Starcodes horoscopess for August 6 – 12, 2010

Starcodes horoscopess for August 6 – 12, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a big week for emotional processing as Venus enters Libra, conjuncts Mars and Saturn in the evening sky, and sets of the major patterns of the year. The emotional and physical weather stays moody, calm with occasional wild storms, and our hearts can feel the same,occasionally wind-tossed as they feeling one of everything.Let’s see if we can make them at one with everything instead.

Because our emotions can be so active, so volatile and overflowing, they pour into our life. The stock market usually stays active when Venus dances with the outer planets. It’s a great week to keep the art supplies handy and to hang out where the river of life can bring fresh people our way. Venus can enliven healthy relationships or artistic endeavors and weed out the moribund ones as it conjuncts Saturn, Mars, squares Pluto and opposes Uranus and Jupiter.

Venus speaks about what we value and what creates beauty in our lives. The pattern will echo the rhythm of Venus as hits the outer planets; first a change from restlessness or unexpected wild card as she opposes Uranus, then delays, need for skills or discipline and concerns about security as she conjuncts Saturn then  finishes with a transformation or haunting awareness as she squares Pluto.

On a simple mundane version, Sally gets restless about the nasty old floor in the living room and dreams of possibilities, orders wood to lay a new floor, has to learn how to do the work, then sad because she has missed summer music festivals in the process, now has to transform the house to incorporate the change. An artist conceives of a new direction to take their art, has to learn the skills to do so, and pours the depths of unexpressed feelings into the process to create a masterpiece.

We could see many variations on this Uranus-Saturn-Pluto pattern. Our whole country gets restless about the loss of an ecosystem they value in the Gulf of Mexico, works hard toward fixing the mess, and has to come to a realization about what is permanently lost. A relationship that has been pretty darned good now feels tested by either outside circumstances like a move or tempting friendship, or tested because someone in the couple wants more, so they work on their relationships skills even though it feels awkward, then break through to a deeper, more heartfelt space. Or calls it quits because it is just not working.

A single person becomes discontent with solo company and makes changes to connect with a new group of people, goes through the slow dance of connection but mourns the fact that all humans are so fallible, and feels more alone than usual until the process begins to bear fruit. Our spiritual practice is enlivened and tested by an emotional discontent that can spur us to deeper work and take us to the depths of our being.

The common theme we’ll feel, the winds pick up, we have to do the work needed to put things into form or feel sad or oppressed otherwise; then we have to either transform and make it real, or let go.

Because hard-working Saturn has just entered Libra, the sign of egalitarian relationship for the next few years, this is a great time for marriage counseling, peace-treaty negotiations, or teamwork-consulting, starting this week. Venus in Libra can help us look at how we relate and trigger a change of pace or a change of habits with one another. But Venus likes it pretty and peaceful, if tensions ran high lately it can tempt us to pull apart. We have to think this through carefully, ask ourselves if we want different or if we want out, and ask for the real request.

Over the weekend our issues are up and running, but we can feel unusually willing to take responsibility for the mixed signals we send out and find a better way. Early next week we do not want to be bored under a New Moon in Leo, so let’s get out there, duck the potential flying bombast and share experiences. It will pay to check out the performing arts while this extroverted creativity flows. Towards the end of the week we have follow through on our great creative ideas with effort and discipline, but need to leave a judgmental streak behind.  Forgive mistakes and see progress.  Let Venus remind us that we are, indeed, all connected, all indeed, one.

Friday, Aug 6: Let everyone have their say as the Gemini Moon trines Neptune; we get more information out of them if we just get them talking. Mid afternoon the feelings get stronger, and so does the desire to pull back or defend. Some people appear distance just because they’re feeling too close as the Moon enters Cancer and sets off the outer planets. Our personal issues are suddenly up and running. Go tenderly and offer comfort tonight, let the play unfold.

Saturday, Aug 7: Keep the agenda low and prioritize renewal and reconnection; process the week in a safe and unpressured way and explore ways to relate that work better in the future. Rein in a desire to run away, the problems will just tag along. But fresh circumstances and natural or artistic beauty help us conceive the world differently and inspires to get there. Sensory food feeds more than the body tonight.

Sunday, Aug 8: We need to do the work, and do it together. Instead of feeling tested to exercise interpersonal skills, see it as the soul’s gym and feel those good muscles getting stronger. What we do this morning will persist as Venus conjuncts Saturn; look to historic contacts, old friends and wisdom from the elders. Late afternoon opens the heart and lightens the load as the Moon enters Leo and trines Jupiter.

Monday, Aug 9: Ego issues bounce, bombast slings, and a haunting if unspoken insecurity increases a need to prove oneself as the Sun semi-squares Saturn under a New Moon in Leo. Technical difficulties seem beneath us but still require attention. Emotions get cranked in high as Venus squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter, a longing for more to wrap our heart around. It’s hard to be satisfied with our own company; go do something exciting this operatic evening, but don’t try to win an argument.

Tuesday, Aug 10: We can make it all about us unconsciously and just be selfish, or consciously assess what we need for better self-care and negotiations later. Watch what people do, not what they say. Morning brings confusion over where to put our resources as the Moon opposes Neptune, dial back expenditures of money or energy until this clarifies. Only ignore the people you want to tick off.

Wednesday, Aug 11: This is a good day to work on skills needed to create a new art-form, marriage, or partnership. We can diagnose the problem, and take steps towards fixing it if we let the Moon and Mercury in Virgo help us see clearly but let the Libra Venus and Mars help us speak with tact and compassion. Intuition or perception is strong this morning; this afternoon the momentum drops up but this lets us follow through on what we perceived earlier. Take a deep breath tonight.

Thursday, Aug 12: Patience: avoid a temptation to be casually judgmental, we hear criticism too easily. Weed, follow through and clean up in a busy but rather aimless day. Hold off new ventures until later when the Moon enters Libra, sets off the T square, and activates us. This evening dive into life’s river and engage.

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