Starcodes Horoscopes January 8 – 14, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes January 8 – 14, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Take care of unfinished business this week. Let go any resentment and just deal. Don’t bother getting frustrated that the New Year doesn’t feel like it’s really started yet, it will next week when Mercury turns direct.

The past is with us right now as Mercury retrogrades back to tag Pluto. It may be last year’s bills that haunt us, or a more personal memory. We may miss dear ones we saw over the holidays. Forgiveness or gratitude can be the balm that removes a very old splinter. Some old dream or hope may be up for review; if we do the ground work now, it may even come to fruition after Mercury turns direct on Jan 16th.

Mercury retrograde snafus can pile up this last week of its retrograde cycle. Airport travel has been increasingly complicated since the aborted bombing attempt on Christmas Day, as Mercury stationed to turn retrograde. But it’s the little things that can make life a drag unless we see the humor in them; boxes dropped on our toes, essential items that turn up missing.

And Mercury retrograde can complicate our communications style. Our mate may suddenly sound like they are speaking Swahili; if tensions arise, look for a misunderstanding underneath. It is a week to watch our words. We do need to talk over the past, share memories and update our files to make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding after Jan 16th.  We look for root causes of past events so we can fix the foundations of the problem at hand or bring forward some lost piece of wisdom.  Slogging through old gripes may be tempting, but it won’t help.

Neither will be an urge to modify others to our specifications with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, as Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct Pluto.  Capricorn likes to make things happen, and some people will interpret this as a chance to manipulate, control, clamp down or blame, but this is the shadow side of Capricorn. This line-up wants us instead to take responsibility for our share, be a leader but without taking away another person’s authorship. This wonderful managerial vibe needs to not warp into manipulation but can help us get stuff done.

This Capricorn lineup needs work, and work is an issue for many these days. Employments will be on the tongue of pundits, but words won’t cut it. Capricorn, like the mountain goat that represents it, hates to walk on flat terrain. We can work towards the future in incremental ways. Let’s not try to see too far ahead, with Mercury retrograding to conjunct Pluto, the future can look hazy or discouraging, as if there is a block in the way. But we can still take incremental steps now to improve the future.

We are called to find a capacity for radical acceptance under duress, even if it’s not convenient or pretty to us.  Before we speak, let’s ask if it’s kind as well as truthful, and ask if it will further.

Capricorn most of all asks us to be honorable, to look at our life and as if we walk a good road in right relations to the world.

The weekend is territorial, introspective and broody with storms brewing around the edges under a Scorpio Moon. Don’t take it personally. And don’t look too far in the future or the past, but make the present work.

Early next week a more up-beat, action-oriented mood provides a window to reconnect with one another and make necessary contacts. We can more easily convey information and get our points across, though it can seem like everyone is talking at the same time. Towards the end of the week the waning Moon joins the Capricorn line-up and asks us to bring a chunk of work to a close; wrap it up, add the exclamation point, and start fresh next week.

Friday, Jan 8: We can make things happen under this manipulative Scorpio Moon but unless we listen to and work with one another, it will probably have to be done over. Some misconception needs to be corrected this morning as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, but let’s make sure it isn’t ours before we speak up. Acknowledge resentments, but let them flow away. Communications improve after noon, with a rough spot near sunset. Evening is and deep and private.

Saturday, Jan 9: Morning is potentially snarky, let prickly people move at their own rate.  Excavation of soul or closet furthers. Watch accident and argument prone moment midday, just take it elsewhere as the Moon squares Mars, and reconsider in a sweet patch late afternoon as the Moon sextiles Sun and Venus offers a chance to talk over real concerns.  Practicalities won’t cooperate around dinnertime. If communication is a challenge tonight, it helps to hold hands and watch a show.

Sunday, Jan 10: We tend to squabble over the small issues but can share from our hearts on the bigger things. Tough news needs to be discussed with kindness. Losses seem more imminent than they probably are, but we do need to punctuate a phase this afternoon, then look ahead this evening with a lighter heart as the Moon enters Sagittarius and helps us see the humor in our predicament.

Monday, Jan 11: Keep humor in the hip pocket this morning and tackle a backlog with fresh attitude. Repair relationship riffs and share warmth as the Sun conjuncts Venus, camaraderie is practical and improves cooperative problem solving. Enjoy a flirtatious spark, although we feel time pressure and need to expedite, rushing will only slow us down with repairs. Keep the work steady and upbeat.

Tuesday, Jan 12: If we get dealt a few wild cards this morning, look to the past for a cause to fix, but not to blame. Pragmatic creativity, good business ideas; act on generous impulses. But don’t throw out the past just because it is annoying; make considered choices as Venus sextiles Uranus. If we’re restless about how things are and how our relationships progress, we need to experiment with subtle adjustments.

Wednesday, Jan 13: A rough morning produces a change in policy or approach as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn, but let’s not get officious about it. The potential for an apparent win-win solution to mutual problems can excite us as Sun sextiles Uranus midday. We fuzz out later, so don’t ask for details.

Thursday, Jan 14: As the Moon enters Capricorn we need good work or we can get easily depressed. Any sense of accomplishment helps, so do work therapy. Make lists and check them off, take on small project that can be finished, tackle the piles in the far corners. Manage, but do not manipulate nor be manipulated. Celebrate every minor accomplishment.

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