Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 5 – 11, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 5 – 11, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Sketch out plans for the next few weeks, place orders early, get the paperwork rolling; Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on Thursday, so let’s prepare now. It helps to use these next few social days to get organized and clear up recent communications glitches, so when retrograde Mercury’s confusing haze creeps in and we’re sent back to deal with unfinished business, we can stay on track.

This weekend is social and connective if a bit over-acted; let go of ego issues which bubble up so easily under a Leo Moon and use this ambient warmth to fertilize social connections. It’s easy to get so impatient to be seen that we develop the illusion that if we’re not appreciated now, we’ll wither away and die. Better to let our light shine, but still share the spotlight. Although the energy is generally warm and friendly, Mercury is in secretive Scorpio, so don’t expect full transparency about our inner workings no matter how gregarious we are. It is natural to play the cards close to one’s chest, to need privacy for some of the deeper work going on.

Early next week the mood grown more serious and thoughtful as Venus enters Virgo and conjuncts Saturn. Our attention turns to our obligations, whether to one another, to our work, country, cause or self. It’s more empowering to let go of what others owe us and contemplate what we need to take responsibility for instead. Be kind, it may be time to say our piece, to say enough is enough, but don’t blow creditability by overshooting the mark.

As Venus enters Virgo on Monday our attention may be drawn to our health; little health complaints, or low energy level if we overdo it, remind us to notice what encourages health and to weave this more into daily life.

Midweek an optimistic New Moon in Libra allows us to work more collaboratively even as it makes us long for a fair and equitable peace at the dinner table and abroad; but we have to grasp the opportunity. A sextile between Mars and Saturn offers potential for real progress on negotiations, is a good time to right old wrongs, to make amends, or generally clear the air.

Because this New Moon spotlights partnership we may long for a more perfect relationship, whether we’re in one or not. This isn’t really fair to any ordinary mortal. But we don’t have to respond passively, we can choose to reach out and connect, to melt the loneliness of another. And celebrate wherever we have contact, whether it’s with our muse, with one another in compassionate action, or with community. Sure, let’s enjoy romance if its there, but not ask it to live up to an ideal. This is a soul hunger more than a romantic one- we’re truly partnering with the One when we look with love in another’s eyes.

But this New Moon can exacerbate any situation that feels unfair; for that we’re willing to fight. At the same time, Jupiter square Uranus and may catalyze some major change in our lives or on a more global scale. This change began on the first pass of this aspect last January, activated again in May, and now moves towards its next step. We can use this catalyst in a good way, to loose weight, seek a new job, or break a bad habit. On the larger scale, we see the momentum political change pick up around the glob, though still steeped in conflict. This is a turning point, but not the end of the story. Look for the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next in 2010-11when freedom-loving Jupiter and Uranus next conjunct.

Early next week the mood grown more serious and thoughtful, our attention turns to our obligations, to one another or to our work, country, cause or self. It’s best to avoid a tendency to focus on what others owe us, and take a more pro-active stance; contemplate what we need to take responsibility for instead. Use an ambient critical streak to clarify the situation, but be kind. It may be time to say our piece, to say enough is enough, but let’s not blow our creditability by overdoing it.

Friday, Oct 5 confusion in the morning, out of sorts or odd timing, but heart is really all that matters. People get easily offended if they feel forgotten or their needs get short-shrift, but soften with attention. Later, oodles of confidence and opportunity are waiting for us to utilize as the Leo Moon trines Jupiter. Evening is best big and spontaneous.

Saturday, Oct 6 morning is low key, sleepy and sweet, hard to focus as the Moon opposes Neptune, more being than doing, best if we stay heartfelt and uncomplicated. A sociable, artistic evening as the Moon conjuncts Venus, visible in the early morning sky.

Sunday, Oct 7 brings a subdued and thoughtful morning, with a responsible and mature afternoon, if we focus on our duties, not theirs. It’s a healing time, feed body mind and soul; enjoy the fall and know that true rest is wonderful for the health.

Monday, Oct 8 work is reassessed, reorganized; don’t get hung up on the petty details, but do see how they fit into the big picture. Expansive, fortunate and reliable aspects open up possibilities, big changes are discussed, but implement only that which covers the next month wherever possible.

Tuesday, Oct 9 we’re hungry, want to expand, but let’s not make it at the waistline. Energy may run low, so let’s pace ourselves. Conflicts of beliefs can stir the pot below the conscious level as Mars challenges Neptune and Jupiter squares Mars; talk about vision and ideals, and work the small stuff through that lens. It may be tempting to start a revolution, but play it for the long haul, the permanent change. Moments of great ingenuity and unique perspective. Seek excitement tonight; just keep it reasonably safe, some people will cope an attitude.

Wednesday, Oct 10 the dark of the Moon in Libra makes us long for what is beautiful, fair and equitable at home and abroad and for conditions which make it feel safe and easy to work together. Feelings of affection which may be lovely, or could be uncomfortable. This longing can help us out of our habits that get in the way of real connection, or highlight the wrongs that need to be redressed first. People will avoid conflict unless they’re ready to make real change.

Thursday, Oct 11 the New Moon in Libra offers a chance for new collaboration, new partnerships of all kinds, it helps to feed all interpersonal relationships that we’d like to see grow. Speak from the heart and get work done early, as Mercury turns retrograde later it’s time to just hold still.

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