Telsa – The True Story of a Dog’s Extraordinary Healing Powers

Telsa – The True Story of a Dog’s Extraordinary Healing Powers

This is the story of a healer who convinced skeptics of the power of healing. A healer who opened people’s hearts, took away their fear and changed their attitude. This sounds pretty amazing – especially when you find out that this healer is a boxer dog called Telsa.

As a result of what she witnessed, Telsa’s owner Rosemary Stephenson was so moved, she decided to write her experiences and create a beautiful book called Telsa – The True Story of a Dog’s Extraordinary Healing Powers.

This is not just another book about animals’ spiritual gifts.

This book tells the story of the bond between a family and this remarkable dog; a bond which flows much deeper than usual between man and his best friend. Telsa had been blessed with the rare gift of healing, and this gift becomes more and more apparent throughout the course of the book.

Telsa was a playful, beautiful, all-knowing Boxer dog who shared her amazing gift willingly. She showed Rosemary, her guardian, and all who came into contact with her, that animals are eager to help us and all of humanity. She continues to do so after her passing in 2009.

This book teaches us that if we open our hearts to animals and recognise what they have to offer, we are able to share amazing and life-changing experiences.

This is a heart-warming true story, where the author’s love for her dog shines out of the pages as she describes how Telsa was able to convince even sceptics of the power of healing.

Publisher details:
Published by Findhorn Press, Scotland
ISBN 978-1-84409-611-4

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Here is what the publisher has to say about the book:

Through this touching account of the life and work of a boxer named Telsa, the powerful relationship between humans and animals is explored, and the unconditional love shown by a pet is demonstrated as a force that can improve the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of the people around them. The beloved pet of a spiritual healer, Telsa became instrumental in amplifying healing energies throughout her life and even after her passing. Her connection with others and the world around her was unique and immensely positive, and the book follows her story, from her life as a puppy and her invaluable service to nursing home patients to Telsa’’s connection to her owner in the after-life.

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