Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 12 – 18, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of September 12 – 18, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Mid-September has a gusty, creative glow, a Venus, Mercury, and Mars dance together in egalitarian air sign Libra and trine inspired Neptune in Aquarius.  We can share a beautiful dream, whether at the beginning stages of a romance or opening stages for a new political era. We just have to watch a tendency to get lost in the clouds or get carried off by the winds, and instead ground our rhetoric with real examples and honest effort.

And hold on to the sea walls. This is peak hurricane season, and some times these astrological symbols literalize. Venus, Mars and Mercury in air signs can make the winds swirl, literal winds as well as the winds of word and thought. They trine Neptune this week and next; Neptune on a good day symbolizes inspiration, on a bad day, illusion or deceit, but most pragmatically it speaks of water and all things fluid. So what is bountiful for the ocean and the airwaves are trouble for Haiti and Texas.  This line-up in air signs also encourages cooperation; it can bring together surprising allies to handle a crisis.

We can take that metaphor to this hurricane season of political campaigns. While the glory and fun of great debate, wild stories and point-counterpoint make good copy on the airwaves, it may not be good for the American people unless we can be refreshed by winds of change, but ground it with fact and forethought rather than get swept away by any tide of opinion.  The same can be said for the nearer politics of our neighborhood or job, or for the conditions of our friendships. Enjoy the winds and be open to the opportunity blowing in, but know where’ the ground is solid, and know when to seek shelter.

Neptune inspires both our imagination and our intuition. We can’t build what we can’t imagine, and this month is truly special in our ability to imagine together, whether simple things, like the dream of sharing more time together, or big things like how to solve our country’s woes. But it may be hard to tell a dream from a well-peddled illusion until the dust settles. This line up in Libra can also tempt us to get passive, to think that someone else will take care of the problem, or that talking about it is as good as doing it.

The dream is beautiful, so ripe with potential, but makes us notice the difference between that vision, and what we see in front of us right now. The more clear our image of that potential, or more vivid the memories of a golden past, the more a painful the present reality can feel; it’s sand in a wound. This is not so we get depressed or passive (though that may be a stage), but so we remember the dream, and the dissonance can goad us to make it so.

Libra is naturally egalitarian and peace-loving, so unfairness and confrontation can trigger a kickback. We want to be fair and ideally find a loving way through conflict; we’ll hang in there if we have hope of our day in court or our hearing at the family dinner table, but can also move into open warfare if that feels stymied. If decisions get difficult because see all sides of an issue, they will sort themselves out by the end of October.

This weekend we can stand back from some very personal emotional situation to get support and perspective as the Moon enters Aquarius. We’re ready to break a cycle and try something new as the Sun opposes Uranus.  So look for unexpected opportunity but avoid the temptation to do something rash. Begin new relationships of all sorts and take a fresh look at old ones.

Early next week, it’s ok to feel everything, but let’s watch the whining and use this sensitivity with creativity under a Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct erratic Uranus. Our emotions can flutter like chrysanthemum petals, we can be so sensitive and full of hopes and fears that we react to meaning in the slightest gesture; we think they’re blowing us off, or calling us hither, when they’re just scratching their nose. Watch the tendency to feel overwhelmed, to heap too much on one’s platter at once. But if we can find a steady rhythm underneath this is as gloriously creative time.

Later in the week, the energy is stronger and more belligerent as the Aries Moon opposes the line up in Libra. Impatience around delayed decision or vacillating opinions can bring out the sharp tongues.  We may feel impatient because we’ve been too nice, or feel like we’ve considered others more than ourselves, and want the situation streamlined. Speak up, kindly shoot from the hip and keep it fresh. Everyone has to weigh in, and that keeps it complicated. Keep goals clear but let everyone do it at their own way.

Friday, Sept 12 is a wild card, unexpected or unusual events can bring real opportunity, but our urge for difference can make us so antsy that we cause a crisis. Electrical and neurological apparatus gets twitchy, weather can be wild.  Morning, take healthy risks and go for it as the Moon trines Mars, Venus and Mercury. Afternoon, prioritize completing and repairing communications glitch. Channel the wildness and discontent constructively later as the Sun opposes Uranus; be ready for anything.

Saturday, Sept 13 love thy neighbor;  sociable aspect help us feel better about our world if we take any opportunity to take care of one another, spread the love with respect. Give and we shall receive.  Give a party, give to charity, and give love in through a metta meditation as Venus trines Chiron.  Keep that loving feeling this afternoon as edges grow raw, a wave of feelings bubbles as the Moon enters Pisces. What we do with this vulnerability depends on how safe we feel. The past feels close, when on the memories but don’t get lost in ”what ifs”. Poetic evening, even the stars sing out in verse.

Sunday, Sept 14 after a creaky morning where stillness helps, look for a high tide of feeling and turning of the tide of events. Be gentle on one another’s souls, gentle with the new fears and hopes and gentle on the shoots of new creative enterprises as Mercury conjuncts Venus. Take the nervous energy with a grain of salt rather than get caught up in its anxious whispers.  Listen for some secret feeling shared in tangential moments, and reassure where possible as we process any emotional backlog.  A change whispers tonight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, let’s consider our options not in reaction, but from the wisdom of our past,

Monday, Sept 15 a Full Moon early this morning can leave us tired or wired after a wild night of dreams potentially filled with images of water, waves, rain.  Tough news may not be accurate.  Afternoon kicks into high gear as the Moon enters Aries; be wise, not just busy. Sharpen critique, but with compassion.

Tuesday, Sept 16 the new kid in town is fascinating, but don’t neglect old love because it is familiar. An urge to peer beyond the horizon, to seek fresh life helps us expand but doesn’t have to take our dear ones for granted. Midday, we tend to overshoot the mark as the Moon squares Jupiter. Later, our tails can twitch, we don’t want to be impatient, it may blow ourselves image, but Mars opposes Moon and stirs the coals of discontent.

Wednesday, Sept 17 look for change in landscape this morning as Mercury quincunx Uranus overnight, see who’s changed their minds and what weather patterned shifted. Diffuse early morning urgency may come from nerves rather than wisdom. Afternoon, be inspired by a magical Venus trine Neptune; act on the dream, act in alignment with our imagination and spiritual beliefs. Make create creative decisions, intuitive understanding is a body sense tonight as the Moon enters Taurus.

Thursday, Sept 18 a day to stabilize conditions, do our chores, and work on works in progress. Also a day to be creatively sensual, to cuddle the dog and snuggle the cashmere.  Offer a flower to the beloved. Better than eating too much or spending too much money; our senses need feeding, the connection between sense and heart strengthened. If trust is tested, stay strong.

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