Starcodes Horscopes for April 17 – 23, 2009

Starcodes Horscopes for April 17 – 23, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s spring, so we expect the weather to fluctuate hot and cold, winds to bluster and sun shine, but this week our emotional landscape can do the same.  The week begins sensitive and high-strung, picks up heart-wind velocity midweek, and moves into decisive action by the end.

As the weekend begins, the spring breezes and planetary action beckon us out of our familiar lair and call us to fresh colors and new faces. Emotions can vibrate like a hummingbird’s wing; forget logic, our feelings are running the show as Venus and Mars conjunct in sensitive Pisces, right near iconoclastic, unexpected Uranus.  We may bravely explore some new emotional terrain or feel as swamped as the spring-flooded landscape. We can be easily hurt but don’t feel like playing it safe, we’re all too aware of the fragility of life, and this can make each blossom, each note of bird song, precious.

With this emotional and creative mobility, we may brim over with ideas to change the environment, our wardrobe, out work. New technology can noticeably changes the landscape. A crush can hit suddenly, but may be on an inconvenient person or in inconvenient circumstances and ongoing relationships need fresh eyes and fresh new laughter.

This emotional reactivity can introduce an element of the bizarre or random into the world’s political situation. While this emotional mobility can be serendipitous or turn a tense situation quickly south as emotions and egos bounce off one another and build momentum. If any of us find ourselves in a reactive scenario, whether at a bar or in a boardroom, it helps to bring in our antennae and turn that sensitivity to feel the earth underneath us and de-escalate. Hopefully, Mercury in earthy Taurus can loan us a lyrical stability to turn the tide.

This emotional volatility also has a strongly creative edge.  It’s time to make practical design decisions to update our approach, although no one will take orders well but many are willing to try a new approach. Our interpersonal awareness flickers between sensitivities and obliviousness, awareness and distractions as Venus, Mars and Uranus conjunct in sensitive and creative Pisces, but a moment alone can help us re-center and focus. Let’s not lose out on the opportunities dancing around the edge

Early next week the Sun enters earthy Taurus and Mars enters feisty Aries just as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces, which brings deeper oomph in our soul, if more sensitivity on the outside. Relationships are high maintenance, don’t even try to do everything right; keep speaking to the connection underneath. Insecurities may feel silly but can really trip us up unless we find a way to celebrate our sensitivities.

We’re easily distracted by filaments of connection that run between us all, giving us a wandering eye but a possessive soul. This energy is neither fair nor consistent, but maybe we can laugh at ourselves. If our dreams take us into other bedrooms or other countries, enjoy the show, but don’t put the plan into action until life unfolds a few more paragraphs.  We should not push ourselves, nor push others out of our comfort zone right now; maybe we dance out, but let’s keep it creative and not an act of will. Art therapy helps. Watch whose feet are stepped upon though, because the next few days are much more temperamental.

Mid-week heats up, tempers and passions flare as Moon, Mars and Venus enters Aries; we may feel suddenly militant where we recently felt vulnerable. This temper is a spring storm, a lightening strike; find a safe place and wait a minute while it blows over, or find a safe place to put the lightening. With a belligerent spark in the eye, we’re not going to be pushed around. We move in short, fast bursts, and aren’t really interested in the logic on the process. We may have the guts to reach past a barrier, make a cold call or pursue our desires ardently; this flash-point energy can work for us as the Sun trines Pluto.

Friday April 17 morning is competent if pushy and grim; keep clear boundaries and be direct. Midday pragmatic details fall into place, although social skills pick up, emotional issues get awkward as Venus turns direct and the Moon enters Aquarius. We may need to return to a familiar scene to notice what’s evolved. Our connections are both sane and creative tonight as Mercury trines Saturn; we’re more comfortable showing love in a group than we are in privacy.

Saturday, April 18, if it’s hectic and scattered early on, take a deep breath and stay in the moment to avoid lost items, repeats and minor accidents. Emotional reactivity this afternoon, we tend to be sensitive to ourselves, but if we notice we’re out of synch with the needs of others, its best to try less and listen more. Bear with those who get stuck in a loop, processing some recent emotional log-jam. Tonight, move more, talk less.

Sunday, April 19, concerns simmer as Mercury sesqui-squares Pluto, but we can take our troubles to spirit and to our community for support as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Healing if we can integrate some element of the past as the Moon conjuncts Chiron midday. The evening grows more personal, sensitizes, keep emotional demands low, check in with beloveds as the Sun enters Taurus and the Moon enters Pisces.

Monday, April 20 be gentle on the soul and gentle on the schedule, push hard later in the week. The sensitive Pisces Moon energizes our inner artist and our nerve endings as Mars and Venus approach conjunction in Pisces; we’re sensitive enough to crack a safe. Midday minor delays or obstacles can feel exhausting, but can be worked around. Most every one is dealing with a layer of insecurity, it’s not just us. Hold steady, don’t try to prove anything, but look at what’s actually happening first.

Tuesday, April 21 we can feel old and creaky this morning as the Moon opposes Saturn, will feel younger later. Emotions run high tide, but complete some cycle rather than begin; don’t leave home based on today’s response.  Intense, indecisive, flirtatious, extreme feelings abound as Venus and Mars conjuncts in the last degree of Pisces.

Wednesday, April 22 switch it up; initiation, inauguration, radical moves foreword as the Moon and Mars enter Aries. Tempers flare quickly as a sudden flare of impatience can be taken out on others. Take a bold move towards personal goals as the Sun trines Pluto. We seek a challenge, a creative one is nice but we can pick a fight if nothing more worth shows up. Dueling willfulness, sharp words can unintentionally hurt, leaving a gap in our hearts unless we redirect as the Moon squares Pluto and Mercury squares Jupiter this afternoon. Watch a tendency to blurt.

Thursday, April 23 much begun yesterday needs follow-through today, but our attention span is short. Minor difficulties can help us correct our trajectory.  Disagreements our own team can be healthy, if we use them to refine the product and not just bash wills. Leap forward where the path is clear, leap out of a bad situation; move. Tonight, energy leave can drip suddenly; we’ve been burning through our reserves.

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