The Art of Magical Thinking

The Art of Magical Thinking

by Melanie Marquis

Books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction have opened our minds to the power of wishful thinking, but is hope and positivity really enough to create the lives we desire? Is there perhaps a secret behind The Secret, something more we need to do or be aware of in order to fully harness our innate abilities to think our way to success? What we need is a plan, a map for the creative mind to follow.  Lucky for us, that map has already been made, though it is found in a surprising place—in the mysterious art of magic.

Magic is simply the act of creating changes in reality through the use of the mind, transforming and directing energies in ways that are beneficial. At its core, magic is a form of hands-on, interactive prayer, and it can be adapted to fit in with most belief systems. Choose a single goal and follow this simple four-step plan for making it happen—the whole process can be completed fairly quickly, and if successful, you should see results soon. The magic will give your goals a real power-boost to help get you over any humps and bumps in the road toward your dreams.

Step 1: Open Your Magical Mind

Do you meditate? If so, you already know how to accomplish step one of the magical process. Opening your magical mind means being in a relaxed state of open, expanded awareness, your consciousness directed outward as you push any mundane worries and woes away. How you achieve this state is up to you. You might meditate for a few moments, concentrating on your breathing and silencing the mind. You might instead choose to enjoy a relaxing bath, imagining any anxieties flowing out of your body and into the water. Many people like to take a short walk, finding that Nature itself is enough to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Step 2: Power Up

Next, it’s time to power up, gathering resources and extra energy to help fuel the magic. Find a quiet place in your home or outside where you won’t be disturbed while you raise your power. As a spiritual being, you’re connected to the divine energy that runs throughout existence, and this unifying force, this common thread of living consciousness, is what magical power is made of. We can connect to this power in many ways, and as unique beings, we each have our own individual relationships to what we might call the divine essence, the higher powers, Spirit, Goddess, or God. Do whatever you usually do that puts you in touch with a higher power, be it saying a prayer, admiring a tree, or calling on the elemental forces of Nature. You can also gather additional energy for the magic by lighting candles, placing houseplants or fresh flowers nearby, or laying out some crystals or other stones that appeal to you. If the space you’re working in is feng-shui friendly, your magic will get a natural boost.

Step 3: Express Your Purpose

The next step is to express your purpose—the intent of the magic, the goal you would like to achieve. You can state your goal out loud, write it on a piece of paper, scratch a symbol representing your wish into the side of a candle, draw a picture or play act a scene of what it will look like when you achieve your outcome, or any other method you can think of that you feel expresses your idea successfully. Simply envisioning your desired outcome clearly and vividly is often sufficient. Be sure (and this is important!) to put your desires in positive terms, focusing on the outcome you want and thinking of it as if it has already come true. For example, instead of writing the phrase, “I want to travel more,” write instead, “I will travel more.”

Step 4: Release the Magic

Now it’s time for the final step, releasing the magic. Visualize the energy within you and surrounding you, and consciously push that energy outward, releasing it into the wider universe and willing it to do its work. Trust in your mind’s natural ability to accomplish this. If you prefer, you can instead direct the energy into a piece of jewelry, a stone, or other token—this will create a talisman or “good luck charm” you can carry with you. Once the magic has been released, put it out of your mind. You’ll notice results soon as new opportunities and resources begin to manifest. Remember that the job of the magic is to remove obstacles and clear the way forward; it’s always up to you to take the next steps!

The Magical Life

Magic is empowering; it puts us in the driver’s seat and reminds us that we alone are in charge of our personal journey. By unlocking the power of your magical mind, you’ll have the extra fuel needed to make your dreams and goals reality. Certainly, magic can’t solve every problem, but it can and will help put the odds for success more in your favor. Who couldn’t use better odds?

Melanie Marquis is the founder of United Witches global coven and the author of The Witch’s Bag of Tricks (June 2011, Llewellyn Publications), a book about going further down your own unique path through personalized, powerful magic. Visit her online at

Melanie Marquis
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