Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 7 – 13, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 7 – 13, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Be ready for a wild card; adaptability is the key this week as a New Moon Solar Eclipse opposes catalytic Uranus. Both Pluto and Venus turn direct after a long retrograde cycle, and this gives us a green light in emotional matters, romance and art (Venus’s province) and power dynamics (Pluto). But first we have to clear the channels and straighten out whatever’s been brooding or brewing these last few months.

Retrograde cycles give us a review session; they help us remember what we’ve learned under that planet’s tutelage. They can slow down progress, opting for depth instead of speed. Or bring up unfinished business and the shadow side of that planet’s symbolic work.

This weekend, as Venus in Leo turns direct under a Leo Moon, expect events on an operatic scale. Whatever we’ve not expressed may now spill out in melodramatic bounty. But just because it’s maudlin or dramatic doesn’t mean it’s unreal. At the same time, a trine between Mars and Neptune can make our thinking fuzzy, but help us let go of our resentments. Logic is not the point, our internal vision and needs are. People need to feel heard, which can lead to a collision of needs, because it’s hard to hear unless we feel heard. Which can leave everyone at an impasse unless we open our soul’s generosity, and grow up. It’s a healing aspect, it helps us repair damages caused both by natural forces and those interpersonal mishaps.

All this week, Venus in demonstrative Leo and Mars in verbal Gemini underscore this point, and give us a place to go with tension; if we have a way to express ourselves, everything is ok. It’s also a relatively flirtatious and friendly aspect, it keeps the feeling dramatic, but not with deep roots. Moods switch quickly as long as they’re not bottled up, strangers are reasonable receptive and we’re romantically adaptable as long as we don’t feel taken for granted. We’ll need all this flexibility to stay on course through the mid-September’s crosscurrents.

Because on Sept 11 we have an unsettling partial New Virgo Moon-Solar Eclipse is a radical act. Those whose charts are directly affected could see a distinct closing of one chapter and opening of another. Something in our lives may feel eclipsed, ended, or we come to a sudden understand of a process already underway. This may be a simple as realizing the rules of college are different from high school and appreciating the new circumstances. For others, well, the recent lunar eclipse rang senator Larry Craig’s chart like a bell, (along with a few Pluto transits) the day his story of an attempted bathroom liaison hit the papers.

For the rest of us, this is can be vibrating nervous time. It’s important to stay loose and adaptable, follow through on sudden opportunities and duck stray bullets. We may be exposed to information that changes our mind. It’s so important to be kind to ourselves and others, as it is easy, under this Virgo eclipse, to vibrate with excitement, which we can interpret as anxiety and want to blame someone or thing, want to find whose fault it is and stamp it out, Much better to enlist the Virgoan capacity for empathy and problem solving.

In the weeks to come a tough Mars- Pluto opposition continues this work and asks us to scrutinize, on all levels, how we use power, where is power mishandled, are we empowered, and do we empower others.

Midweek brings an oasis of better judgment and compassion. Love up your friends and tend the social network and romantic contacts so they can handle the rest of the month. Make approaches and pitch ideas while a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter encourages us to consider all sides.

Friday Sept 7 our foot goes easily into mouth as our inner voice overrides our awareness; laugh about it. People exaggerate problems to explain feelings, but events can happen on operatic scale. Take an opportunity to raise the level out of the mundane and become magnanimous, with wisdom. As Pluto turns direct, some unknown problem, plot or sewage gets exposed; watch for a dark aspect to power dynamics. Evening is outgoing if a bit self-absorbed, great for public pageantry or harvest festival.

Saturday, Sept 8 is confusing and warmhearted as the Leo Moon trines Jupiter and trines our social urge. Intuition is strong and can melt old resentments as Mars trines Neptune. We’re not thinking clearly, but are invited to explore dream and hopes or participate in magical reality. Just notice the edges, don’t get lost in the dream, and stay clear while driving. Misunderstandings abound where we’re dreaming different realities, but as Venus turns direct and conjuncts the moon it opens the doors to our heart, some romantic logjam may now dissolve.

Sunday, Sept 9 is warm with undercurrents of social pressure as Leo Moon trines Pluto. Midday, expect the unexpected, whether we seek something unusual or have to adapt to a surprise as the Sun opposes Uranus. An old pain or worry, either cultural or personal, needs attention as Pluto squares Chiron. Moon enters Virgo tonight sharpens that worry unless we direct it towards efficiency.

Monday, Sept 10 an unsettled day, hard to focus and too much needs fixing. Concentration is easier in short bursts. Working with people can be like herding cats, each heading towards their own agenda; humor helps. A ambient anxiety can leave us running around, but not really accomplishing anything, or it mislead us to misread the situation; be steady at the helm, steer a middle course.

Tuesday, Sept 11 endings and beginnings abound under a partial Virgo New-Moon solar eclipse at 6:44 AM MDT (visible in the southern hemisphere). Worry can inspire people to clamp down, but we resist being confined or instructed. Stay alert; catalyst creates change, whether it’s a straw that breaks the camel’s back or opportunity knocking. Later, a T-square with Moon, Mars and Pluto keeps us reactive. Avoid irreparable comments; we’re ready for change, let’s make it positive.

Wednesday, Sept 12 heal our social fabric, to understand and be understood as the Moon enters Libra. It’s easier to deal with questions of beauty, balance and fairness, these abstract ideals make sense and take the heat out of differing opinions, most people will resist confrontation or tension, and won’t cooperate with that dialogue.

Thursday, Sept 13 stand back and get the overview as Moon and Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and Moon trines Mars and Neptune. This line up can cheer us up and give us unusual access to good aesthetics, good judgment, and the sunny side of the street. Look for potential that was blocked before, its all in our perspective. Negotiate a new agreement that feels fairer to all parties. Tonight, look up at the night sky and let the beauty of the well-aspected Moon Mercury conjunction, hovering over the western horizon at sunset, expand the soul.
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