The Importance of Self Love

The Importance of Self Love

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last column, I introduced the concept, foreign to many readers, of falling in love with you self.  I explained that a healthy self-love, devoid of conceit, egoism and narcissism is an important assist for Re-Creating Your Self – one of the most vital tools for personal change that support you in becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

I defined the concept of natural self-love; I gave a number of examples as to how you can successfully romance your self.  The column concluded with Aristotle’s opinion that self-love is the cornerstone upon which all other relationships are built. I couldn’t agree with him more.

We’re continuing the subject this column, as well as discussing the concept of selfhood as “evil” – an erroneous idea that certainly keeps self-love at bay.


Believing themselves to be evil, many people deny themselves natural self love.  I’ve had any number of students who believed themselves to be evil; they were not.  In some cases, the student came to understand that a belief in being evil was just that: a personal belief. It was not an irrevocable fact of life.  In other cases, students have been unable to distinguish between what they accepted to be true and truth, in fact.

In one tragic case, a Re-Creating Your Self student, who was also a close personal friend, convinced that he was the embodiment of evil, and incapable of going beyond his false personal belief, rented a hotel room, then proceeded to blow out his brains with a borrowed pistol.

For me, this was an especially horrible tragedy.  For starters, this student-friend was one of the gentlest, kind-hearted young men that I’ve ever met.  To his kindness, add movie star looks and a matching physique. To all of the preceding, throw in above-average intelligence, multiple talents and a personality that seduced people of both genders.

What did this student believe himself to be? What is the true nature of evil?

Contrary to popular belief, evil is not a cosmic force, nor is it a devil hell-bent on claiming the reflections of God’s creativity and love. Rather than a hellish power, evil is the by-product of ignorance of the natural law; a creation of mortal mind, and not divinely mandated, causing humans to harm others and create poorly their own corporeal experiences. On a global level, evil is the mass ignorance that causes humankind to violate the natural law, thus creating negative world conditions, such as genocide and war.

You are born innocent; you are not tainted by evil or sin, original, or otherwise. Reject all philosophies that describe you as inherently bad, and this truth will set you free.

Sadly, tragically, for some, accepting that there is no Devil is more difficult than learning that there is no Santa Claus. But like Santa, Satan is a fictional character. He was given mortal life by ancient religion to objectify the ignorance that separates us from Truth, and the knowledge of our original Source, or God. Satan has only a mortal existence; in Truth, he possesses no divine life or mandate. Let me state this one more time: Satan is a fictional, not factual, being – a symbol for our ignorance of Truth. Instead of saying or thinking, “The Devil made me do it, you might more accurately state or mentally reason, “Ignorance made me do it.”

You may righteously accuse your self of “ignorance” but you are wrong to tag your self “inherently evil.” You are good – worthy of your own love. You also possess free will, and if you accept the false believe that you are evil, your behavior will reflect that belief. In other words, the belief that you are evil will create the physical evidence that you are evil. As always, you create your experiences based upon your beliefs. Change your belief and your experiences change.

But you won’t win an eternal heaven; much less create a fulfilling, healthy mortal existence, by believing that you are evil. Your personal triumph over ignorance or “evil” waits upon your understanding the truth of being, not by sustaining a false belief in evil. Truth is always the victor.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Love your self even if you now accept the false belief that you are evil, for evil is a lie. Evil is a lie because it’s a belief in the opposite of God, good. Evil exists only as a belief in something opposed to the creations of God, good; therefore evil is unreal.

Next up: Guilt and Other Excuses for Denying Self-love.

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