Staying positive in the face of negativity

Staying positive in the face of negativity

by Katrina-Jane

In this time of spiritual enlightenment, how are you able to maintain your focus, your purpose and your sense of calm when you are constantly surrounded by negative people, those people that hate to see you happy and living the life you want?

Is it possible to maintain your own personal happiness when you seem to be surrounded by negative people?

I believe that it is, it’s not always easy, but it is definitely possible. The key lies within us, within ourselves and how we react to others emotions. When you are surrounded by negative people, it can be very difficult to stay positive yourself, however, there are a few simple things you need to remember to be able to stop yourself from being dragged down by them.

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I am talking about someone who is just negative or narcissist not someone suffering from depression.   That person that no matter how positive you try and be, they always manage to turn it into a negative. For example, you may say “I got a job promotion today” and instead of being happy for you they will turn it around to be about themselves with a reply such as “I wish I could get a promotion, my boss hates me and makes my life miserable, he’d never allow me to have a promotion”.

What you need to remember is that no matter what you say to try and make things seem better for them or to help them look at things positively, they just aren’t going to do that. This type of person thrives on being negative, on looking at all the bad things that happen to them and the attention that it gets them, they just love to be able to moan about their lives, they don’t want to do anything differently, they may constantly complain about not having enough money, yet they spend money on things that are unnecessary or they won’t go and study to be able to obtain a higher paying role, they have identified completely with being the ‘poor me’ soul and they want everyone to feel sorry for them, don’t feed that ego of theirs that is requiring all the attention. You may need to remind yourself that they don’t want to be positive. So don’t waste your energy trying to make them change their views, if they want to be miserable let them, it is their journey and all you are doing is exhausting yourself and letting yourself be completely drained trying to get them to see things in a positive light

An important thing here is don’t feed their negativity. Don’t say things like ‘poor you’ or ‘it will get better’ just ignore the statement and change the topic, don’t allow them to rain on your parade and don’t encourage them to continue to be negative. They will either learn that you aren’t sympathetic to their moaning and at least reduce it, or they will distance themselves from you. This doesn’t have to be done in a cruel way, remember you are setting boundaries about what you will and will not tolerate. If someone is genuinely hurting or suffering you obviously would sit and listen to them.

If you need to think ahead of time to the things that they constantly say, because more than likely they will be a bit like a broken record and have a mental list of replies to give back to them that either put them in their place or allow you to change topic. If they think that you’re ‘selfish’ or ‘mean’ because you won’t listen to them that is their issue to deal with, it’s not yours.

This is all about making sure that you have healthy boundaries in place so that you don’t have to constantly listen to the barrage of negativity coming from the person.

Techniques you can use to help you after the fact

When you’re going home, think about what has been said and then think of all the positives you can about yourself that will encourage yourself to stay positive. Think of yourself as a mirror reflecting back at them their negative outlook on life instead of as a sponge absorbing all the negativity that they send out.

For instance, if they have complained about money, make sure you thank the universe for the money that you have, that you thank your guides for giving you the guidance to better yourself and obtain better employment or for the job that you are in that you love, be proud of yourself that you are good at handling your finances so that you can make ends meet.

Another simple technique that I personally use, is just visualizing a light – it can be any color – I’m not all caught up in having to use ‘white light’ – and think of it flowing down from the heavens and over you, flowing completely over you and down into the core of Mother Earth – just as if you were standing in a shower – and just ask your spirit guides to take away everything that isn’t yours and then when you feel as though you have been cleansed, mentally turn it off and go about your day with a lighter step.

About the Author

Katrina-Jane spent over 30 years in the Seventh-day Adventist Church – when life sent her a curve ball and she realized she was clairvoyant. She has done readings for people all over the world and is passionate about encouraging people to be their best and to believe in themselves. She has written two books, Christian to Clairvoyant about her own personal journey and Do you See What I See for children, explaining to them about seeing spirits. She is down to earth, never takes herself too seriously and has a wicked sense of humor.

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