Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept 5 – 11, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept 5 – 11, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week we’re at an astrological pivot point, returning (after some air-clearing turbulence) to a transformation that began last winter as Pluto entered Capricorn, but which got put on hold in the springtime. This change may be personal or it may be national, it is any place where we’re searching a new way to feel empowered or relate to power (personal power, political power, electrical power) or structure (building, government, organization, tectonic plates), or a new way to get real with one another and the facts of life.Powerful Pluto entered Capricorn last January for the first time since the American Revolutionary era and spoke to us of the changes we’d be dealing with for the next 16 years. Pluto and expansive Jupiter then retrograded for the summer (Pluto retrograded back into Sagittarius) and put this transformation on hold, sending us back to deal with side agendas and clean up unfinished business.  But as these two planets resume their apparent forward motion this week, we’ll feel the momentum pick up, even if we can’t quite see the method until Pluto enters Capricorn again in late November, after the national elections. We can cooperate with the change and make is smooth, or resist and make it difficult, but we cannot stop transformation.

Which makes this week a great time to kick a campaign, or any major project, in high gear as Jupiter and Saturn, the symbols which correlate to the expansive and conservative elements, form a cooperative trine. Nationally, look for more talk about issues, less on party lines. Personally, notice an unusual rapport between our hardworking nature and our sense of the bigger picture. And as expansive Jupiter turns forward we can feel more abundant and more generous.

It is also an eloquent week, verbal Mercury is flanked by energetic Mars and charming Venus in gracious Libra. We can find the right words to get a point across, but some will just need to talk, quality of words rather than quality maybe, but it will be soul-healing in the process. Even ordinarily silent people need to babble.  Look for amazing speeches, publishing or PR opportunities by the end of the week. Accept an olive branch, or take the opportunity to write a letter of amends to an ex.

Our words will have special charisma and force, which is a gift if we are really interesting in the truth, but a real problem if we’re just being silver tongued devils, or outspoken without thinking of the consequences. It can get blustery with all these words flying around.

Yes, blustery; Libra is an air sign, and this line-up adds special force to the winds.  Keep an eye on the storm systems and do not underestimate the chance for wind damage. But if the winds blow, we’ll also see communities work together with unusual grace.

We’d like to be fair, but may see things from a personal and romanticized point of view under this charismatic Mars-Venus conjunction. Our love life can have extra sparkle and warmth if we communicate rather than load it up with expectations. Our new contacts have extra potential, so keep track of the ideas and opportunities broached, and follow up in the months to come.

But the realities of life can seem pretty harsh compared to our heart’s longing or our political vision. While this motivates most of us to step forward, it ticks off a few who lash out at a symbol of their loneliness or frustration.

As Mars and Mercury conjunct in tactful Libra early next week we can feel a need for speed, but should watch for storm or transportation related accidents. Fairness is paramount; we want to be heard and will complain mightily if we do not feel our interaction is equitable. The key to this week: be kind and honest, and listen as much as we speak.

Friday Sept 5 is broody yet focused. Layers of feeling shimmer underneath and can confuse ordinary decisions; sadness tugs, fear may be used to back a message, jealousy or competition a subterranean motivation. Don’t get lost in an imaginary story line, instead use this unspoken communication with kindness, and bring compassion into the room.  Afternoon, around minor hassles and they soon dissolve. Tonight is prickly but no one really wants to hurt, give people kindly space.

Saturday, Sept 6 we need a break in routine to reconnect with the natural world or to explore a new culture, whatever nourishes us and breaks stress as the Moon enters Sagittarius and sextiles Venus. Open-hearted connection and romance are in the air. Our environment matters to us, our garden needs tending, but we really could use some playtime and a good laugh. Get physical tonight under an active Sagittarius Moon.

Sunday, Sept 7 is sweet, restless, humorous romantic but also easily swept up into the larger weather systems. It calls for freedom, but asks what that mean to us. Honesty is vital, fairness essential, just watch the unintentional fighting words, and drive with safety in mind as Mars and Mercury conjunct and square Jupiter. A highly competitive, yet egalitarian nature should make any challenge event interesting, but channel it on the home front to avoid sibling-like wrestling. Make sure every one feels included to keep the peace. Dance the night away.

Monday, Sept 8 finalize this morning as Mercury conjuncts Mars, but wait until afternoon when the Moon enters industrious Capricorn to initiate. Humor is thin, our ambitions can nag us; there’s a fresh determination in the air. Serious work is at hand. Notice powerhouse statements, secrets revealed, bi-partisan cooperation, and strange allies with a common goal as Jupiter trines Saturn.

Tuesday, Sept 9 organized harmony; make designs decisions and reorganize allocation of time and people. We may not want to reach out to strangers, but are glad when they reach out to us-so take the initiative as Venus square Jupiter. Productive afternoon can mature into either healthy debate or degenerate into mere crankiness (it’s our choice) as the Moon squares Mars and Mercury tonight.   Pay attention to some crisis on the horizon, ask what will support the solution rather than exacerbate the problem.

Wednesday, Sept 10 friction reduces. Work needs consistency and perseverance; like moving a piano, it’s not a problem when there’s no rush and enough people heading the same direction.  Romance warms up, needs appreciation not analysis; it’s so romantic to feel our needs considered, our efforts noticed. Compassion inspires action. Early evening take an opportunity to shift gears, do it differently.  Sleep early if late evening gets cranky.

Thursday, Sept 11 is more relaxed but oddly disconnected; it offers a chance to stand back from some very personally emotional situation as the Moon enters Aquarius. Collective feelings shared in honor of the anniversary, and as Venus and Mars conjunct. Begin new relationships of all sorts and take a fresh look at old ones.

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