Synchronicity In Action

Synchronicity In Action

by Lori Jean Hamilton

Lori Jean HamiltonEver have one of those moments when coincidence gives you pause? A moment when your words are repeated seconds later by a voice on the T.V. or when you hear a song that reminds you of someone only to see them moments later, this is called synchronicity. I’m going to attempt to explain what is happening during those strange moments that leave you with goosebumps because everyone has them. In a way I believe it’s a form of communication between us and the universe. After all humans and the universe are made up of the same basic building blocks and many believe that humans are just the pinpoint concentrations of energy of the universe becoming conscious of itself.

No matter what you believe and no matter how well you try to plan your life you have no way to know if that plan will be altered by any one random event. Even the most minute detail can and will affect everything. How often has coincidence played a part in your life? Plotting out your future isn’t enough you also need to have fortune on your side. Nobody wants to give too much credit to chance because they feel it takes something away from accomplished achievements. Feeling like they are in control also gives a sense of security but most fail to realize that the more they attempt to control, the more difficulties will arise.

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Effort is an important part of the process though because action is a necessary component in life. It’s the combination of effort and faith that gets you to where you ultimately want to be. But you shouldn’t let any uncertainties about your life worry you much because it just means that you have an unlimited amount of possibilities. The Chaos Theory is involved as a dependency of initial conditions where even the smallest, unrelated event can have a huge impact on the outcome of another. Without order, nothing can exist, furthermore without chaos nothing can evolve.

The concept of synchronicity was created by philosopher Carl Jung. He defined synchronicity as an “acausal connecting principle,” “meaningful coincidence”, and “acausal parallelism.” He introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but gave a full statement of it only in 1951 in an Eranos lecture. Jung realized that synchronicity was the deepest source of divinity, a mixture of order and chaos intertwined. If you try to arrange yourself to go with the flow of the universe rather than insisting on going against the current of flow you will see that everything in your life goes much smoother. Its also called being in sync or in tune. Quantum physics states that everything’s connected, entangled connections are always forming. It also states that everything in the universe is made up of energy and electrical currents. Energy can be neither created or destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another.

Circumstances can be arranged to benefit you when you channel your focused energy into them. One way you do this is through belief. Faith is the catalyst that will propel you into the opportunities you seek. Your brain won’t process information that it doesn’t expect to see so believing in yourself and what you do makes all the difference. Being in sync makes you much more likely to receive messages from the universe. That is how people on the same frequencies are drawn to one another. Have you ever met a stranger whom you felt an instant connection and you could tell they were pleasantly surprised by the same factor? You’re both on the same frequency and in sync with each other. That means that a random meeting might not be as random as you think. Being in sync can be like tuning into a radio to the station you prefer or like hitting two different notes on a piano that are in sync with each other. Many people on the same level will find that they either have much common ground or similar traits or ideals of the world around them.

This is a powerful tool that can be utilized if you can learn how to master it. Unfortunately, it can backfire on you and significant outcomes can turn ugly. Excessive worry about negative outcomes only act against your desired outcomes. When expecting negative outcomes you are consciously aligning yourself on a path towards that specific reality that you are contemplating. Problem’s suddenly arise and multiply, sometimes seeming out of nowhere. That’s because you are actively nurturing what you don’t want to happen. It can like riding a bike, sometimes the harder you try to avoid hitting a pothole the more you are drawn to it. It’s because your energy is acting as a magnet to whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to. If you have a bad day all you have to do do is become aware of what is going on and do what you should’ve done from the beginning. Try replacing those worries with more positive thoughts and see how your outcome shifts. You have to consciously replace and cancel out negative with positive. It’s a good habit to adopt and not so difficult once you get started. Don’t forget to pay attention, try to stay as open and aware of what is going on around you and clarify your intent, remember… the universe is paying attention.

About the author:

Original and creative, Lori Jean Hamilton is a freelance writer and freelance photographer who is currently working on a book. Currently her work can be found on sites like Even as a small child she was the storyteller of her family. She loves old school horror varying among other random genres and topics because she loves learning as well as her family and friends.



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