Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Announces New Book

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Announces New Book

Light on the Mountain

Light on the Mountain tells the tale of the Ancient One, a spiritual being that has been asleep for 1000 years; according to prophecy he awakens to lead the people of the city plain out of despair and governmental oppression.  Offering a spiritual message of hope and renewal, he helps set in motion universal forces which correct the balance.

In our world these are difficult times.  Much is in disarray, we are involved in a war with terrorists and countless millions are in poor health and do not get enough to eat. Yet the solution to these age-old problems lies within us. We can make a better world by improving ourselves and helping others. As a society, we must begin to offer numerous programs/experiences which help to maximize human potential.


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Personal excellence is the basis upon which spiritual development systems are built, and this training must be brought into the forefront of daily life. This multi-level training does not replace other trainings; it helps enhance them.

The missing ingredient is spiritual learning. This learning helps complete a person, and a by-product of this learning is service and personal excellence. The completed individual seeks to serve self and others, equally.  Realizing we are all connected; and when service to others becomes common place it will be as a result of human and spiritual awakening.

Come join the Ancient One.  Enjoy how he liberates the people of the city plain, and in the process, learn about our collective human potential.

Stewart Bitkoff’s Online Store: www.StewartBitkoff.com/books

About the author:

Stewart Bitkoff grew up in New York City and spent most of his professional career living and working in the New York City area. An expert in therapeutic recreation and psychiatric rehabilitation and treatment, Dr. Bitkoff has been on the faculty or served as field instructor for multiple colleges and universities. He has written work centering on the topic of the completed person and the original human development system. For years Dr. Bitkoff studied in two modern mystical schools. Professionally he worked to help the mentally ill integrate their altered states of consciousness into the physical world; recently he worked with children and their families as a behavioral consultant.

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