The 10,000 Steps by Biomusique

The 10,000 Steps by Biomusique

Kosmic Music
New Age/Meditation

Background Info

The 10,000 Steps was released earlier this month. Biomusique is the group name of acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott, (Chronicles of Narnia, Passion of the Christ), and master percussionist Greg Ellis, (The Matrix, 300). In addition to their film work, both Ellis and Scott maintain diverse musical careers

Originally trained as a classic pianist at the New England Conservatory of music, Lisbeth Scott decided early on to use her voice as an instrument of healing in a variety of musical contexts. She has collaborated with an eclectic array of musicians including INXS, Tom Rush, John Prine and Paul Schwartz.

Greg Ellis has followed his fascination with percussive instruments along a unique musical path that has led to an impressive list of recordings with artists including Billy Idol, Mickey Hart, David & David and Keith Emerson. He began playing trumpet at age 9 and drums and age 13. He is completely self-taught.

Track List
1. ananda 5:00
2. caeli et terra 8:17
3. the tender green 7:12
4. ohroo 3:20
5. redemption 7:00
6. empty spaces 9:00
7. Persephone 8:00
8. 10,000 steps 6:00

Scott’s voice is an incredible instrument, rich with emotion. Superbly light and haunting, it touches the soul with a soothing feather-lightness that evokes feelings of ease and bliss. Ellis’ percussive talents bring out the fundamental tones of the dulcimer, trumpet, guitar bass, bells and drums to interlace and enhance the healing colors of Scott’s voice. As Biomusique, the two artists have created a wonderful symbiosis of instrumental voice and mantric percussion.

The 10,000 steps invites a transition to a higher state of mind which makes it a perfectly matched accompaniment to yoga practice and meditation. The subtle balance of Ellis’ delicate percussion and Scott’s soulful voice creates a series of visions of distant scenic landscapes drawing in the listener with an irresistible power.

“My lyrics present themselves with visuals all the time. A movie begins in my head…and I simply describe what I see. As soon as I heard Greg’s dulcimer playing for the song Ohroo, I saw a fluid and strong young horseman riding across and open land with mountains in the distance…He was riding at night in desperation, not a minute to spare, longing for the woman he loves, calling the whole time…and she far away in a tiny room, asleep, dreaming of him,” says Scott.

Review by Corinna Underwood

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