The Divine Aura

The Divine Aura

What makes up our aura? How do we know if our aura is healthy? How can we raise our vibration?

By Chanel Bader

The aura is the blueprint of who we are in this present incarnation. We are a soul, in a human body, living a human experience. We are not our mind; with our thoughts, we are not our physical body and we are not our emotions. The aura is a vehicle for the soul’s experiences. It is a book of all our karmic experiences from past lives and present. The aura is made up of four bodies of consciousness and awareness. The spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body and the etheric body. Our bodies are fed by Universal and Earth energy. Universal energy is the essence of the Divine, God or Source. Earth energy is what surrounds the planet and is born from Mother Earth. The Divine will communicate its knowledge, ideas and most importantly guidance to us through Universal and Earth energy.

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Divine knowledge starts by being passed through the spiritual body. The spiritual body resonates the highest vibration and consists of our higher chakras. Our higher chakras include; the transpersonal point, the crown, the third eye, throat and heart. This divine knowledge is then carried into the mental body, where our concrete thoughts are created. These thoughts are then passed down to our emotional body. The emotional body creates our emotions and the depth of our emotions. From the emotional body, it flows down to our etheric body (physical body) for manifestation in the physical plane. A diagram of this process has been illustrated below.

Sickness can be detected as stagnant, murky, discoloured energy in the aura, prior to us manifesting it in the physical plane. Sickness means our auric bodies and auric layers need to be opened and cleansed. When our auric layers are opened and cleansed, the soul can experience growth. Observing the aura tells us a lot about a person’s health, in relation to their spiritual health, mental health, emotional health and physical health. An aura which is bright, glowing and clear in its colours, represents a healthy, fulfilled, well balanced individual.

As well as the four auric bodies, we have auric layers. These layers represent how our energy centres (chakras) interact with the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and translated means ‘spinning wheel’ or ‘disk’. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy and their function is to; filter, transform and mix universal and Earth energy to suit the vibrational level of our auric bodies. They are located along the spine, which is called the Sushumna line. Each of the chakras represent a step on our path to self-actualisation. Our chakras act as a bridge between consciousness (spiritual) and physical (Earth). This bridge allows our spirit to remain connected to the Earth. There are 9 main chakras, including; the transpersonal point, which is 30cm above our heads. This is a portal, where we receive divine, universal energy. Following this energy centre, is the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root and Earth Star. The Earth Star is 30cm below our feet. The Earth Star channels up our supply of Earth energy. Universal and Earth energy are required for our spiritual body.

Chakras lie on the front and back of our physical body, mirroring each side in their placement. The front of the body, is known as the anterior. The anterior holds our emotional issues. The back of the body is called the posterior. The posterior relates to our physical issues.

Universal energy can also be referred to as Prana (Indian culture), Chi or Qi (Chinese culture) or Ki (Japanese culture). Universal energy is pure, white, unconditional, unlimited and expansive energy. Universal energy is important because it assists us to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Universal energy cannot be destroyed. It can however be, altered; in its vibration. A higher vibration equals to us living healthier and happier lives. Our vibration can be lifted to higher states by cleansing, awakening and charging the chakras with universal life force energy and Earth energy.

Some practices to clear, awaken and lift our vibrational level include;

  • Clearing with sage
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • The use of crystals
  • Energy healing such as Reiki
  • Positive affirmations
  • Visualisations

These are some great examples of methods in which we can raise our vibration to a higher level or the vibration of our surrounding environment.

As well as universal energy, we also require a connection to Earth energy. Earth energy is electromagnetic energy, which surrounds our planet and provides life to all physical things on the planet. Both universal and Earth energy are essential to our spiritual body. An individual needs universal energy to provide them with divine life force energy and Earth energy is needed to ground our physical bodies to the Earth.

©2016 Chanel Bader

About the author:

Chanel Bader is a powerful angelic messenger, who has daily contact and signs from the angelic realm. Chanel is a spiritual teacher and healer. Chanel Bader has been attuned to Reiki energy healing and has studied Metaphysics, Indigo children, meditation, crystal healing, color therapy, yoga, spirit guides, astrology and dream interpretation.

Chanel Bader is the author of the forthcoming book, “Who are we really?”

Chanel Bader is a caring, inspiring, warm, attentive woman, who speaks the truth and is here to serve humanity, the environment and its animals.

She currently offers assistance with; finding out your life’s purpose and mission or for divine guidance. Contact her email at [email protected] or you can message her Facebook page at, “Chanel Bader-Soul Healing” the link is listed above.


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