The Feng Shui Bathroom

The Feng Shui Bathroom

The secret to keeping your money from going down the drain

by Carole Provenzale

Many people are actually becoming fearful of where their bathroom is located. While it is true in Feng Shui that bathrooms are notoriously “bad” from all the drain energy they produce, there are simple and effective methods to keep you money from going down the drain.

All bathrooms have several universal principles to help avoid any negative energy coming your way. We always ask you to put the seat down (which, admittedly is not so easy with the little ones or even an uncooperative mate in the house). We also ask you to keep the door closed to keep the energy inside the bathroom. Through the years I have found this is not always practical; after a shower, without ventilation, you need to let that steam out. Other homes just get a musky type smell when the door is kept closed continuously; you can then open it at certain times to relieve this.

Another “standard” cure for this area is to add a plant on top of the toilet itself. It deflects the drain energy as well as adding some much needed life force to this room. Particular areas of where your bathroom might be located may be a concern. For example, from the layout of the bagua if your bathroom is in a Wealth area, we might want to add some added enhancements while keeping our Intentions in mind that we will not lose money simply because our bathroom is located in that area. You might want to hang money coins (you can put these behind a curtain or even a picture if they are not in scheme with your décor), or even a Red Envelope (which also symbolizes wealth) with 3 like coins (3 nickels, 3 dimes, 3 quarters) and can also be kept hidden.

Only you (and possibly your partner) need to know they are there and why they are there. Remember as with any Feng Shui changes you are making, your intention behind the cures is every bit as important (if not more) then the cures you are putting in place.

People used to ask why the Intentions were so important; thankfully, with the enormous popularity of “The Secret,” ideas, thoughts and actions that haven’t been a secret to Feng Shui Practitioners are finally out to the public in a big way. People see the reasoning behind it and they resonate with it. After all, Energy follows Intent (known in The Secret as the Laws of Attraction). So it makes sense that it is the very energy you are sending out that will attract back that which you are seeking.

Worry less about the location of your bathroom and concentrate more on the positive aspect of being able to simply turn that energy around to just another wonderful place in your home. Particularly as bathrooms are now being designed with some having views, people having Jacuzzi’s to relax in, the use of aromatherapy and soothing music, it’s now a room to renew and refresh, instead of the dreaded “drain” energy. Enjoy it!

Carole Provenzale
Feng Shui Long Island
[email protected]

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