Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 21 – 27, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 21 – 27, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

The weekend begins with a bang, and then gives us an astrological breather. As the weekend begins, two competing aspects keep us hopping; active Mars opposes intense Pluto can make us athletic, irritable and accident prone. All while a dreamy, magical and escapist romantic and creative Venus opposes confusing Neptune asks us to listen to our dreams but watch out for emotionally charged confusion. And keep an eye out of unstable weather conditions.

If we have a clear vision, we can be phenomenally competent. But it’s easy to clash with those whose path crosses ours if their ambition impinges on ours. And it’s easy to get all hot under the collar about an ideal, which can be useful, or over a misunderstanding, which is not. Take the time to tease the two apart and figure out which is which.

With this willful Mars/Pluto aspect we tend to scrutinize how decisions are made, and will resist any idea, even if it’s good, if we had not say it’s in origination. We want to be part of the process, empowered. This may bring to a head conflict over conflict, spotlighting our differences in how we see the military (whenever Mars and Pluto do a dance, they ask us to look carefully at how we use and misuse power).

This aspect reminds us that we can empower others in their self-responsibility even while we pursue our own goals, it may appear more difficult in the short term, whether a family decision, departmental politics or international policy, but it is the only stable way forward.

As Venus opposes Neptune, it brings up both our longing for beauty and spirit, but also asks us to confront our illusions, wherever we want something to be other than it really is. If we’re honest, this dream can provide us vision to make future changes. If we’re lost in the daydream, we’ll keep making decisions bases on illusion, not reality, and wonder why it doesn’t work out. Or wonder why our beloveds aren’t acting the way we’d thought.

This combination of illusion and willpower can instigate some rip-roaring arguments based on misunderstandings or assumptions, so make sure the facts are straight before launching off. Also watch for accidents based on Neptune issues, like fuel malfunctions or illusions, fog or mistakes. Plow ahead, but play it safe.

And hang in there, even though these aspects flavor the whole week, we get a breath of fresh air over the weekend as the Moon enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Libra. The Fall Equinox is a time of balance and opening doors; we look for fairness and equality, composition and form. It offers a chance to stand back and get perspective, to get our sense of humor back and mend whatever tension the last few weeks have brought. Don’t loose momentum, but do work the human factor. People are what matter now.

Early next week, we continue to mend and heal, woo and seduce under a sensitive Pisces Moon. It is very important to make it safe to be open with one another, treat gentle feelings with great respect. Our dreams, hopes and fears run close to the surface. Truth comes out in the subtleties we may need some time to lick our wounds. If we need to make amends, one true, heartfelt sorry is essential, then drop the guilt and work on creating new safety and understanding instead.

Mid-week, minds sharpen but emotions get extra torque as Mercury enters focused and investigative Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio imparts an investigative, curious mindset, sharpens research, helps us study and focuses our meditation. It can also unearth some real dirt; our inner detective comes out, investigative reporting becomes more penetrating, less forgiving. But we need to watch that a suspicious streak does not distort our perception of the truth; if we investigate towards an honest search for the truth, and not for the justification of our suspicions, we are home free.

Friday, Sept 21, is determined and willful, a day to get a lot done, or to cover a lot of ground. It’s easy to clash where our goal and ambitions do not dovetail, but we’ll save so many efforts if we find a way to cooperate. Keep on task; don’t be distracted by opposition but stick to what is needed. And move with care. Underneath, feelings are unusually soft and easily hurt, they need honoring even in the bustle. Tonight we may need to process the week before we can get more personal.

Saturday, Sept 22, tend to community responsibilities, check out the neighborhood and see who needs what. Participate in picnics, fairs, any community building. Recent tensions may have left rough edges that need smoothing; working together gives a chance for healing conversations, the story behind the story as the Aquarius Moon conjunct Chiron. Thoughtful evening.

Sunday, Sept 23, happy Fall Equinox, a day for new beginnings. We seek new spiritual solutions as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune and may need a real day of rest, a time out of mundane to take care of the soul’s needs. Though this may look like we’re just napping on the couch to others; let each person find their own, eccentric way to renewal. Balance what is unbalanced. A moment of solitude needed tonight, turn inwards and reflect.

Monday, Sept 24 our feelings are soft, almost raw, subtle, and sensitive as the Moon enters Pisces and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Our minds can go to worst case scenarios, worry, unless we direct them towards problem solving, towards true understanding. Penetrating conversations, mysteries solved. It’s a relief to feel heard and understood; some new concepts may bubble up and need expression. We can find the words for whatever we’ve been trying to say if we just give it a shot.

Tuesday, Sept 25 shyness is easy to misinterpret as aloofness; we’re catching up on unprocessed feelings and may need to cry over spilt milk. Tend to adjustments rather than progress, fine tune and correct. Make sure each move is needed, as it’s easy to overcorrect, or make a move to protect oneself that ends up making the problem worse. Like steering a car, we need to make calm, easy adjustments to stay on course.

Wednesday, Sept 26 is complicated with fast changing moods; stay alert for shifts of the wind as the Moon opposes Mars then enters feisty Aries. Suddenly we’re in a hurry. Don’t take the bait or take crankiness personally, let it slide, back off and re- approach later. An important challenge or confrontation does need to be taken head on, but with honesty instead of ego as Mercury trines Mars. The Moon is full at 1:44 pm MDT. Keep responses compassionate even if unvarnished, it will save time and energy in the long run.

Thursday, Sept 27 Mercury enters Scorpio, time to get down to work, our work, to look under rocks and find a deeper answer. But watch for a tendency to scapegoat, to look for a quick answer to a problem by targeting an enemy. Reorganize time, reallocate resources, but look for real solutions rather than try to withhold. The mood softens this afternoon, we get a reminder of our dreams; direct, heart-to-heart communications may more in action, less in words tonight.

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