Sufism Retreat Announced in the Poconos

Sufism Retreat Announced in the Poconos

Award Winning Author Dr. Stewart Bitkoff has announced a weekend retreat for people who want to learn how to maximize their true inner awareness, achieve their full potential and lead a more content life.

Come join award winning author, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, for a weekend retreat (May 30- June 1, 2014) at the Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center in the beautiful Pocono Mountains (Bangor, PA) to learn in-depth about human development systems like Sufism where the outcome is the “completed person,” and examine how you can apply it to your life.

A complete person is one who has added a degree of spiritual capacity to their life. This, along with other elements, will help you to achieve human excellence so that you are more apt to attain your own personal goals, maximize your true potential and lead a more content life. In turn you will learn to help others and society to do the same.

Dr. Bitkoff will share his experience in two modern, Sufi, mystical schools, which is chronicled in his award winning book, Sufism for Western Seekers. Participants will receive a free copy. The retreat includes hotel accommodation and all meals from Friday 6:30 pm, through lunch Sunday. Cost is $355. Commuter rate available $255 (and includes all meals).

Topics/Sessions: (1) The Spiritual Journey – Outcomes and Expectations/The Completed Person (2) What is Enlightenment? Conditions Necessary – Learning How to Learn (3) What is Mysticism? How is this learning useful in daily life? (4) Everyday Spirituality – Turning Everyday Life into a Prayer (5) Spiritual Exercises & How to Journey Inward (6) Individual Prescription & Listening to Your Heart (7) Outer & Inner Core of Religious Experience (8) Spiritual Capacities – How do I acquire them? (9) Finding a Teacher – Learning at a Distance (10) The Inner War: Higher & Lower Self (11) Who are the Sufis? What is the Plan for Humanity?

Registration Information for Sufism and Enlightenment:


Phone: 610-588-1793 (commuter rate available via phone registration only)

About Dr. Stewart Bitkoff: Professionally Dr. Bitkoff spent his career helping others through strength based psychiatric rehabilitation. A spiritual traveler, he is a longtime advocate of Sufi mysticism and the perennial philosophy. He holds a doctorate in education and served on the faculties of multiple colleges and universities. You can visit his blog where he contributes daily at

For more detailed information and a full synopsis of the retreat visit:



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