The Higher Law

The Higher Law

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: How can you claim there is a Plan for humanity?  Just look at the mess out there; surely, somebody is not doing their job.

Many would assert the world is in chaos and daily we continue to destroy ourselves. Further the idea of a spiritual plan for humanity is absurd; just look at our track record and the growing materiality, addictions, and physical and sexual abuse/exploitation of our children. Additionally, historically so-called spiritual leaders have been responsible through war and greed for some of our greatest suffering.  In fact, today many of the churches continue as some of the richest corporations on earth.

This description of humanity’s self-destructive capacity is true; however, it describes only part of the picture. It neglects our higher nature and the unselfish efforts of billions.  For example, none of us would be here without the love and care of parents, friends and relatives.  The fact that religious leaders start wars for their own interest does not take away the fact that many continue, in their role of clergy, to serve the higher law; fighting for reform and help whenever they can.

From a spiritual perspective, events and experiences are neither bad nor good.  Events must be evaluated using the criteria of learning, service, and how each brought us closer to our higher self.

Spiritually, suffering is a friction with the potential to speed our learning.  On another level, it may be an inevitable outcome of the situation causing harm.

The Higher Law

Traveler:            Holy one, tell us of the Law.

Master:            The Law is inscribed on the heart of each traveler. Beneath the layers of dust that surround each heart is the Golden Rule.

The Law is also written in the Books and is known to all.

It is written: That which brings you closer to the Beloved is the Measure.

Travelers know what is holy and correct, yet, allow themselves to be motivated by their selfish desires.  If travelers would ask, in prayer, God would help each Traveler resist their own lower urges.

If you will pray and sincerely ask, God will cleanse your heart; and God’s Law will Light your inner darkness.

Remember, if you will take 1 step toward God: God will take 10 steps toward you.

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