The Importance of You; Changing the Universe

The Importance of You; Changing the Universe

by Rev. Lisa Bousson

If you’re like most people on the planet you’ve questioned why you’re here, on Earth, at this difficult time. There’s much to be learned by living in struggling times and we must take care not to judge events as good or bad. Take care not to guess at God’s grand plan. Events and occurrences happen for a reason – no doubt about it. But what you might consider a challenge is actuality a stepping-stone to the growth of your soul. Your reactions, to personal or world affairs, affect everyone you encounter, which also affects the universal energy. The time is now to realize the importance of the role you play in the All-That-Is.

Much like the character, George Bailey, in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” you must comprehend the significance of the part you play while on Earth. Without you everything will have changed. Your children would not have been born and gone on to create fulfilling lives of their own, your spouse or significant other would not be who they are today without your influence, your place of business might have closed its doors without your intelligence and insight, and the needy might not have survived without your donation. Without you the world would forever be altered.

Each and every person you encounter is forever altered by your existence then, in turn, alters the existence of everyone they meet. You have the ability to affect another persons’ energy like a magnet. For instance, you may feel angry when talking to a co-worker. Your powerful energy is then emitted from your being affecting everyone around you. On that same note, positive energy can be emitted as well and is obviously more attractive. Therefore, you must learn to consciously decide your actions and reactions to events and the people around you. Our responsibility to ourselves, and our society, is to emit energy that will benefit all, not simply ourselves.

Each of us, and every thing, in the universe affects the energy of the whole. For instance, the simple act of breathing alters the elements around you. You inhale O2, and with one molecule changed, it becomes CO2 and is exhaled – thus you have altered the molecular structure of matter. Your personal energy has the same effect upon the energy of the universe – you change the universal energy by being a part of it. Each struggle you face becomes energy that you emit into the world, affecting all others on a global level. Each triumph touches others on a global level as well. You give and receive from the energy that is around you. Without you, this same energy would never have existed.

The give and take that happens throughout our days leave lasting effects upon the universal soul, which we often imagine can’t be altered. Don’t underestimate your importance in God’s grand scheme. Your trials are opportunities for you to realize who you really are and your triumphs are not yours alone. This is your wake-up call – a gentle reminder that you, and the roles you play, are more important than you could possibly comprehend. So, when you question the meaning of your life or contemplate what your contribution to society has been, look to your past. What might have seemed to be a simple deed may have moved mountains for another. The energy that you unconsciously shared with another contributed to the growth of your world.

We are told not to seek adoration for it’s the game of the ego. But, being assured and fully assimilating the knowledge that you have made a difference in someone’s life, is important for your own well-being. This knowledge then increases your positive vibration, thus increasing the benevolence of everyone on the planet. You have positively effected a changed the universe, which in turn builds greater opportunities to realize The Importance of You.

© 2008 L. Bousson
Rev. Lisa Bousson is a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium, Spirit Channel, Lecturer, Instructor, and owner of In-Sight Ministries. Rev. Lisa can be contacted at

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