Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept 26 – Oct 2, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Sept 26 – Oct 2, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The trouble with visionary aspects is that is seems to be easier for people to get caught in a negative vision, stuck in a nightmare, than it is to run with a positive vision.  We have some wonderfully visionary aspects right now, but it can be hard to wake up when we’re having a bad dream. Neither the stock markets, nor our legislative bodies, respond to logical aspects, they respond to highly emotional ones like these, as mental Mercury retrogrades in Libra and conjuncts active, reactive Mars, and both trine imaginative, illusory Neptune.

But it is our dream; we can wake ourselves up, both personally and as a country. We can use this ambient capacity to dream, not as a way to get stuck in our fears or escape into our lottery ticket, but to truly envision an improvement, then back it up with action. Yes, this is the beginning of a much bigger change and the dust won’t really clear for about five years; we can evolve gracefully, or resist with tooth and nail, but we cannot stay the same.

But first we have to visit the past, clean up some old mess or otherwise finish some unfinished business as Mercury retrograded (Sep 22- Oct 16) just as the President, candidates, senate and congress sat down to hammer out a joint proposal. Tough timing. Misunderstanding, miscommunications, and simple mistakes will keep us on our toes for the next few weeks. Live broadcasting could get interesting; let’s cut all public speakers a bit of slack and check the context of any quote before growing indignant.

This line-up does help us go back and get to the bottom of a problem. But we have to be willing to actually see what happened, rather than look for information to justify our position, and that kind of objective honesty may be rare right now.

With Venus in suspicious Scorpio we won’t tend to let people off the hook and don’t really trust their motives without hard evidence. Watch for a misunderstanding that breeds suspicion and becomes a storm of words; check facts first. Let’s be willing to investigate the dark corners, but not let the fear-mongers run the show.

Look forward to some solid investigative reporting, but use this curiosity lightly at home. Maybe the dog doesn’t want you to know where the bone is buried, but it’s nothing personal. Transportation takes extra care and patience; keep the cell phone charged and a good book nearby for delays. Double check the address before sending the email. And keep foot firmly out of mouth.

This weekend, follow through on some unfinished business but keep the schedule light, as timing is off and that can make us edgy. Next week a New Moon in Libra encourages us to go back and heal frayed connections. While Libra can also speak of open warfare, it’s time to build up the love; increase cooperation and understanding now and next month will unfold with more grace.

Our thoughts turn inwards as the week progresses, we may want to retreat and let the world bustle by. We all could use some time alone in the next few weeks but need to balance this with camaraderie and not let our mind wander too far into the rocky nether regions of the soul without something more tethering than a bread-crumb trail.

Friday, Sept 26 is a fix-it day; don’t fixate on the problem but do go back and repair what’s broken as the Moon enters Virgo, whether it’s a heart, a fence or a line of communication. Technical snafus proliferate and the consequences of details matter; read the fine print before starting. Minds sharpen later, great for a debate but keep these sharpened blades away from the home front. We can talk, but still trip over our words; forgive a slip of the tongue.

Saturday, Sept 27 morning is thoughtful; we may feel the aches and pains of recent exertions and be doing some hard thinking about how to adjust to the present situation as the Moon conjunct Saturn.  Be serious but choose to turn towards the sunrise; wonder what is just over the horizon. Personal quirks show through tonight, eccentricity is a way to relieve stress, but question the sudden changes of mind.

Sunday, Sep 28 is interactive and collective; some old problems come up that cam be best handled together and forces some to cooperate who would not normally do so. Erratic, intuitive, wildly creative but easily deluded; we tend to hear what we want to hear and speak our truth, regardless of the facts as Mercury trines Neptune while Venus challenges Uranus. Be nice to relationship, take extra care to soothe and nurture, rather than rock the boat.

Monday, Sept 29 is sociable, but whether we spar, flirt or collaborate is up to us under a new Moon in Libra. A great day to waft around our own little world, but our judgment can be way off on big ticket items as the Sun challenges Neptune. Most people will be uncomfortable with personal confrontation but can rail about a public figure. Old romances come to mind; unexpected collaborations can shift the polls of public opinion.

Tuesday, Sep 30, the tension is on the table, our direct words can solve the problem or start a war as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Libra.  Our mind flows into the past to dredge up old problems or old wisdom; we choose what we search for. Intuition is strong, but self-protective instead of balanced midday as the Moon trines Neptune.  Make diplomatic deals early, Moon enters Scorpio and the creatures of our subconscious swarm up and distort our interactions later. Watch for edgy jealousy or territoriality; dogs fight over a bone with unusual determination.

Wednesday, Oct 1 our hearts know what they dearly want, but we may not be telling anyone else yet. Let’s take a moment for a deep personal inventory, look under the rocks as Venus conjuncts the Moon in Scorpio; if we know what’s pushing us, we’re less compulsive and more directed.  Some will be tempted to push another down just to stand on them to get ahead, doesn’t work, karmic backlash is quick these days. Some flash from the past can throw us off; we don’t need to open those closed book, but do need to deal with unfinished business as Mars sextiles Pluto.

Thursday, Oct 2 is an impassioned, deeply-feeling day, though our expression rumbles through mood and gesture rather than finds easy words. We want to know who to trust and where is terra firma. If simmering resentment seeps in unexpectedly, uses it for diagnosis and let it flow out again rather than identify with its mumble. Productive morning as the Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn can lead to good changes in the afternoon, with a tired, escapist evening.

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