Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 19 – 25, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 19 – 25, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

An exciting, ungrounded week, a real rollercoaster, but whether we ride up or down is up to our collective mind. For the last few weeks the winds have stayed tempestuous, a storm of words, hopes and fears as well as the literal winds, mixed with balmy moment on a sunlit autumnal day. We’ve been blown about as extremist Mars snuggles emotional Venus and Mercury in Libra, and all trine imagination-filled Neptune, and all in air signs.

We have the potential to be not just beautiful, but also brilliant; an ingenious streak can clear the way for fresh invention and brilliant problem solving as Mercury and Mars quincunx Uranus, but first we have to get out of an erratic mindset. We can work together, but cannot let others throw us off track or define our paradigm. We have some marvelously auspicious aspects this week, but we need to manifest, make is solid, or they will be just so much leaves whirling in the air.

There’s an electrical pulse in the air, we can feel the excitement, but can expect shocking news or actual electrical tangles which can make our nerves twitch. Everybody’s got a vision, but we need to keep our critical mind intact and ask if this great idea is grounded, well thought out and ready to roll or is it just hot air.

If we can connect this glorious line-up of Mercury, Mars and Venus (visible in the west just after sunset) with the powerful earth energy of Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo, there isn’t much we cannot do. These aspects really encourage pragmatic collaboration if we can get past the irritation and blame, remember what’s important and use that to stay on track.

It is not a week to make sudden decisions without confirming facts because Mercury retrogrades mid-week and already communications have entered a month-long distortion zone. So ask those tough questions no matter how awful, or beautiful, the dream.

This weekend a magical Grand Trine forms between the Gemini Moon, the Libra line-up and Neptune. We’re ready to paint the big picture with soaring rhetoric, great debates and way too many opinions. But don’t bother us with sequential details while the Sun squares Pluto.

Some desperation, fear of loss can leave us depressed no matter how loud the party, and brings out a Machiavellian manipulative streak. Watch the power issues; work the network for every drop possible because it is a time of strategies; and if a situation asks us to challenge our faith or sort out the difference between a great story and true wisdom, it’s best we use our heart as well as confirm our facts, to find our way.

The Sun enters Libra on Monday for what is usually a magical moment of equilibrium, though a moody Cancer Moon can have us feeling less expansive and more self-protective, and a Venus -Pluto conjunction turns up the volume on our feelings. Since Cancer likes security, both personal and material, though sometimes it thinks that freedom really is having nothing left to loose. Those who feel neither safe nor this free can get stuck in a self-protective spiral, and need human comfort.  It’s time to stop the dizzy activity and connect, take care of the home front and the heart, let the near and dear ones know they’re loved. Reassure the people working for us.

Midweek Venus enters Scorpio and deepens and intensifies our feelings, brings us back into a more private and focused approach. Venus in Scorpio plays hardball. An old fear we’d thought we’d expunged can haunt us, revenge fantasies can waste our time, but familiarity reassures us.  Venus in Scorpio can be tremendously passionate when engages but also increases our need for time alone or with intimates. Watch a tendency to withdraw if miffed, better to take a moment alone and then talk it out, or else the problem multiplies.

Mercury retrogrades by the end of the week, and communications get even screwier for the next three weeks. Old stories rear their head, technical snafus abound. It helps where we need to go back and review for a test or revive an old proposal but let’s not get stuck in the past. Begins standard Mercury retrograde survival skills: confirm appointments, check messages, make sure we’ve heard what was actually said, track bags, packages and letters carefully. Get a second opinion. Think new ideas through carefully.

Friday, Sept 18
is a stubborn and sensual day, people care, but want to hold on to what they have. Midmorning confusion clears for a wildly creative, if sometimes acerbic or stormy afternoon. Humorous, imaginative evening, make it a delicious dream and not an escapist haze as Mercury trines Neptune.

Saturday, Sep 20 serious conversations early on; we may need to plan a personal event but need to stay flexible; too many ideas bustle, let’s sift out the dross and weave the good ones together instead of pressing our point on this important, nervy day. In the morning, logistical glitches are revealed and need to be attended. Afternoon is more successful if easily distracted, but a haunting Sun-Pluto square can intensify any mood or power issues, as it reminds us of what we have lost, and turn up the volume on the subconscious.

Sunday, Sept 21
after an unsettled early morning, a lovely grand trine forms between the Gemini Moon, the Libra line-up and Neptune. Portals of communications are wide open (read- way to many words) female energy is strong and clear but does not force us into anything. We can have a pleasant day or we can step towards our future. Pray, dream, share, and talk it out. Tonight, we soften and get more personal, need cozy reassurances the Moon enters Cancer.

Monday, Sep 22
quiet opportunity knocks, but does not insist, as the Sun enters Libra and fall beings at 9:44 am MDT. We need honesty today, no fancy words or empty reassurances; words and vibes have to match as Venus sextiles Pluto. We want to feel connected, not put on the spot, to know we can work together; but can make a self– protective move in response to insecurity. Let’s not close our eyes, but hold the vision of what we want, not what we fear, under this magical lineup.
Tuesday, Sep 23
pointy words and short deadline as Mars conjuncts Mercury; let’s watch our step. Decisions impinge, don’t be rushed but do organize the work for the next few weeks wisely and with forethought. Age, history and tradition prioritized, but with conflicting results; we can deepen old contacts and stand behind our word as Venus challenges Saturn. Don’t add to emotional tests this afternoon. Clouds roll in this evening, if only in our hearts, as Venus enters Scorpio.

Wednesday, Sep 24 fun and games today as the winds of fate swirl; Mercury retrogrades while conjunct Mars. We may have to make sudden move but need to watch accidents or sparks that start arguments. Our egos are easily inflamed and tend to grandstand, which adds to the slip of the tongue as Moon enters Leo. Sit still when things get crazy; consciousness and flexible humor make the difference.

Thursday, Sep 25 a great day to lay low, cuddle under the covers with a good book. Barring that option, stay as emotionally centered as possible. Misunderstandings, either accidental or intention obfuscation, can blow us off course. Moon in Leo demands attention while Venus in Scorpio screams we want to be alone, honor the signals each person sends, work with the moods rather than fight it. Be curious about what it would be like to walk in another’s shoes.

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