Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Fall is in the air; leaves change color, pumpkins ripen; our minds sharpen as the air grows crisp and Mercury progresses in investigative Scorpio. We draw inwards as Autumn’s warm fires beckon and aggressive Mars enters nurturing, domestic, yet self-protective Cancer.

Militant, macho Mars in maternal Cancer can be a paradox, but as Mars will be in off and on until May of 2008, we might as well pay attention to its energy and learn to work with it now. Our May feelings deepen, but were suddenly more private, less willing to talk about them unless with time-tested friends. Our emotions may feel like a river that’s been rushing noisily over the rapids, but now widens in a quiet, deep and swift river, deceptively calm on the surface.

With Mars in Cancer we’ll tend to be more self-protective and territorial on both a personal and a political level. Mars in Cancer can be as protective as a maternal grizzly bear, nurturing on a good day, but not something mess with. Expect more talk of home and homeland, and most hopefully, more talk of caring fro our primary home, our mother earth.

We’ll value peace in our domestic situation, want a haven to come home to, but our very self-protective edge can make that a bit of a challenge. It is easy to crack down and crack the whip in the name of security, and cause the very unrest we’re afraid of. Best to take a softer approach and remember that under Mars in Cancer, we are nurtured most by what we nurture.

But, over the next few months, when an argument comes out, or if we feel unsafe in love or politics, we’ll loose our humor in a heartbeat and armor up unless we remember that others may be getting mean because they feel unsafe too. This escalation of defenses can hit both couples and countries. It’s so easy to accidentally wound those we love unless we cut back on the hair trigger defenses and think carefully before we speak.

This weekend has a low-key, cozy and embodied vibe, good to get the garden ready for winter, take long walks, or cuddle under an earthy Taurus Moon. We want to feel that we’re loved, not just hear the words, at least until Sunday evening when a silly social streak improves the conversation. Early in the week a practical and competent edge helps us get business done.

But throughout the week, whether in love, friendship or working partnership, some old and familiar issues test our relationship skills and require both maturity, and the ability to believe in ourselves, in order to stay open and even- keeled as Venus trines Pluto and then conjuncts Saturn. Some difficulty, some external challenge or karmic event may be hitting on an old trigger point in the soul and making us either difficult, distracted or in need of unusual reassurance. Another way of experiencing this aspect may be to finally get something we’ve always wanted, but to realize it comes with a price of commitment or discipline.

This is an opportunity to grow trust; to be there for one another and put the relationships needs, not necessarily the other person’s needs, first. But there is no excuse for acting out our control issues; if this kicks up in our surroundings and reasonable reassurance doesn’t work; we need to know our limits.

We may find thin in a larger call as a community wrestles with a challenge and grows closer together. Because Venus is in the lead of these lineup- women, artists and compassionate people may be in the vanguard of the efforts to improve the situation.

Friday, Sept 28 unexpected winds or news this morning, our nervous system or electrics may sizzle as Mercury challenges Uranus. The day steadies into a low key, productive afternoon, with a possible rush to express something we’ve been sitting upon. Familiar comforts are needed tonight as Mars enters Cancer.

Saturday, Sept 29 yard sales tempt us, along with a strong desire to acquire stuff, to pustz with our materiel world and make it beautiful. Efforts to change the home. A strong territorial streak akin makes us difficult just then we want affection; let’s see if we can be honest instead of defensive.

Sunday, Sept 30 brings a silly streak, it may be nerves or excitement, or just a desire to socialize, strike up a conversation with strangers or call old friends. As the Moon enters Gemini. Just don’t expect to follow any one line of reasoning, we tend to move in fits and starts- serious not later afternoon, use it to plan ahead rather than brood, – enjoy simple camaraderie tonight.

Monday, Oct 1 early morning discontent combine with later sanity and good judgment get us. So much we’ve forgotten now comes due; time pressures us, but in a good way, sharpens the focus. Dreamy evening let others off the hook and uses imagination constructively,

Tuesday, Oct 2 moods swings today, we may worry about loosing something important this morning, or have to let something go, the mood has more to do with old history than the future… Something may cost more than we thought, whether money or sweat, insecurities can make us reclusive or argumentative midday, but opens out mid afternoon. Domestic evening, new possibilities now shimmer.

Wednesday, Oct 3 Depth of feeling, we want nothing superficial; don’t want to be rushed as Venus trines Pluto. Reminds us of what really matters, much expressed in the quiet moments, below words. we’re less interested in professional risks, tend to play self-protective hardball, but on a more personal note an existential loneliness can help us break out of our traditional pattern and risk deeper connection.

Thursday, Oct 4, introspective moody day, we may be dragging our feet, hard to mobilize until the Moon enters Leo mid afternoon, bringing our energy up and out, ready to connect. Mixed feelings breed mixed signals tonight; it’s hard to make all parties happy unless we focus on gratitude.

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