The Ferryman’s Dream by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

The Ferryman’s Dream by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Review by Emmanuel Karavausanos

Once in a while one reads a book that not only is a wonderful read, but has a magnet drawing a reader into it and fills the mind with at least a bit of wisdom and good sense. The Ferryman’s Dream is such a book with one difference: it delivers a good deal more wisdom than one might expect.

Often when reading a book one quickly (perhaps all too quickly) dismisses much of what one reads, hastening to get to “the good parts” or even just to finish. Here, the reader cannot but go back and read once again the fully packed package of ideas this work contains. Aside from the story, which itself is joyful to read, ideas emerge right from the very beginning.

The author, Dr. Bitkoff, can be recognized as one who has reached a state of consciousness that we call mystical. We see the wisdom begin to flow. Bitkoff quickly notifies us of a flaw almost all of us have. It is that the instructions given by spiritual teachers is often “denied or overlooked”. Near the end of the book we are reminded that “while our journey through life is filled with trouble and tears, it is filled also with laughter and joy.” Too many of us, too often, forget this and we become cynical, and sadly, not very pleasant to be with. Bitkoff knows well that greatest of all gifts, the gift of mystical insight. He recognizes that even “in the most highly attuned” this gift comes and goes depending upon “the requirements of the situation.”

If one chooses to become enlightened and to care to reach for that higher, wiser mind, this book will add greatly to reach that goal. Particularly distinctive was Bitkoff’s use of brief, wise poetic endings to each of the chapters in the book which actually enlighten the reading mind. One brief example: “This morning as I slept, the sun caressed my lips…then I awoke to brighten the day.” The Ferryman’s Dream is a must read.

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