Taking Responsibility for Happiness

Taking Responsibility for Happiness

by Dean Fraser

Being happy can seemingly come naturally to some fortunate people. No matter what happens in their life they always have a smile planted firmly on their face and a pleasant demeanour pretty much most of the time. Naturally these individuals rarely lack friends and are usually wonderful to be around. Their happiness being ever just more than a little contagious

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Well, you know, we have to deal with everyday life don’t we? Like that sneaky individual at work who wants to get our job, those inconsiderate neighbours with their dog barking away all night. Always having to pay those bills, they never seem to grow smaller. Without even mentioning those hectic trips to the busy grocery store we have to endure every week or any of the other thousand and one hurdles that come along in life…

 Can we be happy and still deal with all those curve balls life has to throw at us?


We most definitely can…

Living happy is possible for anyone to achieve as a conscious decision to take. There is a clear path to getting there and any of us can choose to walk it.

No matter what comes along we’ll be able to deal with it in a positive way. Eventually getting to the point where problems are instead viewed as challenges which are there to be happily overcome, rather than these horrendously unfair happenings to loose sleep and worry over.


Look at yourself in a mirror and pull a face that is comically glum. Next smile at your reflection…it’s like an instant face lift!

Here is the start of an exciting new approach to life and one which is going to be seriously good fun. Every morning while you are looking in the mirror, getting ready to go out and experience your new day look yourself in the eyes and smile. Keep smiling for at least a minute and wish yourself a happy day.

If being serious and grumpy can unfortunately often become habit- forming for many, equally so can smiling and being happy. How about making smiling your new hobby?

 When you first waken up in the morning, when you first open your eyes…smile.

During the day, if you feel stress starting to make itself known and tension builds up. Step away. Take a few moments out and go to the washroom. In privacy smile and keep it up for at least a minute, tell yourself out loud or if you prefer in your mind that you are happy and will easily cope.

If your job involves talking to people on the phone and you are having one of those challenging kind of conversations we all experience occasionally STAND UP and (even if it’s through gritted teeth!) smile. Standing up is empowering and smiling does alter the way your voice sounds. I suggest using this in context – it’s going to sound a little disrespectful for you to be sounding all “happy chirpy” on the other end of the phone if someone is seriously upset or distressed!

Every time you practice active smiling not only are you re-programming yourself to have a different outlook, you are also happily creating happy endorphins in your brain and these act on your nervous system…making you feel even more happy.

Although at first you may well be acting as if you’re happy, I can promise you this though – eventually and surely it is going to arrive at the point where your conscious and subconscious start to believe the messages of happiness they are being constantly subjected to and you can become your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here are some other ways to stay happy:

1. Perhaps there is a song or genre of music that inspires and lifts your moods? Play it often

2. Are there certain colors you find uplifting? Wear them and surround yourself with them

3. Walking lifts our moods

4. Conversation and interaction with fellow humans can be incredibly uplifting

5. As is being in love and feeling loved

6. Enjoy reading? Read inspiring stories, expanding your knowledge about something you are interested in has to make you feel better

7. Crosswords or mind puzzles such as Sudoku are not only calming, they have the added benefit of brain-training as well!

This incredibly simple change, the conscious decision to be a happy person, can change lives. Not only yours…the lives of those around you.

 About the author:

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His Videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGo5nhBtP83psGZlHgqCh3g

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