Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 26 – November 1, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 26 – November 1, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Scorpio likes to look in the dark places. Halloween, the Scorpio holiday, dead center of autumn here in the northern hemisphere, is traditionally time to face our fears before real winter hits, whether we fear a local ghost, a rocky economy or urban drought. It’s also time to review what we’ve let go of this past year and release our own personal ghosts. Time to talk to our ancestors of body or soul, honor them and review their memories imprinted in our soul. Let’s celebrate and feed our alter egos, costume our scary sides or glamorous components, our trace memories of other lives.

As this weekend begins the Full Taurus Moon enlivens our senses and makes us hungry for life. It is the most stubborn, entrenched, comfort-seeking time of the year; there’s no point in pushing anyone to do anything, we can accept or go our own way. But we can put this stubbornness to good use; if we need to take a stand or make a new habit permanent, let’s work on it now. This stubborn strength can help anyone facing unusual odds.

This weekend our minds are also sharpened by a focusing sextile between Pluto and Mercury. We can speak persuasively, listen deeply and come to a new understanding about the past, but need to exercise this mental muscle with care. Concentrate, but don’t obsess. Fix, don’t excise. Mercury turns direct at the very end of the week, but now, while Mercury is retrograde, the snafus and misunderstandings can pile up if we’re not paying attention. Tangles get worse if we blow our cool, it’s best to stay on top of the situation but proceed with patience; the problems are usually more complicated, but often less serious, that we think.

This week is sensual and possessive as a Venus-Uranus-Jupiter T-square pumps up the volume on our emotions. A possessive streak competes with a wandering eye, do not play with jealousy, it won’t be a joke. This Venusian restlessness can make us want to experiment with our whole search for beauty, but it’s best to work on something disposable; move the furniture or make or Halloween costume rather than paint the house. It can make for some great Halloween parties, especially Saturday night through Monday under a talkative and sociable Gemini Moon.

Saturday and Sunday are peak times for the Halloween party; costumes help as people want to express their twin persona while the Moon is in talkative and sociable Gemini, sign of the twins. Listen for new information and keep the conversation flowing. Use lighter moments to heal recent tensions, even if true understanding is still elusive. With this percolating Gemini energy it’s easy to feel scattered and forget some important task, even though a responsible Sun-Saturn sextile wants us to complete; track it carefully if the task is vital.

Oct 31 brings a creative but eccentric Halloween; a broody domestic Cancer Moon may keep more people home than usual, but those out in costume may revel in the security of being someone else for the evening. Real fears stir up to be dealt with. Ghost stories feel so close; the other side of the veil thins as Jupiter supports Neptune as Neptune turns direct. Feel the magic and greet the ancestors, but watch the alcohol consumption, and check the candy after trick-or-treating.

Friday, Oct 26 don’t kick stone walls, just walk around them. The Moon was full around midnight last night; its stubborn strength and residual lethargy imbues the day. Be rather than do, and think of good uses of stubbornness. As Mercury sextiles Pluto this mid-afternoon, it may look like were going over the same old stuff but may actually be offered a new chance to tell the truth or explore with deeper understanding. Tonight brings a more experimental and humorous edge as the Moon makes favorable aspects to Venus and Uranus.

Saturday, Oct 27 it’s tempting to go over the top, to eat, buy, say, argue, or throw out way too much as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter. Indulge, but know that less may be more. Watch a cranky, off spell mid-day, surface irritations may camouflage deeper feelings. The party picks up as the Moon enters talkative Gemini tonight; humor breaks the spell as we chatter all night long, if only in our minds.

Sunday, Oct 28 we’re restless, but may spin in circles, it’s hard to get all parts going in the same direction. Our train of thought is often interrupted, emotional pressures lean in mid-afternoon; let’s do what we can and place the remainder of the worries on the altar until we can work on them, instead of chewing over them now. Look for a fresh agenda that needs attention late this afternoon. Stories pour out tonight, greet the ghosts and spooks but avoid minor accidents or return arguments tonight as Mars challenges Chiron.

Monday, Oct 29 sociable with flirtatious and humorous energy, but with an undertone of longing for more depth, for love and attention, for more romance and beauty in life as Venus squares Jupiter. Sparkle and flirt, be generous but watch a tendency to over value; make no promises and enjoy the dreams. Midday brings a moment of homesickness, or longing for a more perfect home or worry about a family member as the Moon opposes Pluto. Evening turns inward as the Moon enters Cancer, we can get self protective and long for comfort foods and cozy covers, and need rest in all the possible senses of the word

Tuesday, Oct 30 don’t poke, let sleeping dogs lie and people work at their own pace, a lot is going on under the surface, emotional complication which may a have nothing to do with the problem at hand but can be confusing, it maybe their lab report that has them worried, not the work report. Situations escalate easily this afternoon, defensive guards are up, as the Cancer Moon conjunct Mars, moods go dot our digestive system. Look for an unexpected alternative tonight as the Moon trine Uranus.

Wednesday Oct 31, happy Halloween; don’t look under the masks, let everyone have their privacy. Creative if internal mornings, don’t put them on the spot, Costumes are optional. Technical delays and a serious note creep in this afternoon, a good time for the thoughtful review of the year, and a chance to honor the ancestors. Evening is magical as Neptune turns direct and the veil thins. Imagination is wild; create safety to let it unfold.

Thursday, Nov 1 People want to feel valued under this Leo Moon. Mercury goes direct tonight, but today, nothing seems to go the way we expect. If we push too hard, we just get a clash of egos and frustrations; watch a desire to make a dramatic statement that will need a lot of repair work afterwards. Political gestures made now may backfire. Progress can grind to a halt though a stormy broodiness haunts the air. Let’s make sure our actions speak for us when words don’t quite work. We might as well hold still like a spinning gyroscope, dynamic but centered. Constructive turbulence tonight as logjams begin to unlock.

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