The Haunting of Asylum 49 by Richard Estep & Cami Andersen

The Haunting of Asylum 49 by Richard Estep & Cami Andersen

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a paranormal investigator in a well-known haunted location? It takes a special kind of person to take the plunge and venture into the unknown. Imagine a small group of investigators who find themselves alone in a long dark hallway of an abandoned hospital.

They set up equipment to begin their investigation. They’re laughing and joking around with each other, when out of nowhere the atmosphere changes. They feel eyes peering at them from the shadows within patient rooms and detect the presence of someone, or something, closing in on them. A fear so deep that it’s unrecognizable begins to settle in and tighten their chests. Without speaking they take a deep breath and prepare to leave. As they calmly turn to walk down the hall, they feel as if a being is breathing down the back of their necks. Even the staunchest skeptic couldn’t deny the feeling. What do they do? Are their feelings valid or are they letting their imagination get away from them? Are they about to encounter an actual ghost? They sit on the cold floor mid-hall, and turn their flashlights off to start asking questions. Will they get answers on their digital recorders or readings on the EMF detectors…or any of their equipment? As their eyes get accustomed to the darkness, they can see details of the walls and door frames breaking up the long flat surface. At the end of the hall they watch the darkness become darker and a figure begins to manifest right before their eyes. Instinctively they slowly reach for their cameras fearful that the movement or flash will make the figure disappear but at the same time fearful that it will make a full manifestation.

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Before they have time to raise their cameras, the dark mass morphs into a human figure. It’s obvious to them by the broad shoulders that taper down to a narrow but muscular waste that it’s an adult male. Then he appears to take a step toward them. They all press down on the camera button and flashes start to light up the hall. Being seasoned investigators they know that its best to take pictures in three’s and have their camera settings adjusted to take three photos in rapid succession.

The flashes created a strobe effect and to their surprise the figure that was just a shadow began to show details, the man was actually wearing scrubs and he didn’t seem happy about them being there. In a blink of an eye the man in scrubs was there then vanished before their eyes, not only did the figure vanish, but the feeling of impending doom and near paralyzing fear was gone. It was as if a tornado ripped through the hall and was suddenly gone and had never happened. The team composes themselves then begins to search for the man and try to make contact but with no luck. They decide to review their equipment to see if they caught any evidence of what had just occurred. To their disappointment they only caught themselves on the recorders and the frantic flashing of their cameras only caught the hallway.

When you go into a haunted location, be prepared to get a fright, meet a spirit, have no questions answered, and possibly go home empty handed with only the story of an unbelievable spirit encounter. But then again, you may walk away with plenty of evidence that you mingled with the dead.

  • Evaluate if your feelings are valid or if your imagination is running away from you
  • Take pictures in rapid succession of three’s
  • What you see isn’t evidence if your equipment doesn’t catch it, it’s a personal experience

About the Authors
A paramedic and volunteer firefighter by day and a paranormal investigator by night, Richard Estep has spent the past two decades investigating claims of the paranormal on both sides of the Atlantic, and has spent time in some of the most haunted places on earth. He is the Director of the Boulder County Paranormal Research Society (BCPRS).

A frequent speaker at British and American paranormal-related conventions, the author has appeared in video segments for and in the documentary film, “The Ghosts of Elitch Theatre.”

Cami Andersen is co-owner of the Old Tooele Valley Hospital, which houses Asylum 49. She has been investigating claims of paranormal activity in homes and businesses across Utah and the surrounding states for more than a decade, while continuing research into the spirits at Asylum 49.

Richard Estep and Cami Andersen are the authors of “The Haunting of Asylum 49: Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666” published by New Page and due out August 22, 2016
EAN 978-1-63265-062-7
List price: U.S. $15.99 Canada $20.95

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