marketing tools that promote fear disguised as love, fear instead of science. There was a time when fear and superstition ruled all, a time when those in power locked poor Galileo away for having the audacity to suggest that Earth revolved around the sun at a time when religion wanted us to believe that Earth was the center of the universe. So science and religion began to walk in seemingly opposite directions. And they thought they were able to walk in opposite directions because the Earth appeared to be flat. But it wasn’t. It was round. And so as science took its journey from believing that everything was separate and distinct into relativity into quantum into consciousness and truth, religion went on its journey to rediscover the spirituality that originally inspired it. And as the two journeyed in their seemingly opposite directions, they discovered that their journeys returned them to one another, bearing gifts of support, each for the other. Spirituality brought insights into where science was going, and science brought evidence of what spirituality had been telling us all along.

Eric Pearl is bringing the science back into healing, working with the medical community and conducting clinical studies with quantifiable results. Newer scientific understandings and concepts of quantum physics such as string theory, DNA evolution and the discovery not only of new levels of light, but that we as human beings actually emit measurable levels of light, as well as how we interact with one another’s energy fields show us that we affect the health of one another without even physically touching each other. “Most doctors don’t light a candle or look at your chakras before they treat you,” explains Eric Pearl. “They don’t wave their hands around you to ward off evil because that has nothing to do with most medical practices. Science and health do not have emotions. There isn’t good and evil in science, and today’s healers no longer need to do these things either. What we do has nothing to do with faith, hope or belief. It just is. And the sooner everyone understands this, the better off we’ll all be.”

In his book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (, Dr. Pearl talks about string theory and how energy, light and frequencies are closely tied to our senses and perception, to our states of balance and, therefore, to our states of health: “String theory proposes that the shape and content of the entire universe is determined by vibrational frequencies in the heart of every single atom, every single particle. The effects of vibration go far beyond what our senses are easily able to distinguish. For example, the force that makes a magnet stick to your refrigerator is the same one that enables you to see the contents of the refrigerator when you open the door at night: electromagnetism. The only difference between magnetism and visible light is the frequency of the energy’s wave motion. What are colors? Different frequencies of visible light as interpreted by our brains. What are heat and cold? Different frequencies of molecular movement, again interpreted by our brains. In his seminars around the world, Eric teaches you how to facilitate healings not only for yourself, but for others. And he teaches you in the clearest, easiest and simplest way imaginable. Technique-free healing. Wow. What a concept!

Wrapping your brain around these concepts can be daunting and many in the medical community would rather stick to what they have been taught in older textbooks and leave the “mad” science – today’s new understandings – to the geeks. But science marches forward. There is a much closer connection than you may think between what we know about atoms and subatomic particles, light waves, the universe and your health.  As doctors learn to see the human body both as connected to and an integral part of the universe, and not just a collection of cells, limbs and organs, progress is being made.

It is clear that an important shift in the health industry is taking place that includes more and more types of alternative health practices. It has already begun with the medical community’s growing interest in and attention to ideas they formerly would have ignored. This is not just out of benevolence. The reality is that the world is moving forward and medicine has to make this move in order not to be left behind. Medicine is no longer God and the congregants are no longer coming to pray. At national health summits, you are now seeing practitioners of many healthcare disciplines on the same level as leading medical doctors. Alternative, complementary and integrative medicine has been replaced by complementary, alternative and integrative healthcare. It is often said that progress marches forward… one funeral at a time. Who knows, one day maybe the science geeks, the men and women of spirituality and the cool doctors will sit together at the same lunch table and see each other for what they really are – people healing people.

About the Author

Dr. Eric Pearl, has been featured in top media including The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. He has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection ®: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 39 languages, has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD.

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