The Art of Being Human

The Art of Being Human

Channeled Writings and Commentaries of an American Spiritualist
by Peter Del Vecchio
Airleaf Publishing
196 pp., Softcover $12.95

Is there an ‘art’ to being human, and can that art be learned, improved upon, and shared? According to Peter Del Vecchio and the three entities/guides he has had the opportunity to work with, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Through a series of twenty steps offered by the three guides – Hemetro, Aron, and Malachi – Del Vecchio provides easy to read commentary available to all who take the time to reflect upon the words and insight channeled. The collaborative work reminds us of the important framework needed to lay a strong foundation to best serve each other, and the greater good.

Beginning with nurturing, and the ongoing training and personal assimilation needed to effect positive change, the book winds its way through serving, fears, sincerity, respect and on to the cornerstone of all – Love. The author suggests that with a well-laid foundation designed for serving, and steeped in love for self, for others, for creation, and for God, we can understand our role as stewards and live as better human beings. Being human in this capacity is an art and is available to anyone who takes the time to learn the steps and live the training in integrity.

Del Vecchio’s twenty-step book is easy to read, and provides the reader with relatively simple actions to incorporate into their life, which can in turn be a positive outcome for the reader and all those they come in contact with during their time here on earth. The Art of Being Human is available at numerous electronic on-line sources.

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