The Jungle, its Magic and Lore

The Jungle, its Magic and Lore

by Shaman Maria

I was amazed how fragile things could live undisturbed in the rainforest while we humans lived in turmoil.
– Maria Gurule

Many people return to the jungle. Once it’s in your blood, you cannot stay away. It’s like the call of the wild, a retreat from the trappings of the modern world. You connect with your humanness, the earth, the cosmos and, most importantly, your inner self, your very soul.

Koronté has dedicated his life to helping thousands find their way. He is a shaman, a magician, and a keeper of knowledge. He holds the power of magic and has an intimate connection to the Jungle Spirits. I am honored that he shared intimate knowledge with me about his healing work and the magic of the rainforest. His strengths, humanness, pain and beauty opened possibilities that I could otherwise never have experienced.

Imbibing the sacred medicine ayahuaska taught me the value of life, love, trust, joy and fairness. This meant more than an ambiguous purpose without a cause. But the single most important thing about Madre Ayahuaska was her universal communication and wisdom.

Several days later we did a Goddess water ceremony in the creek. Koronté prepared the herbs we used. The experience was delightful.

El Chalenchaqui – The Satyr

In the evenings we gathered around Koronté. Storytelling and singing became a joyous affair. Tonight, he told us a story about the Chalenchaqui.

“This is a true story about the Chalenchaqui, the unusual horned entities that live in the jungle. When you train to become a shaman, the Chalenchaqui may appear. He may give you valuable information, if he finds you worthy. Sometimes they appear as people you may know. The only way to recognize them is to look at their cloven feet. People in the jungle fear them, but they will never harm you; they are quite shy. They are very gentle. If you see one and turn away, they will disappear instantly. You must look at them directly if you wish to interact.”

Fear reared its ugly head. I recalled my mother’s stories about the same entity, claiming it was Satan. Then she would recount stories of people in our community who had experienced this apparition. My journey to hell and the fear I experienced were still fresh in my mind.

Koronté assured us we were safe from Chalenchaqui, but this did not abate my fear. I shared stories my mother had related during my childhood. This was the same strange being I feared. Koronté laughed that we feared the Satyr. Finally, after many years of study and understanding I know that when I travel to the Amazon, I will be open to meeting the Chalenchaqui. The Chalenchaqui is nothing more than a Satyr, a mythological entity that has form, who does not appear to everyone.

I was glad that things had become livelier with this group. I was now included in the group’s activities, although I maintained my guard.

Koronté’s Medicines

Several of us had developed a cough during the previous ayahuaska ceremony. Koronté insisted that we take his cough medicine. He could not understand why we objected to his medicines. “Koronté, some of your medicines are like the concoctions my father made,” I remarked. “They were so potent and unpleasant-tasting that sickness was a rarity in our family.”

He laughed, saying, “Americans have a conditioned palate for manufactured tastes.” Koronté’s remedies were curative but tasted terrible.

Koronté left to meet with Will of Iron and his assistants. I sat next to the creek, working on my notes and thinking about the life decisions facing me. My earthly hopes and dreams were no longer a simple matter. Deeper emotional healing was necessary for spiritual growth. My need for inner comfort and simplicity won over the pursuit of money, yet I had to earn a living. The aliveness I felt in the jungle increased my desire for personal freedom. How could I have both?

I pondered the day before me and thought about the herb walk I had missed. Perhaps if I walked to Tamishiyaku, I could visit with Doña Adela. The two-hour hike would be wonderful. Koronté forbade that anyone walk through the jungle alone. The children would accompany me since they knew the trail well. After I collected my backpack and located the children, we were on our way.

The foliage, trees, spongy surface and ever-changing colors added to the mystical surroundings. A butterfly kissed my hand. A dragonfly stood on the palm of my hand and talked incessantly. My total Be-ing was awakened and the experiences were life-changing.

The sounds of the jungle filled the atmosphere with richness. I sang to the rhythm of nature’s natural music, something I had not done since returning to the forest. My voice had a rich quality and smoothness that amazed me. My hearing and vision became clearer. The iridescent auras of the plants were sharper, and I understood all living things. A communication system was in place; I had become a part of it. Grateful that I had been raised on a farm, I recaptured the magical experiences, as I had childhood.

I stopped to retie my shoe and saw the most remarkable delicate spider. I wondered how it could live in the Amazon. Its frail white jointed long legs formed a square that held a tiny blue pinhead sized body. I sat down and called the children to me. We sat for a long time and observed the powerful spider move about on its extremely long legs. I was amazed how such fragile things could live undisturbed in the rainforest while we humans live in turmoil. I had left my camera behind so the only photo would be the one in my memory. We discussed the beautiful tiny spider and honored its life. We did not continue on our trek to Tamishiyaku because we had spent so much time side tracking. We returned to the compound joyous after our long walk and experiences.

My little forest friends, Big Eyes and his group, whom I can still see in my mind’s eye, were my support group. They were always close by and always knew what was going on with me. The Jungle Spirits and the Little People visit me whenever they have information for me. Their music and wisdom is with me when I tune into it, regardless of where I am. The rainforest will live in every cell of my being and soul, and Koronté will remain my eternal friend. Knowing more about the jungle; it magic and lore are treasures that continue to live within me.

Take from the book Pachaqutec: The Transformation of the World by Marie Gurule, Shaman Teacher.

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