The Indigo Seer: A Perspective on Clairvoyance

The Indigo Seer: A Perspective on Clairvoyance

by Kendra Thomas

Clairvoyance – the ability to see spirit – results when judgments, imprints, denials and various traumas associated with the Indigo chakra or “Third Eye” have been resolved. All of us are equipped and therefore capable of seeing spirit. Our ability to make effective use of this beneficial tool depends on how much effort we are willing to put into clearing this chakra. Clairvoyance is not a gift divinely bestowed upon a chosen few but rather our collective heritage. It is who we are.

Consulting a visionary psychic creates an opening within ourselves because we are ready to receive information; we are ready to be seen. Giving permission to be viewed creates this opening, and we become receptacles, containers about to be filled with the information we seek. When permission is granted a gateway opens and free will flows without obstruction. If free will is not honoured, denied ego will taint the reading. This is the result of an imbalance of power between the Indigo Seer and the client; the Indigo Seer who does not respect the client’s boundaries and the client who invalidates Self conceding to the expert who “knows better”.

Seldom do we consider the collaborative relationship that exists between the Indigo Seer and their client. The client, or person being viewed, has equal influence, and therefore responsibility in the experience as does the clairvoyant. When a client allows them self to be viewed the Indigo Seer can only see what the client is willing to reveal about themselves.

The Indigo Seer with healthy boundaries will not venture beyond their client’s desire to be viewed; will not look under rugs or beds and peek in cupboards. The Indigo Seer with integrity will only view that which has been given permission to be viewed. Perhaps it is actually the case that the Indigo Seer can only see what is being shown and if they exercise power over another’s free will by viewing what has not been given permission to be viewed how is the client to evaluate that what is reported is actual vs. a projection of the Seer’s expectations, their own self-judgments or judgments of the client? When one views another integrity of heart must be employed for the vision to accurately reflect another’s inner landscape. When one overrides the free will of another, usually the result of an imbalanced ego, unlovingness is empowered to convolute the visionary landscape. Integrity of Heart is crucial with psychic viewing.

Self-judgments marry us to shame and un-worth. We feel vulnerable and at risk of being exposed and our lack of self-acceptance prevents others from seeing our true self. We do not feel safe from the feared judgments of others, which are in essence a projection of our own self-judgments that we are not ready to experience in an outer reflection. So we protect ourselves by blocking our most vulnerable parts from being viewed. When an Indigo Seer sees parts of our life it is because we have given permission to be seen in this way, to have these specific parts of us viewed. This permission may come from our conscious Self or it may come from our unconscious Self/Selves desiring communication that has been hampered by our own self-judgments and so a facilitator is brought in to traverse this transpersonal communication gap.

I don’t believe Indigo Seers have the power to see all or see us stripped in our nakedness exposing our deeply held secrets. I believe the Indigo Seer only has permission not power; access to view because permission has been granted and a clear Third Eye as the means by which to view. The most pivotal insights can be gained when a client is ready to be viewed. The insights are shared with the client and the client is just as responsible for interpreting these insights as the Indigo Seer. The Indigo Seer is communicating messages from parts of Self gapped in less conscious realms. The client will be specifically cued by the metaphoric messages given by these less conscious aspects of Self. This “language” will be best understood by the client, the aspect of Self the message was designed for.

Indigo seeing is a mutual communication with as much responsibility on the Seer’s part for viewing the message as there is on the client’s part for interpreting what has been viewed and for being open and in alignment with all of Self in the giving of permission to be viewed. A successful psychic reading is as dependent on the impeccable boundaries and skill of the clairvoyant as it is on the readiness of the person being viewed to open to such scrutiny. The Indigo Seer with integrity of heart is a valuable ally in assisting our navigation through the challenging terrains of separation from Self.

Kendra Thomas is a facilitator for transpersonal healing, a Reiki practitioner, shaman, and indigo seer. In addition, she has extensive experience with peer co-counselling, group therapy, art therapy and public speaking. Her focus is self-empowerment. Kendra lives in rural Ontario, Canada where she hosts workshops, drumming circles, shamanic body work and psychic readings. Contact her to experience an Indigo Channeling.

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