The Divine Feminine: Reemergence through the Virgin Mary

The Divine Feminine: Reemergence through the Virgin Mary

by Sherrie Dillard M.Div.

More and more people are feeling the presence of the divine feminine as she reemerges in the collective unconscious. For centuries patriarchal dominance has hidden, repressed and dismissed the importance of the feminine. Now, within our heart, mind and soul she is stirring and making her influence felt.

The divine masculine is an active force of energy. Divine male energy gives us the power to move through illusions, obstacles, battle negativity and tame the ego. It is concerned with the quest for the pure essence of truth and enlightenment. The divine feminine by contrast is creative, intuitive, healing, compassionate and concerned with needs in the here and now. She is the spark of life, fertility, balance, connection to the earth and the mysterious unknown. While male energy is concerned with pursuit and accumulation. The divine feminine is concerned with receptivity and abundance.

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Although, we all embody both male and female aspects of divine energy, for centuries we have collectively over valued male energy while devaluating women in the world and the divine feminine within. This imbalance has contributed to the global economic, environmental and spiritual crisis that we find ourselves in. Our over focus on power as force, willful action, superiority and competitiveness has stunted our ability to perceive and acknowledge another kind of power.

In the worldly arena the divine feminine expresses power as, creativity, new life, connectedness to the rhythms of the earth and the ability to birth physical and spiritual manifestations and miracles. The divine feminine gives form to the mysterious divine.  In this era of global economic, environmental and spiritual change and transformation, we need the reemergence of the divine feminine.

One of the expressions of the divine feminine that is emerging in new and important ways is the Virgin Mary. The divine feminine is most perfectly expressed as miracles and grace through the spiritual energy of Mary. Most of us know her as the mother of Jesus and as a silent icon of the church. While Mary is likely the most globally recognized female saint, we know very little about her true message. The full scope of her power and presence has been repressed and denied for centuries.

In the religious and political climate where Mary miraculously conceived and gave birth to Jesus, women were thought of as second class citizens. They had no political, social or religious power. For Mary’s spiritual contributions to be recognized in the patriarchal community that she was a part of would have been heresy.  Mary was a rebel in her time and her spiritual contribution has long been suppressed.

Previous to the miraculous conception, God was thought of as a judgmental and moralistic male.  Mary took God out of the temple and synagogues and placed the divine within the individual. This awareness of God as a spiritual presence of love and grace was a threat to the religious and political institutions. If the divine spirit resides within self, then the power of the church as the intermediary between heaven and earth would have been diminished.  The miraculous conception was viewed as a fluke and a one-time only event. It had to be. If an individual is not bound to the repetitive cycle of cause and effect and has the inherent ability to create from within then temples and churches would have no authority and no claim to divine power.

Mary lived and fully embodied her spiritual purpose while on earth.  She fully accepted the cosmic plan for her life as given to her through Archangel Gabriel. When she did, she opened the gates for the interplay of the material and spiritual and created a new paradigm for divine co-creativity. This paradigm can be accessed through understanding the significance of the events of her life.  Mary’s virginity, her communication with Archangel Gabriel, the miraculous conception, pregnancy, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth in the manger and her ascension are spiritual energy portals. These seven events form a blueprint for the development of divine intuition, angelic communication, living in the magic of synchronicities, accepting grace, co-creating miracles and ascension.

Mary is a master teacher who invites you to walk her path and create the miraculous in every area of your life. For the most part what we unconsciously create and experience in our lives is based on past patterns, limited beliefs and finite material laws. Mary comes to remind you that there is a place within you that is untouched and unaffected by outer conditions and influences. This is your virginity. It is the pure essence of your soul that is connected to the all that is.  Become aware of your inner spirit and you begin to realize that you are not your past experiences, your education or your socio-economic status. You are so much more than this.

Mary teaches us the art of inner intuitive listening. She did not receive direction and support in the outer world. It was through her ability to communicate with Archangel Gabriel and listen to the inner voice of her spirit that she was guided.  Listen within as your spirit speaks to you. Feel the impulses of love, compassion and the deep longing that inspires and motivates. Become aware of what you are drawn toward, what pulls and moves you into deeper connection with others and unifies your sense of oneness with all of life. Your spirit cannot be adequately defined, pinned down and examined as it is connected to the vast pure source of all potential and possibilities.

At times subtle, yet always present but never fully known, there are not adequate words to describe the mystery that lies within you. Expertly and in mysterious ways that defy explanation your spirit weaves together events, people and places to lead you into joy and your highest good. When you are intuitively attuned to your spirit’s guiding direction life becomes an adventure and all you need do is to listen and follow.

It is through your inner spirit that grace and miracles enter your life. In Mary’s pattern grace is her devoted presence and promise of her intersession. In the midst of anxiety and stress, when experiencing lack, pain or fear, invoke Mary’s presence through simple intent. Breathe, open your heart to her love, listen to the still voice within and let go of your expectations. Surrender, pause and allow new energy into your life. Grace is the divine ahha moment. It interrupts the momentum of your patterned ways of thinking, acting and manifesting. Not dependent on morality, good, bad or right or wrong, grace transforms and alters the events, conditions and the course of your life. Elevating you into direct contact with divine presence, Mary’s pattern moves you into the center of divine power. Grace lifts you beyond the constraints of cause and effect, karma and the material laws. It empowers you to create a new and fresh from unlimited possibilities, goodness and infinite supply.

It was through grace that Mary accepted the divine purpose for her life and was able to miraculously conceive. Grace will act in your life in much the same way. You will most likely not conceive a pregnancy, but through grace you will conceive your highest good in manifest form. Your miracles will manifest in those areas where you most need them, abundance, health and healing, harmonious relationships, a sense of wellbeing and inner peace and feelings of joy.

Accept your spirit’s rightful activity. You are a co-creator. In every moment, thought and perception, the pure divine energy of the miraculous conception is offered to you. Instead of the automatic and unconscious habit of relying on your conditioned perceptions to transform the events and conditions of your life, accept a new energy and a new way.

This process of divine feminine co-creativity is seen throughout nature. It is unlimited potential and life force energy and the building block of all of creation. Mary is a saint for people. Invoke her presence, embody her path and grace and miracles unfold in your life. .


Sherrie Dillard M.Div. is a psychic and medium and a New Thought pastoral counselor. She is the author of Discover Your Psychic Type, Love and Intuition and her newly released book, The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary,

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