The Healing Power of a Blond Weekend

The Healing Power of a Blond Weekend

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by Judy Pearson

How different the world would be if we communicated soul to soul with ourselves and others. Our compassion level would go through the roof, our capacity to heal ourselves and others would be phenomenal. There is no end to the possibilities that lie in store for those of us who are willing to say “Yes!” to a soul-filled life.

The Healing Power of a Blond Weekend demonstrates two different types of healing: a physical healing and the healing that comes from being curious and open to whatever Spirit reveals to you in the moment. An excerpt from Judy Pearson’s book Say YES! To Life: How to Live Life and Love It!, it is the story of how giving up mind chatter and judgment opens the heart  the true power within.

“The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet an unknown fate.”
– O. Henry

Carrie, my daughter-in-law, is sex degrees left of center. This is not a bad thing; however she’s not your typical woman by any stretch of the imagination. Her magnetic gyro compass has a flair for the bizarre and downright wacky— and somehow this endures her to me. Carrie has what I call a “blonde mind.” She thinks way, way, way, outside the box, any box. She lives life lightly and changes her hair color as often as her mind. This is the kind of person you want to plan your next vacation, or “blonde weekend,” because there is no plan.

One day she announced that she was taking me to a health spa for my birthday. I was thrilled. I envisioned a picturesque sun rising over wisteria-draped lattice beside a crystal blue spa. I could just imagine Jose`, my personal masseuse, pampering and steaming me until I was done.

Let’s get away from it all, Mom,” Carrie bounced. “Think of it as a Blonde Weekend.”

Just east of Salem, nestled in ancient cedars and firs is Oregon’s Breitenbush Hot Springs. Since the 1930’s people from the world have come to take a dip in its 108 degrees waters. The setting is straight out of the movie A River Runs Through It. Sheer rock cliffs formed a mossy, fern-stubbed backdrop for a meadow of steaming pools, edged by the roaring Brieitenbush River. This is a place to rest and unwind mind, body and soul.

This rustic wonderland may not have been the spa of my dreams, but in many ways it was better. The aroma of the forest floor, the clean crisp air and the quiet surroundings instantly soothed my soul. After checking in, we headed toward the serene meadow of rising vapors and wooden benches. As we approached, I noticed a pile of clothing, socks and shoes. It suddenly struck me: these people are naked! I had never been to Breitenbush before, never skinny dipped in the woods before and—well, certainly not totally naked.

Willing to try almost anything once, I disrobed and began my dunk. I surrendered in an instant and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Just for a moment, however, I did have the urge to take Carrie by her tie-dyed-lapel and shout, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”  But that’s what a blonde weekend is all about, venturing into the unknown, trying something different, and discovering new things about yourself.

After we’d been soaking like two Lipton Flow-Thru-Tea-Bags, Carrie finally signed, “I think we’d better get out before our bones cook.”  All I could manage in the mist of my fatigue was a nod of my head.  My rump roast was done. Gripping the side of the pool, we slithered our half-cooked flesh to the pine bench and melted into a mere puddle of our former selves. We found our legs and slid them one at a time into our jeans. Then we rested ten minutes.

A gourmet vegetarian buffet, served at the lodge, revived us from the dead. With our stomachs full, we became giddy. Like happy drunks we followed the winding path to cabin B-4.  “Before what? Carrie quipped and giggled.

The wooden door to the outhouse-shaped-cabin creaked open: revealing two bunks, a rag rug and a well worn plank floor. No brochure could have—or would have—mentioned these amenities.

We rolled sleeping bags out onto a pristine white sheet-covered-mattress and collapsed. Like two teenagers on a sleepover, time slipped away. We told raunchy jokes and laughed until we nearly peed our pants. We were high on life, enjoying the moment. Worries disappeared and we found ourselves in what the Buddhist call the nothingness zone. With relaxed bodies and empty minds, our eyelids gradually closed.

A moan from across the room startled me—or was I dreaming?  “Mmmmmooommmm…are you awake?” Maybe if I lie perfectly still…she’ll think I’m asleep.  (This worked when I was raising children.)

“Mmmmmooommmm…are you awake?” came the whimper again.

Do I look awake? I thought, as I groped for the clock that read 2:30! Did I forget to turn off the “OPEN 24 HOURS.” neon sign on my forehead? What part of this picture says I’m awake? But I rubbed my eyes and replied, “I am now…what’s wrong. (As if I wanted to know.)

Please don’t think badly of me. You must understand that my children are alive today by the grace of God. Their ability to sleep through the night as infants saved them from an uncertain fate. I remember how annoyed I was my son work up at 2:00AM simply because he couldn’t suck milk out of a shoe lace. Don’t ask. The point is, my compassion meter is on zero in the wee hours; all I wanted to do was sleep.

“I’m, sorry to wake you.” Carrie muttered, “I have an awful headache…I think I got overheated. I feel bad…my ears are ringing…my shoulders hurt…do you have any Ibuprofen?

Staggering to the end of my bunk I rummage through my luggage dazed and incoherent. I was desperate for a pill, any pill. If I’d have found baby aspirin, estrogen, or a lint-covered birth control pill, I’d have given it to her.

“Carrie, I don’t have any pills.” I turned toward the shadowy figure in the next bed, no answer.  Had she fallen back to sleep?

Inches from the pillow I heard, “Could you rub my neck for a few minutes…maybe it will help?”

In the darkness, stumbling across the room I found her shoulders as hard as the river rock we’d tripped on earlier. Trying to sleep and massage at the same time didn’t really work. I finally became lucid enough to realize that she was truly in pain. She needed me to do something, but what?

Still in the alpha state of sleep I began to take deep, centering breaths while asking God what I should do. Stretching and straightening my spine I felt the presence of Ki energy; a sense Oneness and calmness of Spirit came over me. Envisioning a golden light pouring out of my hands and into Carrie seemed to invite me to have no questions as to whether this would work or not. That didn’t seem important. All I needed to do was allow Spirit to guide me.

“Carrie, take a deep breath,” I began softy, “now let it out. And another deep breath and let go, relax. Imagine a pinpoint of golden light moving to wherever the pain is right now. Let that light grow larger and larger.”

“Do you sense the light, Carrie?”

“Yes, Mom, I do…” she whispered.

Golden liquid light of love energy is pouring over you, through the top of your head…down your shoulders, and slowly moving out your toes.”  Taking another breath we continued to stay with that vision until there was a sense that our Spirits had become one. When it was time to stop I did.

In the soft cotton of my pillow I heard, “Thanks…Mom.”

Morning broke though the homemade curtains. Torn between sleep and marvel, I rustled for clothes as Carrie burrowed in and said, “I’m fine, see you at breakfast.”

The crisp air bit my cheeks as I made my way to a little octagonal chapel situated in a stand of firs.  A stained glass panel centered the room and clear windows on each side opened to a view of the river below. Collecting one of the cushions that lined the walls I settled in to observe tiny snowflakes falling on darkened winter leaves while the river roared on.

An old Peggy Lee song ran through my mind, Is That All There Is? Yes, that is all there is to life, Judy. What’s here in this moment is all there is to life.  The compelling peace I’d experienced, the previous night, was like none I had experienced before.  It was the first time I had truly heard what my soul was saying; this is what you’re here to do, this is the vehicle you will use to make a difference in the world.

“I had no hesitancy about becoming God’s messenger because I was simply becoming who I really am.” Neale Donald Walsh

Isn’t it time you gave yourself a Blonde Weekend?  Take time to connect with nature and the nature of your soul. You have within you a soul ready to express it’s true self and be a communication healer. Isn’t it time you said “YES!?”

Author’s Biography

Judy Pearson, founder of Ki Communications, is a Spiritual practitioner, and a nationally known speaker. She is the author of Say YES! To Life: How to Live Life and Love It! a common sense approach to Eckhart Tolle’s philosophy and process; that takes you on a journey into the “NOW.”   Judy’s keynotes and workshops on a wide range of topics, from optimizing the self healer to overcoming adversity, invite participants to tap into their unlimited potential and discover the unique capacity to heal themselves. You can read more about this topic at: or contact Judy at:

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