Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 23 – 29

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 23 – 29

by Heather Roan Robbins

Expect this to be an active if occasionally frustrating week as energizing Mars gets both gas and the brakes as it opposes stolid Saturn, sextiles energizing Jupiter, then conjuncts spiritual, imaginative Neptune. Mars symbolizes our entrepreneurial spirit, athletics, the military, our immune systems (our own personal military), our passion and our temper.

It’s time to let go of an old anger or ambition that we’ve outgrown, even if it feels like part of our identity. We’re so much more. This can leave us wandering, but potential uncertainty can be fertile imaginative ground new possibilities. If we hit a blockade, or have to set a limit it’s just a reality check; listening to these clues can help us build on the real and not the fantastic. We might need to tighten the belt, work with a limited palette or budget and move forward in a more realistic way; yet need to persist, and see the beauty of life anyway.

Expect a debate on military action, funding, and withdrawal dates to heat up. It’s a good time to pick up a cause and carry it forward, to but some muscle in one’s dreams. Just watch the tendency to crusade, to run roughshod over others, while no longer listening to new evidence; it’s a problematic pattern when active Mars cuddles up with Neptune.

This weekend, the overall energy is talkative, sensitive and perceptive but generally stubborn. Venus in Taurus sensuality sparks easily to Martian sexuality, but odd logistics may get in the way of our romantic life.

Family business needs attention early next week. If we feel sponge-like, unusually permeable with allergies or other vulnerability, it helps to soften the pressure and let everyone retreat to neutral corners for a few days while both Mars and Sun aspect absorptive Neptune. Empathic and protective, we can get angry if a loved one takes unnecessary risks, or can be prickly because we feel so much.

Later in the week our sturdiness returns but we may be seduced by lazy spring fever; social, distracted, we want to feel beautiful. The birds and the bees are buzzing; an atavistic longing or celebration of springtime can leave us social and distracted, and often self-absorbed. A few touchy egos will set themselves up for a fall. Notice extra emotions around people in authority or of celebrity fame; we may love or hate them and their fame, but everyone has an opinion. Their situation may play out some personal issues we project onto their worlds, in this extroverted, non-introspective, time. It pays to be as affectionate and complementary as we can authentically pull off right now, give what we’d like to receive

Friday, March 23 nervous energy and interesting conversation this morning though time constraints can erupt as the Moon squares Mercury; speak in haiku-like comments, not novels. Simple answers may be best, just watch out of the simplistic approach, and keep listening for the subtle clues. While it’s hard to find a groove early, the mood falls into place as Mars sextiles Jupiter this afternoon and infuses us with confidence. Let’s keep the competitive streak healthy by keeping it focused on our personal best. Fun, high energy, humorous night, as long as we don’t take anything too seriously.

Saturday, March 24 scattered nervous energy, conversation bounces all over the place, as long as one doesn’t babble out the family secrets or get edgy out of worry, this flow can cover a lot of needed ground. A midday Sun-Saturn challenge questions our assumptions. Later, short answers and fast repartee can touch on fairly tender subjects and make progress, as long as the touch is light. Shallowness can be frustrating, but it’s a good day for sightseeing or survey courses, any fast overview that lets one know where to dive in deeper later, inspired by a Moon opposes Jupiter, with both square restless Uranus. Keep an eye out for unusual opportunity as the plans change later.

Sunday March 25, slow down and deepen as the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer, and Mars conjuncts foggy Neptune. We may feel awash, easily affected; if we need to feel terra firma underneath us, grounding chores, practical matters can help. Or maybe we want to dive deep and swim in our oceanic imagination and unusual intuition. It’s time to let go of an old anger or ambition that we’ve outgrown; this can be a little scary, but reminds us to investigate who we truly are underneath. It’s time to intuit a new direction.

Monday, March 26 we’re ready to make some changes this morning, but may be confused as to how to proceed as the Sun semi-squares intuitive but confusing Neptune and fuzzes our sense of purpose. Some of us want to curl up in a ball and not deal with the world, and can act like a cranky armadillo; we’re feeling way too sensitive. Work with a strong desire to escape, to feel the magic of the world and not its grit; don’t try to buckle down while our judgment is challenged by these tough Neptune transits. Possibly weather or water problems can complicate, but the daydreams can be fertile ground for new ideas.

Tuesday, March 27 it feels more comfortable to be in our skin in the world as the Moon enters Leo. Recent challenges urge some to act out, to just be difficult for the heck of it, but they’ll tend to calm down once they’ve expressed; don’t take it personally, but back away from those ready to make dramatic gestures. After some potentially frustration excesses or self-indulgence in the afternoon, the evening expands and can bring a twinkle to our eyes; shine and share the limelight.

Wednesday, March 28 let’s hold onto the Leo Moon generosity, cooperation and enthusiasm and not its egocentricity. An excessive emotional response can stretch the truth; we’ll speak in hyperbole, but underneath is an important point that needs to be heard. Because our personal reality seems unusually loud can be challenging to get out of our own perspective and figure out what the other person really means; be up to the challenge. Energy levels fluctuate, inflammation can be a problem; soothe. Crankiness at the other person’s self-centeredness, (so much easier to see than our own) or at the inflexibility of body or system can dampen the situation this evening as the Moon conjuncts Saturn.

Thursday, March 29 emotions can churn this morning as Venus challenges Pluto; our more primitive or primal feelings get activated. Watch out for emotional hooks that grab and won’t let go; feel it but don’t identify with it. Later afternoon the pressure releases and affectionate empathy and smooth the path. Intelligent, if low energy, evening as the Moon enters Virgo. Comfort can be found in light foods, a long bath, and a chance to vent about the week and a bit of sympathy in return.

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