Starcodes horoscopes for week of Oct. 31 – Nov. 6, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Oct. 31 – Nov. 6, 2008

By Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Halloween, an old Celtic New Years; ending of one cycle with the harvest and begin a new. Every Halloween we sweeten our future as we give sweets the kids, our symbolic future.But slip them some nutrition this year as well, our future needs all the sweetening, and all the nourishment, we can give it. The only certainty this week brings is that the world will be different by the end of it, one way or another. Election Day marks the peak of an opposition between Saturn the planet of age, system and tradition, and Uranus, whose middle name is change. This tension precipitates change and resistance to change, chaos and maturity, and sets the theme for the year. Election Day will be the catalyst of shift whose dust does not settle until next fall.

Which way will it go? Uranus is unpredictable, it’s hard to tell which route we take to change but it will not let us stay the same. It is likely that the party in power will not win the election, but if it does, expect to see a very unsettled country in response; the momentum is building and will need an outlet. Place no bets but stay involved with any ongoing decisions as action happens fast while Mercury trines Neptune, Mars trines Uranus and Saturn opposes Uranus and instigate brilliance and tension; breaking down of old structures can be the first step in rebuilding new and healthier ones. This election will be globally watched both because it is important, and because is symbolizes the potential of a turning point in history marked by these aspects.

But this aspect is not just political, though that reads so clearly this year. Our foundations are shifting, so check for leaks in the basement or structural cracks. Be kind to the spine. Work, Saturn’s province, is changing; the types of jobs available are in metamorphosis, as is our sense of security. In this unsettled time we need to remember that change can be a good thing. A caterpillar may not appreciate the changes as feels urged to dissolve its old form, feels mighty vulnerable in the process, and is probably surprised to wake up a butterfly.

Relationships, both personal and professional, may be tested early next week as the tension simmers before the election and Venus squares both Saturn and Uranus. The breathe of the unexpected hovers; we can feel the existential tension ready to leave what’s not working and reach for something different, but probably shouldn’t read that into the home life.

But first, expect a wild Halloween as Mars trines Uranus; look for healthy ways to act out, we need the tension release. The weekend is active, opinionated and decisive. Neptune turns direct after many months retrograde and clears up lingering confusion, helps us take action. Early in the week is determined, almost ruthless; political shenanigans abound and we may be tempted, but don’t have to, treat each other with the same contention.

Voting day is packed with major aspects, technical glitches and confusion are likely early in the day; evening will bring more decisive news as the Moon enters Aquarius.  Mercury enters Scorpio so whatever side looses will probably be sharp-tongued and foreboding.  Expect resistance to the process, or just nervous exhaustion, later in the week as the Sun challenges Pluto and Mercury challenges Uranus; the mood is volatile, hopeful and direct as these aspects turn up a sense of urgency but also make it clear where we feel worn out. And as the sea of political coverage begins to part, we may be surprised to see what else has been simmering in the world, and get news about our next assignment.

Friday, Oct 31 after a frustrating morning, relieve stress; act out safely under an exciting Mars trine Uranus with an adventurous Sagittarius Moon. Don’t spend money, nor expect people to be emotionally intimate; do have a wild time. Late night bubbles with creativity.

Saturday, Nov 1 a slow and difficult morning may have something to do with last night’s wild streak as the Moon squares Saturn and Uranus. Afternoon unfolds open minded and curious; healing talks tonight explore possibilities. Strong opinions; don’t try to talk anyone out of their position, do let yours shine instead.

Sunday, Nov 2 is determined, hard working with a grim or ruthless edge; watch the politics fly. Bones may ache; we tend to withdraw under stress and bustle about, but can get serious about some issue or chore than needs gumption. We really appreciate those we can trust, but life is enough of a test, we do not have to add to it.  Tonight, focus on cooperation not on the challenges; feel the camaraderie under shared experiences.

Monday, Nov 3 tests loyalty, clarifies who’s on our team and who isn’t as Venus squares Saturn and Uranus. Work and hard times can dent our love life, our generous nature. Intense wheeling and dealing, tension winds up.  People are restless, distracted, intense, internal but persuasive. Doubt last minute declarations; personal integrity is essential but may be in question. Watch for dirty tricks, but do not read existential tension into personal relationships; cut fellow humans a bit of slack as we are all in this brewing existential soup together. Optimism picks up in the evening.

Tuesday, Nov 4, wild aspects keep us guessing throughout the day, excitement mixed with unexpected twists of fate as Mars squares Neptune and Saturn opposes Uranus.  Last-minute changes of mind likely; but which way, let’s keep our fingers crossed. The Moon is void-of-course (makes no major aspect until it changes signs) until it enters Aquarius as 5:01 pm M.S.T., which suggests that we really can’t see what’s happening until later. Expect difficulties around electronic gear in the afternoon and poor losers later as Mercury enters Scorpio and sharpens our suspicious mind. But the winners will be dancing in the streets together under that collective Aquarian Moon.

Wednesday, Nov 5, we need privacy in our personal life but live with the collaborative action. Feel a flood of creative energy as Venus sextiles Neptune; possibilities pour forth, a chance to dream together. Personal issues may feel disjointed, paperwork just doesn’t get where it is going; our personal issues are diluted by the larger patterns.

Thursday, Nov 6 an intuitive morning edges into unsettled, erratic territory, our nerves show wear and tear.  Make few decisions and take care of one another. Distractions are peeled back and show what need work. Tonight, don’t believe the mental static, rest first.

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