Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 14 – 20, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 14 – 20, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Mid- September broods. We may not feel it on an ordinary day, but arguments and storms can escalate quickly so it pays to keep eyes open and ears on the weather channel, and know how to skirt around danger zones.

This weekend is feisty and strategic, avoid family court or dealing with an ex-spouse if possible. If not, keep the goal very clear and remember the chip on their shoulder is not personal. Tension can arise between normally amicable people if they’re worried about the progress of some important project. We need to remember we are really on the same side. Some people are just looking for a fight, but we don’t need to take their dare as the Scorpio Moon echoes a pugnacious square between Sun and Mars.

Some old argument that we thought was long settled may raise its head, but we can choose not to re-engage. We may need to tackle a new subject or review some issue that gave us a hard time before. Luckily, those two planets are in Mercurial signs, (Virgo and Gemini respectively) so we’re more likely to argue than to hit. We can redirect this into a healthy challenge; a successful building project or good workout may be just what’s needed to get frustration out of the muscles.

The workweek begins in a friendlier mood, but is still a strategic time as the Moon enters Sagittarius while Mercury gets friendly, humorous and creative aspects from Venus and Neptune. These help us mediate and find common ground in an otherwise driven week, once we begin to search for it. We have unusual access to creativity, so let’s pull out the art projects, sketch the plot of the book, or find some other creative outlet. Use this window of opportunity to grow understanding so the very dynamic aspects coming can be handled together. It helps to talk over philosophical view and spiritual approach, to remember what matters and get a perspective bigger than the individuals involved.

Midweek, the Moon enters strategic and willful Capricorn as Mars opposes Pluto and both square the Sun. Watch out for strange power plays, question the motives of anyone pushing too hard. The elements and the politicians seem to stretch their muscles for no other reason than they can. We all have to be careful how we use our power and machismo, and not take ourselves too seriously. If, by any chance, we find ourselves in a foul mood, let’s get out and chop wood or build a house; something physical and constructive can use this energy well.

Mars oppose Pluto brings hidden sludge or gifts to the surface, Pluto was lord of mining, whether that means finding hidden sewage or an undiscovered vein of gold. We may finally understand some hidden drive or need, or find something we swallowed a long time ago now simply must come out.

This Martian willfulness can also add a musky note in our ongoing sparkly relationships, let’s skip the fight and go straight into the kiss and make up phase. We may have to clear the air, but need to balance our relief as we share what’s been brooding in our gut, with what would really support our relationship

Because these aspects are so dynamic, let’s not miss any opportunity to stretch our physical or metaphorical muscles. Because it’s so strategic, we need to stay in the field and involved in all relevant decision-making, but not let it degenerate into a contest of will. When in doubts, we can hold steady, and renegotiate towards the end of the month.

Some shared and worthy challenge is a fantastic way to bond. If we don’t have one, the tendency will be to create a challenge by making a mountain out of a molehill, or to find that the cosmos creates one for us.

Friday, Sept 14 brings a sociable morning under the Libra Moon, afternoon gains focus as the Scorpio Moon sharpens our mood, lowers our tolerance for inefficiency. Tonight we may feel pulled between an introspective misanthropy and a desire to not miss anything. It may feel best to just stay home and have things our way. Moods stabilize late tonight as the Moon sextiles Saturn.
Saturday, Sept 15, keep it low-key, schedule light; conflicting feelings and a restless discontent and doubt can make it hard to cooperate as Mars begins to oppose Pluto. Play it loose and listen to the feeling of the moment. Weeding, clearing, surgical decisions further, as do radical acts of compassion. Question discontent with intimate beloveds; most likely they’re not the real cause.

Sunday, Sept 16 good changes this morning; light and tangential conversation works better than confrontation even over our stubborn differences, either between internally conflicting needs or between people. Midday, worries can make people brittle as Mercury semi-squares Saturn; invite them to explore possibilities instead. Later, we’d like to understand; curiosity across cultural barriers furthers, but we’ll tend to trust only those that are really interested in what we have to say.
Monday, Sept 17 kind curiosity can break through understanding as long as we make it mutual and keep it spontaneous as the Moon enters Sagittarius. Events move fast, keep up with latest developments. Watch snap judgments and superficial thinking. Competition and impatience can spur us to our best or instigate arguments and accidents mid-afternoon as the Sun squares Mars. But heartfelt communication, instead of defenses, can clear the air by dinnertime as Mercury sextiles Venus and the Moon approaches Jupiter, which we can see beautifully shinning in the night sky.

Tuesday, Sept 18 a hungry generous and successful Moon-Jupiter conjunction this morning. Heads up for unexpected event or attitude shift midday as Moon squares Uranus, but this may encourage creative or intuitive collaborations later as Mercury trines Neptune. We’re unusually loquacious, if not terribly realistic; facts may sift through our fingertips. If we feel unusually vulnerable or permeable, we can choose to attune into channels of spirit and hope.
Wednesday, Sept 19 turning point day, willfulness increases, strategic competitive undertones add torque to business and financial moves, small and large arguments are probably a cheap excuse for a tug of wills as the Sun squares Pluto and the Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn. People need to feel empowered or will resist. Serious issues arise which help us sort priorities.

Thursday Sept 20 tension building over some territorial problem as Mars approaches an opposition to Pluto. Don’t jump the gun; it pays to slow down let others play their hand first, take time to act wisely rather than react. Conversely, when we harness this tension together for a common cause, we can be efficient and unstoppable. Keep this willfulness out of relationships; it’s not a sign of love to be able to get them to dance. Personal relationships can be eclipses by events, so keep priorities clear.

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